I am moving but I still am having trouble-ack!

I have LOST my archives………well not necessarily LOST them but they imported not in archived order. They arrived here at WordPress in NO ORDER which has really thrown my obsessive/compulsive disorder for a huge hissy fit (if you can imagine…)



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8 responses to “Moved

  1. Hey there, I see you moved 🙂 I’m thinking about doing the same thing. Last night when I posted my little post I go ERROR ERROR ERROR, ACK! You’ll get the hang of this, and I hope your OCD doesn’t get to my shock over the change ;o).

    I’m book marketing it now!

  2. here “I hope your OCD doesn’t get to my shock over the change” was supposed to read “I hope your OCD doesn’t get to MUCH of a shock over the change.” me and my typing skills, I am SUCH a blonde at heart, lol.

  3. It seems everyone is jumping off the Blogger ship. I may have to follow suit one of these days if it doesn’t get better. Hope you manage to fix your archives! Once you’ve got all the moving bugs worked out, you’ll have to let the rest of us know the easy steps to switching.

  4. This place is kinda neat, I might change mine over at some point in time!

  5. Aniin BG,

    I changed my blogroll. As for the archives, I just lumped them by month cause that’s what works for my OCD. 🙂

    Have a great week and take deep breaths.

  6. Hey Chic! Great new pad ya got here, love what you’ve done with the place. LOL I am not switching over, as yet. Haven’t gotten PO’d enough yet! Changed your link, so we’re all updated! I’ll stop back later! D :}

  7. Hi your new digs..great header. Updated you in my all is right with the world once Looks good though, hopefully it wont make you too crazy getting it set up..see ya..m

  8. Doe

    Glad to see you over here, sorry to hear there are problems. Have you contacted WordPress support? (unlike Blogger, they really WILL get back to you and they really DO give a $4it… ;))

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