Saturday evening when I returned home from shopping in Bartlesville, it was dark. Hubby had already fed The Old Guy but did not put him inside for the night. It was not raining hard, misting a bit. There was a chill in the air but nothing too cold was in the forecast. After I stowed all of Wee One’s presents, wrapping paper, and other birthday goodies away, I went outside to see Scooter.

I whistled for him. I stood there and waited, I heard a very faint whinny from the wayyyyyyy back of his pasture, then galloping hooves in the distance. The Old Guy skidded to a stop on his hindquarters not less than 3 feet from me. I could see him in the yard light looking at me expectantly, his small brown, furry ears pointed directly at me. I gave him some love, then I fished out some baby carrots I stuffed inside my hoodie’s pockets. I think he was kinda suprised because I had my hood pulled over my head and he could not see me very well but knew it was me under there. Horses can be so funny!

Todayย while Wee One was napping I wrapped all of his presents and did as much as I could around the house so I can enjoy my trail ride tomorrow. The new daycare girl called and confirmed that Wee One will be there tomorrow. I am letting him go from 10 am to 3 PM on his first day. I hope he likes it and doesn’t pitch a fit when he realizes he has been left! I may even be able to go check out the new stand-up tanning bed in my area. I hope so. My farmers tan from summer is long gone.

We have a new addition to our family. Ive been promising Toddler Terror a fish. He loves fish. He will watch fish in an aquarium for ages. Hubby and I discussed getting a nice aquarium set up for our home but, geesh, I am not that into fish and they can be a lot of work. So, I bought Wee One a Beta a few days ago. I figured these are hardy little fish, if he does okay with it, then maybe on down the road(like wayyyyyy down the road) we’ll get something bigger and better. For now, I am sure the Beta is a good choice. Wee One has been feeding it every morning and every night. He has not tried to mess with the water or touch the fish yet.


He has spent a lot of time watching it. So far so good but it has not worn off its ‘newness’ yet. Wee One named him “Mr.Fish“. I am not pleased with the glass bowl Mr. Fish is in. It was the only thing Wal-Mart had, YES-Wal-Mart! I was so disappointed because I almost bought a cool fishbowl at the Pet Store Classic Pets but I figured Wal-Mart would have something similar a lot cheaper. Was I ever wrong! Wal-Mart only had huge aquariums. This will have to do until I get back to Bartlesville…..ย 

Son #1 has a basketball tournament starting next Monday and it runs everyday and ends on Saturday. That’s a whole week of games! I am going to take my bleacher seat cushion back out of storage…..our school has got to have the hardest benches this side of the Mississippi.



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21 responses to “Mr.Fish

  1. Hey there chickie! I had a beta fish when i was like 13, don’t worry about the size of the bowl it’s in. They really don’t mind it, mine was even smaller than that and he lived for a whole year. My dad killed him while I was away at camp, GRRR. I too named mine Mr. Fish. Hey want to know something cool? Don’t do it with TT around because It’s really not great for it to be done all the time, but, put a mirror infront of Mr. Fish and you will see his gills come out and he’ll try to attack himself. AHAHAHAH. K, is that morbid? I hope not, I’m not mean to any animal, but I was fooling around one day and found that out about my Mr. Fish!

  2. Aniin BG,

    I guess you bring out the idiots.

    I love the smile on his face. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Diana

    I got a beta fish for my niece when she was only 2months old and named it after myself ofcourse, but what I was going to say was that it’s been almost two years now and it’s still alive and that even after she has forgotten to feed it for a week acouple of times. another fun thing to do is get a flashlight and shine it on the fish and it changes colors. Plus it won’t harm the fish like susie’s will (If i only knew you were like that susie) my niece loves it when I do that.

  4. BC26-I heard about that mirror thing. Maybe I’ll try it. Mr.Fish is a good name ๐Ÿ™‚

    brian-yep, I guess idiot Editor Shawn is jealous because I was over at his ridiculous blogger and he did not even have 1 comment on ANY of his posts! TT LOVES his new fish. Yesterday he spent a lot of time watching it and playing with his play doh. He was pretty good. Daycare today!!!!

    diana-Wee One also has a big supply of his own flashlights, maybe we’ll try it out! BC26-I dont think your a meany (not any more than me!)

