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Last night before I hit the hay, I cruised over by Unacknowledged Genius‘s spot on the net and she had a great photo posted.  

The photo shows members of the military holding a banner that reads: “Halp Us Jon Carry- We R Stuck Hear N Irak.”

The banner had several deliberate misspellings.

Speaking to college students in S. California quite recently, Kerry said people who don’t study hard would likely “get stuck in Iraq.”

Kerry is an individual who I do not like, not just because he is a Democrat either. I could list 20 reasons why I dislike this man in a huge way…..I also dislike his classless wife, the ketchup Heiress. But I wont waste my time typing out all those reasons. This one at the top of this post is enough. Not to mention he gave a half ass written apology for his rude comment about our Military. What a jerk. I hope this ends his political career……yep, I sure do!


Wee One was the Toddler Terror from hell yesterday. He was such a brat! So when I finally got him down for his afternoon nap, I raced outside to ride Scooter. It was such a beautiful day.

A new dun pony moved in across the road the other day. Scooter and the pony have spent the last few days staring at eachother from their prospective pastures. I called him up to saddle him.

When he got close I saw more f**king cockleburs!! I was so mad!! Hubby and I got rid of all the bushes last weekend (or so we thought).

1/2 a bottle of baby oil and 45 minutes later…..grrrr. I hope I get to ride today. I really need to. My family is on my last nerve. I either need to spend some time in the saddle or get drunk…I prefer the saddle but I’ll take what I can get by now, I am desperate.

My nose is pretty good. Especially since I quit smoking. I like my home to smell good. I have a lot of eucalyptus in my house. It smells so good. It is one of my favorite smells and it is also supposed to keep headaches away…..I’m not too sure about the headache part tho. I find the eucalyptus keeps my house smelling great a lot better than those ‘scent plug ins’ or any other kind of room fragrance spray.   I bought some of the candles in the picture for the upcoming Holidays. I will be the first to say, these Glade made with essential oils candles are everything they are said to be. Really. I burned one for about 30 minutes the other day and the pleasant apple/cinnamon smell was strong. It lingered for many hours after the candle burned. These candles are under $3!




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20 responses to “TGIF

  1. Oh, the boys are on your nerves again! There’s an empty guest room with your name on it here in FL!!! Anytime!

    Honestly, I hate politics. I try to stay ignorant, I know – foolish of me, I should care more. But there are SO many jackasses in office. All you hear is promises they don’t keep, abundant lies, crooked deals, mud slinging and moral corruption. I don’t watch the news, either. I read the front page of the newspaper on a daily basis and that’s it. I often need things explained to me. The political lingo confuses me. I am a simpleton. 🙂

    Too bad about ther burrs, where’s Scoot find them?? TT was in rare form yesterday? You DO need a break, I sense an overload of testosterone!

    Put that boy to nap today and ride, girl, ride!!

    Hope your day runs smoothly today. I am home today, so drop an email if you need an ear. D 🙂

  2. Aniin BG,

    Where does Scooter keep finding these bushes? And why? Is he looking for attention???

    I hope you have a better day my friend. I’ll hoist a drink in your honor, err… ,maybe not. ((((hugs)))

  3. I’m not going to start on Kerrie right now, ARGH, he’s an a$$.

    What is a dun pony? And Scooter looks so cute walking out of the brush to see you 🙂

    I’m sorry TT was not a good boy yesterday, in his pictures he looks so sweet and innocent 😛

    I have those same candles and I love em, although I get bad headaches when they burn, it’s something with Glade because I get headaches when I spray the spray too, 😦 I still do it though, LOL.

    TGIF from me too!!! And I PROMISE I will work on the 2nd part of the story today !!!

  4. Yeah Kerry is a total ass. I mean that didn’t sound like a joke to me. Why the hell would he say that to students or anyone for that matter. grrrrrr

  5. diane-believe me, if I could get away, I’d be on the next plane outta Tulsa headed your way!!! I think Scooter is getting them from reaching thru the fence and they are in the bar ditch-hes a brat!

    brian-if there is a cocklebur bush within 5 miles, Scootert will find it guaranteed. He can be in a pasture full of other horses and he will be THE ONLY ONE with a mess of cocklburrs-grrrrrr

    butterflychic26-when Kerry was on TV for the Presidential election. I had to turn the channels constantly. That idiot (even when he was a nobody) just creeps me OUT! Not only is he a complete and total idiot, I get the feeling that something is ‘off” about him….

