3 Years Ago….

 3 years ago today, Hubby and I checked myself into the OB ward at the Jane Phillips Medical Center in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. It was appromimately 11:55 pm.

I drove us and yakked to best friend D and best friend L. on my cell phone while hubby slept on the way to the hospital in Bartlesville.

 Yep, I drove myself to the hospital this time. It was a whole lot different than when Son #1 decided he wanted to come into this world.

 Wee One was a ‘planned‘ delivery.

 He was delivered about 3 and a 1/2 weeks early.

When my OB, after several bothersome and painful tests AND daily road trips all the way to Bartlesville for baby-stress-tests the entire last month of my pregnancy, was certain that Wee Ones lungs were fully developed, he decided Wee One needed to be taken ‘early‘.

No complaints from me.

I had complications with my health and was put on complete bed rest since early September…..you can imagine how I dealt with that, not well at all.

When I was preggers with son #1, I rode my horse until I was 6 months pregnant. I stopped riding at 6 months with son #1 because my babybelly did not fit behind the saddle horn comfortably anymore. But I was 10 years younger back then too!

On 11/10/03 Wee One came into this world.

Hubby and I were much more relaxed and confident this time around.

I can still see the smile on hubbys face when the doctor held up Wee One for his cord to be cut. Hubby did not do it, too squeemish. He chose to stand at my head and watch where it was ‘safe‘. He was grinning like a fool tho!

Whoever invented epidurals deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

This was the easiest delivery I ever had. Son #1 was all natural, I wont even go there…..at least not until 1/15/07 when I post about his birth.

Tomorrow were having a small birthday party with presents, a Sponge Bob cake, and sherbert (no dairy for Wee One darn it).




too see Wee One in action, go see this video:



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22 responses to “3 Years Ago….

  1. Sweet. Happy Birthday

  2. Awwww! What a special day and what great memories. Happy Birthday Wee One!

  3. Rebecca

    Hope you sang him Happy Birthday for me the other day = )

    Cute pics!!!! I hope the party goes well.

    Planned delivery, I would think that would have been a relief. Nope, I don’t have kids but I can tell you that is how I would want it to go….

    Hope you get a few minutes for yourself too!

  4. Oh the joy of it! Be still, my clucking bio-clock ticking heart. LOL!!

    Happy Birthday, Wee One!! Smooches from Aunt GG!!

    GG x

  5. Aniin BG,

    Happy birthday Wee One. Here is to many more wonderful days to come.

  6. Memories…

    Happy Birthday, little man!!! You’ve got a great mom over there!

  7. I added the video a little late-SORRY!

    Thank you everyone, for all of Wee One’s b-day wishes 🙂

    memories are great.

    I am happy to have those memories in pictures as well, and lucky to have them stored on AOL’s back-up! just in case………

  8. morning BG..HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEE ONE!!! Hey mom how ya doing..he looks so adorable in his hospital pics..now he is just too darn cute!! Hope you guys have a great weekend..lots of fun and you know we will all be waiting for pics !!! take care ..m

  9. the video won’t load for me, darnit!
    Happy Birthday Wee One.

  10. Jenny-Im sorry it wont lode, darn it!!

    anyone else having troubles with the video?

  11. What a handsome boy you have. My little guy (9) is blonde too.

    I rode my horse up until a couple of weeks before I was due with my first. (I didn’t have the luxury of time with my second!) My neighbor was pregnant at the same time, and when we took our horses out for long slow walks through the valley, you should have seen the looks on the faces of the people we passed along the way! I’m sure we looked pretty funny. Remember Weebles? (They wobble but they don’t fall down?)

    Happy birthday to your little guy!

    Pax. Kimberly

  12. Happy Birthday Wee One!!!!!!!

    Love the pics! Have a wondermus day…..we had SpongeBob cake for my oldest sons last 2 b-days…..he loves that show!

  13. Happy Birthday to WeeOne!!!! He’s so CUTE!

    BTW I’m diggin his pants in the last photo, I, myself want a pair!!!!

  14. What a beautiful family you have.
    Happy B day to the wee one, who looks like he won’t be wee for long!

  15. What a beautiful family you have.
    Happy B day to the wee one, who looks like he won’t be wee for long!

    grr I’m having trouble leaving comments!!

  16. Happy B-day TT!!!!!!! Yipeee!!! I want a BIG piece of cake, please – hold the ice cream. Thanks. I, too, cannot get the video to load, Boo Hoo! 😦

    Hope all goes well and Wee One has a blast! Much love! D

  17. darn cute that little man! kiss him for me!

    did he get a pony?

  18. Happy birthday, little dude! Look at that great smile. 🙂

  19. Awww Happy birthday Wee One!!!! Sweet pics. I hope he has a wonderful birthday party.

  20. Happy (belated) Birthday, Wee One!

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