Ms. Flashdance Pants

Fran, an acquaintance of mine, called me yesterday afternoon and left me a message. She said she had just came back this past weekend from a huge ranch-horse dispersal sale in South Dakota (I think?) Anyhow, it was out of the state of Oklahoma. Her message said she brought back a good crop of colts all coming 2 years old after the first of the year. She has 3 lovely bays, 2 colts and 1 filly. Knowing my preference for bay horses Fran wanted me to come check them out. She also mentioned one of them was a blood Bay. Scooter is a standard normal bay color, a blood bay horse’s coat has a mahogany color to it with the black markings. Hence the word blood.

Altho I am not in the market for a youngster….I am eager to go lay eyes on her new mess of equines. Maybe tomorrow Wee One and I will make a short road trip over to her perfect little horse ranch West of here. Fran always did have a good eye for excellent horses…..


Now that I will definately be able to ride Scooter at least once a week. I am at a dilemma. He is barefoot with winter coming on. I do not necessarily want to ride him barefoot tho. Yesterday I took care in watching the terrain over which we rode. He is not sore at all but there is always a chance that he might. He has excellent hooves but I ve always taken great preventive measures to care for his feet, meaning good shoes while trail riding. I have tried those new rubber/molding shoes but they do not seem to stick as well on Scooter’s hooves. After a short time they become loose and then sliding, then eventually lopside or flopping-which in is worse than no shoes at all. I called my farrier and left him a message inquiring what he suggests about this. I really do not want shoes all winter but then again I do not want the Old Guy’s feet sore either…..sigh.

 This morning after I deposited son #1 off at Junior High, I ran over to my local feed store to talk to the owner about some alfalfa bales and to get some local gossip, and a free cup of java while Wee One terrorized the feed store’s kittens. The owner was not there yet, late-unusual for him. So, instead of waiting, I zipped on over to Daylight donuts to get TT a few donut holes and me a cup of coffee. My friend E.T.’s big red Ford was sitting out front so TT and I went in and sat next to her and her daughter who is a few months younger than TT. We were chatting and catching up when ET’s neighbor came in. ET and I both groaned and prayed she would not head our way. But of course, we couldnt be so lucky. She snatched up her dozen donuts and shoved her big, flashdance clothed hiney over to our table, she was getting sideways looks from all of the cowboys and oilfield workers as she heaved her haughty ass thru their chairs. A rude woman, she is. I absolutely cannot tolerate this woman. I started gathering up my things and put on TT’s coat for a fast getaway. ET was writing down a phone number to a farrier her mother used that shoes with a special kind of rubbberized shoe that he buys in Colorado. The gaited horse people are fond of them, ET informed me. The gaited horse people that mainly endurance trail ride. I was interested in this for sure.

Well, Ms.Flashdance Pants poked her nose into our conversation. She told me, I need to get regular shoes put on Scooter and blah blah blah, this lady has no idea about me or my horse, in fact I can count on 1 hand how many times she has seen The Old Guy. That would be the same amount of times I have ever spoken to the atrocious woman. She has a set of Pat Parelli videos so she thinks this makes her the Horse Whisperer.

know-it-alls like her bother me….

I ignored her and made a hasty getaway. I did not trust myself. I was on the verge of shouting:

 “your poor lackluster gelding needs a good worming and not to mention 100 pounds. Feed the poor animal! You ride like your about to take flight off your horse the way you flap your arms about, its just scary! to horses AND people. Another thing, you are 50 years old. Lose the 80’s flashdance costume!”

As I made my retreat, I heard her informing ET she was meeting with her lawyer about another law suit. That lady takes the cake! She has sued half of the establishments in town for this, that, and the other. Most of them frivolous! 

I worked for Wal-Mart home office. Until I decided what a crock the insurance business was and also that I was NOT nor EVER would I be Wal-Mart material (thats a whole other post but I signed legal documents promising my silence).

I was an insurance Case Manager for litigated claims, many at Supreme Court level. One day shortly before I resigned from my low paying, high-stress, making me travel constantly out of state job, Ms. Flashdance Pants stopped over at ET’s parents house to visit while I was there. She had the gall to ask me about a liability claim she had against a Wal-Mart in Oklahoma. I just laughed and told her “Sure, you stand a chance for a settlement.” That could not have been farther from the truth, mean, I know. A big fat lie I told, I know but like I said, I never speak to this woman,I could not believe her nerve of asking me such stuff blatantly. Her claim did not stand a chance in hell with Wal-Mart’s hired gun attorneys. They have resources that even the CIA would be envious of. …..

ranting is over…whew!

Look who I caught sneaking a drink of water yesterday evening. A little gray cat. I put some dog chow out for him/her when I fed the Old Guy his dinner. It was going to be a chilly night and I couldnt stand the thought of the gray little kitty going hungry. It was gone this morning, not sure if the kitty ate it but something sure did!



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20 responses to “Ms. Flashdance Pants

  1. I had no idea you were in claims. That’s what my day job is now. Interesting business… and you are right, a total crock sometimes!

    Missed your posts lots! Happy to be back! :o)

  2. I would like some of that info on the rubber shoes. The trails in the park have places where there is a lot of gravel. Usually I ride Precious barefoot. She has these great hard hooves. Crystal on the other hand has soft white hooves that break easily.