  6. anne-I agree, it was not a joke, it was intentional. he is an ass.

  7. BG..great post..I love how you can rant so percisely in a mini rant and yet get it all in there!! and you are right there is just something about him..creepy..or using one of my new fav words..he’s a moronic moonbat ..Girl you definetly need an attitude adjustment day..few days, week..what ever it takes…lol Hope you can take a nice long ride or a nice long drink whichever comes first and fits the bill..:) ..take care..m

  8. I loved the banner that they troops made in response to Kerry. What a jerk!

    How do you keep eucalyptus around your house? Is it an essential oil or some other form? I’m always looking for things to make my house smell better: 3 dogs, 4 permanent residents and 7 children under 4 years sure can stink up a house! I’ll have to try one of the candles.

  9. Dadgummit–every time I leave a reply in wordpress it leaves a link to a site that I created and never used. Just head over to my real blog.

  10. Part 2 is up, thought you would like a heads up 🙂 HEHEHE.

  11. Amen on the TGIF!!!!

    I love candles….I’ll have to try the Glade. I usually get the expensive ones from fundraisers…..both my kids just did candle fundraisers.

  12. OH BTW guess what i’m watching right now at this moment??? Dazed and Confused baby!!!!! HAHAHAHA

  13. Mmm,I’m getting one of those candles!
    Poor Scooter. Those damn burrs seem to fly with the wind don’t they? The neighbor’s dog is covered in them too. I’m going to try your method of getting them out.
    I hope your family stops working your last nerve.
    Mine will be by the end of the weekend. Hubby is off work already. It’s going to be a loooong one!

  14. I will be back to read the whole post. You always amaze me with your very eclectic posts and how much time you take on them.
    Botched joke or not…joking about any war is uncalled for. Does he think we are stupid to actually believe him?
    “Say what you mean and mean what you say,” you arrogant, pompous arse.

  15. I still can’t get over the arrogance of JK. He really does believe he is so much smarter than the rest of the world… BTW, he pulled many “D’s” at Yale… GW had better grades and went to Harvard for grad school (I heard JK couldn’t get in, so he went to Boston college or something). Who’s the dumb one??

    Dang it, you got me all fired up!

  16. I use a candle warmer and put those Glade candles on them and they smell wonderful.

  17. I don’t like Kerry and his ketchup heiress either, for reasons that I will not bore you with here. He is, in a word, an idiot.

    What a great sign those military people made! I love it! I am dying laughing.

    Your Scooter is very pretty. And remember, if things get really bad, you can ride with a good hip flask in your pocket. 😉

    Pax. Kimberly

  18. madd-what can I say, I am a pro at ranting 🙂

    DQM-I just buy big bundles of eucalyptus at Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart and set it up in big decorative vases all around my house. Ive looked for the oil but cannot find any-if you know where I can get some in B-ville, give me a holler.

    RNG-these are under $3 and they WORK

    Lael-you are like me. I am so bad. My hubby works all the time but when he comes home early, I am like ALREADY? geesh, I am never happy

    swampwitch-you’d be amazed that I usually whip out my posts in 15 minutes or less!I do upload all my photos to photobucket as soon as I can tho, that saves time. “arrogant, pompous arse. ” you are too nice swampy! he is an asshole…

    rude1-sorry your all fired up now….but that man just pisses me off and creeps me out….I figured him for a barely passing student.

    kel-Ive never tried candle warmers, I have used a potpourri (sp?) warmer and that was a pain!

    kimberly-I stocked up at my local liquer store on some minis……..

  19. Hey Goddess, I put up a post! Can you believe it?? LOL

  20. I love Yankee Candles, especially the holiday scents, but they’re pretty pricey for something that just BURNS UP.

    Drama Queen’s Momma: if your main blog is on WordPress, just go to your profile and change your primary blog. 🙂

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