Wee One sure loves his farm animals! Yesterday at daybreak he started playing with them. When it was time to go to bed at 9pm last night, he was putting them inside his barn for ‘nite, nite’. When Son #1 was a wee one, he loved guns and big trucks, he was not into much else! Funny how so much different siblings can be.

Yesterday was a rainy Sunday. When it quit for awhile I snuck outside. Best guy friend D. showed up and kept me company until the mist started up again.

Elvis was happy he found a piece of trimmed horse hoof-yummy he says!


I am not sure how I feel about this.  97.5 KMOD…Tulsa’s Rock Station!(my favorite radio station) wants us Hinder FANS to sign a petition to get them to come to Tulsa to play. This group is well known for ‘Lips of an Angel’ . I am pretty sure this group either hails from Oklahoma or has strong roots here. I have not read a biography on them, just a few news articles. Anyhow, I think it is ridiculous that us Oklahomans need to sign a petition to get them to come here. They are all over the Oklahoma radio stations. I am sure this reflects in the album sales. I do not think I’ll be signing the petition but if they do come to Tulsa to perform, I will try to get tickets to see them…..


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22 responses to “Hinder

  1. 3 of the handsome men in your life!

    Elvis found a horse hoof? Does he chew on it like rawhide?

    How went the weekend? Busy? D 🙂

  2. Aniin BG,

    I guess I know waht to get wee one for Christmas. 🙂 I love the farm animal collection he has.

    Hi Scooter…Hi Elvis.

    Hope you had a good weekend and everything is ok this morning.

  3. Mornin BG..Glad it stopped raining enough for some outside time..Wee Ones sure has a beauty of a horse in his collection..so cute how he puts them to bed as well..:) Hope your Monday is off to a good start..take care..m
    p.s. I love that your dog is named Elvis..pricelesss…:)

  4. Awww he likes his farm animals 🙂 Maybe he’ll grow up and be a cattle rancher 🙂 What is that little one a calf?

    Scooter is so pretty!

    Elvis looks like a puppy 🙂 He’s so happy!!! Mine JayJay got bit by my moms mean weenie yesterday..GRRR.

  5. Great pics! My guys are like that too……so different some times 🙂 It’s good that wee one inherited your love of animals…..that is such a good trait!

    Weird about the petition……I am with you….you shouldn’t have to sign a petition to get a band to play! Especially not when they are from your state. I love ‘Lips of an Angel’ and I’d like to go see them too but I doubt they’ll come here either.

  6. diane-dogs like to eat/chew on the horses hoof trimmings-I guess like pigs ear 🙂

    bri-good morning, all is well not even a hangover 🙂 housecleaning is nearly accomplished too

    madd-the black and white paint is a small Breyer I let him have out of my huge collection. He likes my Breyers, many are collectors editions so they are OFF LIMITS to anyone but me, especially Wee One!

    butterflychic26-poor jade!! is she okay?

    RNG-I hope they come toi T-tow. I like the lead singers voice.

  7. she’s fine 🙂 why’d you post twice? HEHEHEH I’m givin ya a hard time!

  8. I guess she liked her comments so much she want’s to read them twice. Or else she does have a hangover. :p

  9. lol, Toddler Terror was sitting with me listening to his FAVE song by Tom Petty. Im not sure why it posted 2X……I do NOT have a hangover………

  10. Hello BG!!! xoxox

    Hey Wee One! Hey Elvis and Cow and Horses!!

    I love it that Wee One puts his precious animals to bed. It’s reflective of a sweetpea nature. Better that they know how to show affection and cherish when young than learn it too late.

    Can I just say your super LARGE comments box is a hoot? lol! What a treat 🙂

    Extra Hugs and Smooches,
    GG x

  11. Both my sons are completly different. It is strange how that happens in families.

    I so want a puppy like yours! I am begging hubby for one….. we shall see if I when. lol

  12. darn I am slow today. I meant we shall see who wins. He totally does not want a small dog. I do. lol besides life is to short not to have things around you that one loves.

  13. Let’s see… wee one’s fav Tom Petty song must be “Free Falling” or “Don’t Come Around Here No More”

    Am I right, oh great seer of the Great Plains?

  14. My oldest loved trucks too.
    Still does at 13,lol
    Shhh don’t tell but he still plays trucks;p

  15. SailorMoon

    Hey B.G.! Siblings do vary, but it still gets me how boys are so, boys! Here’s to a good week!

  16. Where is the stinkin’ sunshine around here?!

  17. hahahahah just razzin ya!!! 😛 I have not blogged lately because I can’t think of anything to blog, and I left my rough draft of part III at home….sigh…

  18. GG-is that really you? hows my favorite jetsetter???

    mysti-lol, I understood! let me be the first to say, these little miniature weenie dogs are the bomb! they are not very fragile like a chiuahua (sp?) or a yorkie or poodle. They hardly shed, they are excellent watch dogs too. They are like a big dog but they just come in a tiny package. Elvis weighs 6lbs and he has the heart of a great dane!

    Brian-Tom Petty’s’Saving Grace’ is his FAVE.

    lael-lol, his secret is safe w/ me

    sailormoon-glad you stopped by, was wondering about you. Its gonna be a GREAT week!

    tonya-it better be here tomorrow!

    bc26-I want part 3!!!!! but thats okay if you have a writers block, Ill live….

  19. Rebecca

    Well, I sure wish I could get a collection of farm animals that made me as happy as Wee One!

    Never heard of the music group for your petition.

    Hope you go out and vote tomorrow~

    Hello to Elvis!

    The rain is on its way here, really windy outside and apparently forecast of rain all day tomorrow.

    CMT awards on ABC tonight..8/7 central..MY man is hosting and they open the show with Building Bridges~ check em out if even for 10 minutes at the beginning

  20. kt

    i love your new home!!! your pics seem brighter on this site as well.

  21. Hey girl! I don’t blame ya, I’m not about petetions ! But I do love Hinder- and the pics :0)

  22. lol! Your fav “jetsetter” is off to an island next week for days of sun, sand, yoga, meditation and massages. As for jetsetting off to work, mum’s health has given me reason to think a while longer on it. We’ll have to see.

    GG xo

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