  3. Rebecca

    I love the first pic you posted!
    Sorry about the bad taste at the donut shop~ Never when I have time to see people do I run into them, only when I don’t plan on seeing ANYONE!!!!!

    I hope you adopt the new kitty!!! = ) Keep me updated and bless ya for feeding it….Many MEOW thanks to you !

  4. bridget-my condolences!! I hope your job isint no where near as complicated as mine was, but I bet it is. Glad your back. Imissed YA!!

    Celeste-Ill let you know if I hear back from that farrier

    rebecca-I saw gray kitty this afternoon, I called to it, it didnt act terrified but not too friendly either. I put more dog food out for it just in case its a stray. I hope it keeps hanging around, keep the mice away 🙂

  5. Beautiful Pics.. Poor kitty I wonder whos it is.

    🙂 Hope your evening is a blessed one.

  6. I think this is the universe’s way of informing you that you need a barn cat. 😉

    LOVE that first pic!

    Flashdance lady…gahhh! I know exactly the sort you mean, and yes, they love to SUE SUE SUE. Pathetic.

  7. Hey are a bigger person than I, I really am not sure I could be as ‘controled’ as you are with this hoyden…Oh I hope the kitty descides to say, maybe with the coaxing of tidbits you leave..:) Looking forward to hearing about the new too..please..please..take care..m

  8. Oooo! The nerve of some people! That’s all I’ll say about HER.

    Special shoes? that’s a good idea. Didn’t know horses hooves were as sensitive as you imply. Figured it was just toenail.

    A kitty! You NEED a kitty to chase away the mice from the barn. Scooter NEEDS a kitty friend. Elvis could share his dog house with it! (Yeah, like THAT’S gonna happen! LOL)

    Take pics on your horse viewing trip! Show us everything! D 🙂

  9. Aniin BG,

    Not much going on today. Just counting the hours until freedom. 🙂

    Hopefully I will have e-mail tonight when I get home.

  10. mysti-not sure whos kitty it is, probably an abandoned one….oh well, it can stay here if it likes

    doe-I need a barn cat, I hope gray kitty sticks around. Ms.Flashdance Pants is a dandy, I hope I can go another couple of years w/out an encounter….

    diane-okay, pics when and if I make it over to frans place

    brian-youve got mail! only a few hours and your sprung, whoooooopeeeeeeeeee!!!

  11. Great post!!!! I hope you find the right shoes for the fellow… amaze me with all your knowledge….horses are beautiful creatures and I can tell how much you care for yours.

    Ms. Flashdance pants….LMAO….every city must have one….hee hee.

    I was a paralegal at a personal injury law firm for 6 years……one thing was certain…..WalMart NEVER pays claims….they’d rather go bankrupt with atty fees and court costs. Home Depot is the same way however I did have one lil’ old lady that won the adjuster and their atty over…..she told them that she didn’t want any money….she just wanted her medical bills paid and her atty fee paid…..we settled her case and when the atty brought her the check for her portion she didn’t want to take it……she was my sweetest client ever!!!!

  12. Awww cute little kitty.
    I have an orange one you can have too if you like,lol
    He’s currently beating up my older cat;p

    That woman sounds awful!
    I hate people like that.
    Nice get up hehehehee, Flashdance
    What a knob.

  13. It was great to catch up.
    I’m not much of a horse person, but you make me wish I was. They sense my discomfort and push me around.
    We all have people we try to avoid, at least you were able to leave quickly. It’s much worse whe you get stuck beside them at your kids game(s) and have virtually no escape route.

  14. In the not-so-distant future, I too, will post a horse picture…just wait. I’m am always in awe of your pictures and am working on a couple of my own. Keep us informed about the kitty cat.
    A- choo.

  15. so i am interested in hearing about the equine. And sorry you have to deal with a 50 year old in flashdance pants.

    did the wee one like his doughnuts?

  16. Now I don’t know anyhting about horses, but that horse is a very pretty horse 🙂

  17. RNG-I was a more sympathetic adjuster, but not for the frauds. I do NOT miss that job one bit

    lael-put that yellow cat on the next plane South, ill pick him up in Tulsa 🙂

    swampwitch-no see-um kitty today, sigh. Horse pics? COOL!

    melanie-Wee One LOVEs anything w/ sugar.

    MT_nice gray horse huh?

  18. Miss Flashdance Pants. I can just see her. You have a great way with words! I am sitting here in my living room laughing out loud. My husband just walked by and asked me what’s so funny.

    You have such a pretty place. I just took the shoes off of my horses for the winter too. I’m thinking about trying out Easyboots. This lady has a pretty informative site–Karen’s Easy Care and Endurance Mustangs. I think they even make some that would fit my draft.


  19. My brother used to be a farrier. Thankfully my dad was with him the day a horse kicked him in the face. His face was a mess. It was even worse because he’s diabetic.

    I had a Ms. Flashdance Pants in my life, minus the tacky clothes. She was one of those that has seen it all, heard it all, done it all, etc. No matter what I said, she always tried to one-up me. She couldn’t understand why she never had any friends. Gee, I wonder.

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