  5. Awwww Look at the smile on wee ones face! How very happy and proud he is about that fish! Beta’s are cool fish. My sons have had a few of them while they were young. I thought the bowl was pretty. Maybe it is because of the rocks….lol. Hope your son has a good day at daycare!

  6. Rebecca


    I typed seveal paragraphs and wordpress kicked me off~

  7. Rebecca

    So i wanted try to post something before i typed again!!!

    Wee One looks so happy to have Mr. Fishy!!! I think Mr. Fishy is pretty. I like the brilliant colors!

    What other treats does the big guy get besides carrots??? Just curious. What their fav’s are, and I know YOU know.

    Sorry about the hard bleachers, get you some extra cushy!!!!

    Hope you get out and vote! The Republicans need you today!

    Did you watch the CMA last night? My sexy guy was one of the hosts~ I love that man!!! I get him up close and personal in Atlanta with Sugarland this Friday night…Yeahhhhhh

  8. Look at that darling face! He’s so dang cute.

    I’m thinking about returning to the tanning bed too. My tan has worn off and I’m looking like everyday is Halloween with this ghoulish paleness going on.

  9. mornin BG, Wee One looks so very Happy! with Mr.Fish. I had some Betas as well, they must be the ‘get it for the kids, they are really, really tough and can take just about anything’ fish…:) I hope he likes daycare and you have a wonderful ride…take care..m

  10. I love the pics! Mr. Fish is cute but that bowl is a little small……our walmart didn’t have much of a selection but Meijer has a lot of different sizes. Wee One is so cute!!! Good luck on all those games!! Glad you gots a cushion……hard bleachers for a week… bum would be sore too!!!

  11. Uh – 0h. I think poor Mr. Fish had a worried look on his face!

    (Your boy has a beautiful smile, but you already knew that.)

  12. Betas will live forever! My sister thought hers was dead, set in on the back deck in about 2 inches of water so she could clean out the bowl later and realized after a month(!) that it was still alive!

  13. Oh! Mr. Fish! Pretty Beta, blue is my fav color!TT has day care! WOO HOO!! Time for you! Have fun on that trail ride, betcha Scooter will be happy, too! Basketball all week!?? Wow, sore tush. Hope he does as well at b-ball as he does at f-ball. Have a great day! D ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. he looks so happy with his fish! I am thinking we have no pets… maybe that will be our first test!

  15. Beautiful horse and beautiful little boy! I like the fish too.

  16. Aniin BG,

    How was daycare today???

    It is pouring down rain today, with some thunder possible. Good news, I won’t have to water the lawn for a week.

  17. Just stopped by for a second because 2-year-old is asleep…how do you do it? Do your days have more than 24 hours in them?

  18. mysti-our beta fish is very active too!

    rebecca-I voted ๐Ÿ™‚ Scooter LOVES everything, carrots, cookies, apples, candy, even red hots, snack cakes, beer, french fries…yes my horse is part goat.

    jenny-I didnt make it to tan but I did ride!!

    madd-betas are hardy fish fer sure

    RNG-we dont have Meijers here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but we do in MI when I visit

    paval-mr. fish should be VERY worred

    diane-son #1 is better at football but he is very good at b-ball too

    tonya-OMG!!! lol, I am glad I chose a beta over a goldfish

    mel-YES, a beta is a good choice for sure

    slackermommy-thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    brian-daycare went marvelous

    swampwitch-I am a caffiene addict….there I said it!

  19. Sounds like you have been busy doing this and that. Your horses are gorgeous, your little guy a cutie. Beta are nice hardy fish. We had an aquarium for years but since we moved up here we haven’t bothered putting it together again. It was a 60 ga. one, so held a lot of fish, rock, etc…

    Have a great week!

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