If you get a minute, go to this SITE and look at the photographs. The site has many pictures of Northern Michigan posted, many familiar places for me. Whenever I describe Michigan, I feel like I do not do it justice, but these photos sure do.


Yesterday I checked out the Taurus November Horoscope.

Every month my horrorscope is crappy. Why is that? Maybe I need to find a different horoscope site. This is the only one I ever check because it’s on AOL and right in my face.

The Full Moon falls in your sign on Nov. 5, which usually opens your eyes about your standing in a relationship. But this one’s a bit fuzzy, with nebulous Neptune forming crossing squares with the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars all at once.  “

Okay, last month it said something about stuff being ‘unclear’ now stuff is ‘fuzzy’. Geesh!

“Keep in Mind This Month: Big goals require careful planning: Keep your eye on the details to build a foundation solid enough to support the dreams that are inspiring you now.”

This is what I get for complaining about not being able to live life in the HERE and NOW instead of saving money, paying off debts, trying to constantly achieve some goal.

Scooter taking his late morning nap. He is such a predictable horse. The same time every morning, if it is sunny, he takes a 15-30 minute nap in the same spot.

He heard the door and woke up, he spotted Wee One running to the gate.

Wee One finishing his dinner before going outside to do evening chores in the chilly air.

Wee One just before dark, giving the Old Guy some lovins’  and a couple of treats.



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20 responses to “Ramblings

  1. I just LOVE your home pictures! But, where’s Elvis??!! LOL My horrorscope is always crappy, too. How do these bozo’s earn any money with that? They’re never right.

    Got to the drug store yesterday, for the candy mark downs! Got a great haul! It’ll last us until Valentine’s Day! LOL Good thing it freezes well! Have a fab day! D 🙂

  2. Good morning Diane! I also picked up a few 1/2 off bags of Reese and Kit Kats for hubby to stow away at his office to snack on. We dont need anymore candy at home. Elvis was running around near Wee One when I took the first pics, then he was tied up just before dark cuz Wee One and I had to run into town, Elvis runs off sometimes-bad dog!

  3. Aniin BG,

    Maybe the problem isn’t the horrorscope site, but the fact that you need to change your sign! Love Scooter and his nap spot, our cats have the same thing. How is Scooter around wee one? Do they like each other?

    Hi FF,

    You bought candy?

  4. Love, Love, and again LOVE the pictures of Scooter taking his nap!!! 😉 Wee One is so cute.

    I sure was cold this morning !!!!

  5. great pics as usual.Although you say it’s cold, it still looks warm. We have a solid snow cover here.
    My husband is a Taurus ,a true bull.

  6. Great pics……you are so good! I usually don’t read my horoscope but last month I did and it was like they were reading from my life…..lol….creepy!

  7. ((((((BG))))))

    Love you. 🙂

  8. I was born on the cusp of cancer and leo, I never know which one to read.

    I liked the picture of Scooter napping too. The colors were really pretty.

  9. brian- Wee One and Scooter get along great. Wee One is very well behaved around horses, amazing because he is a raging brat all the time. Scooter is forgiving, unlike his Mama!I have a headache today and Toddler Terror is showing me NO MERCY….

    butterflychic26-omg, it was 20 degrees here, ouch!

    hope-we Bulls rule……snow? ack! my 12 yo was just saying he couldnt wait until it snowed this year. We never get much but the rare times we do its a pain.

    redneckgirl-my horoscope has been sucking lately, Im looking for a new site!

    Jenny-oh, that would be confusing. Id go with the best scope, I think your a little bit of both anyhow 🙂

  10. Knock knock…
    Can I come in? I know I’ve been MIA for a while but I’ve been thinking of ya!

    Hey, I’m a Taurus too! Great minds think (and act) alike I guess.

    BTW, if I promise to be good can I have my old room back? LOL

    I’ll be putting a post up this weekend to bring you up to date from the land of Rude. Hope all is well your way!

  11. Getting any better???? I’d rub your temples for you if I was there. 🙂

  12. I am a Pisces… ours is always kind of dreamy and choice filled. but it did say something about watching my money this month. hope its going to reproduce in the bank. 😉

    wee one. i love that nick name. my little man would freak around horses…. he is caucious. very very caucious.

    hope you are feeling better.

  13. BG..oh I need to stop by here, what a lovely break…I just love your pics, Wee One is so adorable and I love Scooters pic you always post…thanks for always making me feel so at home whenever I stop by..m..now back to finish the site, yuck hopefully it will be finished, mostly by tonight..see ya..m

  14. rude1-hey!! I have missed you. I am glad to see ya. Pictures with your post, I want pictures and an explanation why you’ve been scarce. Us Bulls gotta keep in touch 🙂

    brian-yes, 8 tylenols later it has lessened. Wee One and I took Elvis for a long walk, the fresh air always helps me feel better….I could be dying and fresh air would save me

    melanie-did you burn a money candle?

    madd-I am glad you like coming by!! you are always welcome here. But you know that!

  15. WOW! Those photos are incredible!
    I see why you love it there so much:)

  16. I’ve gotta go look at the pics! I loved the ones you had posted- Wee One is just too cute, and the pic of him giving The Old Guy love is too precious!

  17. Lu

    I forgot to leave this for you…from Tuesday paper..
    A few days late for Halloween, but look at it anyway!


  18. lael-today was a gorgeous day!

    christy-Wee One and Scooter like eachother 🙂 I am glad about that!

    Lu-how cool! which building is it? This is the 1st Ive heard of it!

  19. Lu

    Ooopss…Let’s see right above ‘Spurs and Arrows’
    Right across the street from ‘Bison, Bison’?? I hope I have that right…A store called His and Hers underneath also..I do not think this was ever a hotel, just apartments and it is old..Never heard of ghosts in it tho…Ask ‘Sarge’ at ‘Domino Parlor’ if you know him..He lived there when he was young..Teri had a fantastic bakery below called ‘Studebakers’..alas, a lot of things happened and she gave it up..

  20. I think I have said it a million times, but I just love your pics! The horse pics are so cool!

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