Le fête d’anniversaire, les Livres, et Charge

These are some of the most comfortable boots I own! I bought them a few months ago because I wanted  something different than my Justin ropers to wear (which are so worn that they feel like a soft Coach purse’s leather!). At first I did not think I’d like the bigger heel. But, with the non-skid soles and the cushion for my high in-step and the way they fit my narrow heel without slipping,those attributes have made them a fast favorite. They are made by Dr.Scholls. I did not even know they made boots! My feet are so fussy when it comes to boots/shoes. I am still wanting the $400 pair of Frye boots tho, I doubt that’ll happen soon. But, maybe a nice pair of Ariats might be in the near future. Ropers I have worn for too many years. I want need something with a non-skid sole. My old arse isint as sure-footed as it once was!

I am reading this Jackie Collins novel about power,love,money,sex, and fame. Her usual trashy stuff………………I cannot put it down whenever I find the chance to read (which is rare). If you want to totally remove yourself from the present and enter a world much unlike your own, read this book-or her many other trashy novels.

The Old Guy taking his morning snooze Friday, until the cold front came blowing in. Then, he decided the barn was a much better place.

Wee One opening a present I gavehim a bit early. He was being such a good boy, I could not resist.

Blowing out his candles…


Wee One is smitten with best friend L. I’ve seen lots of males that have been smitten with her, Wee One couldnt take his eyes off her at his party.

She bought him “The Fox And The Hound” DVD. He fell asleep watching it after his party was over.

We had Pizza Hut Pan pizza for dinner (Wee one’s favorite and his choice). His MD said it was okay once in a great while to indulge in a little bit of dairy, so I let him have pizza with REAL cheese. I stocked the little drink fridge (behind Wee One in the pics) with lots of rootbeer, Hawaiian  Punch (both Wee One’s faves) and a 6 pack of Coors Light (best friend L’s fave). She was thankful!

It was a good party.

I hope the sun comes out tomorrow and shines. Today was a gray day for the most part, I need some outdoor time………………



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11 responses to “Le fête d’anniversaire, les Livres, et Charge

  1. Rebecca

    I can’t believe that I am the first one to post…that like NEVER happens….

    Glad Wee One was able to have CHEESE. There are 3 things in my life if I were stuck on a deserted Island I would need with me: Cheese, Milk and Chocolate. (And I wonder why I’m part cow)

    He looked like a happy camper. The cake was colorful. It was sweet to see him with the candles…

    The boots looked comfy!

    I am just getting in from Atlanta and my soulful, sexy, talented man Ronnie. Sugarland was awesome! They did the song with Bon Jovi~ I know you have heard it. Off to picture land I go….I’ll be up awhile lookin at pics.

  2. OH! This sounds like fun. My little girl can’t eat too much dairy either, we have sherbert parties too, but on occassion, we get the real thing! WOO! I know what a treat that was for all of you.

  3. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments about my poetry. I love to write about horses and to share my passion for them.


  4. BARNGODDESS!!! You never cease to amaze me with your posts ! So eclectic and entertaining. I have responded to your Elvis statement about the “hunching” monkey at my place. BUT, I wanted to tell you about one of our daughter’s Jack Russell Terrorists dog…he also has a “hunching” toy…and don’t let him get near your arm either. AARRGGHH ! I won’t be able to visit for the next 4 days…please don’t abandon me. The computer is going to the hospital so Daddy in Iraq can see the new baby from the web cam.

  5. rebecca-I hope you post some of your pics soon! Wee One was a very happy little fella yesterday.

    pinky-the dairy thing sucks doesnt it? sigh

    ivy-what can I say? I really like your stuff.

    swampwitch-never would I abandon my favorite witch!heheh, I’d get our little Elvis ‘cut’ but I am desperately hoping one day he’ll be interested in his girlfriend, she is tiny (6lbs) like Elvis.I want another tinytiny daschund like Elvis, he is a good dog, a pup out of him is something Im still waiting for-grrrrrr he likes his hunching monkey a lot more tho

  6. Cool! Nice boots!

    Wee One is SO stinking cute! Glad he was able to enjoy some of his favorites on his special day.

    I used to LOVE Jackie Collins. My eyes can’t focus on the small print anymore and I have trouble concentrating anyhow. Maybe it’s on audio.

    I won’t be reading next week, I’ll be walking along the sand! Yay!! Soon, so soon!

    D 🙂

  7. You MADE the cake…..wonderful, icing I can’t decorate a cake for the life of me.
    I hope the sun shines for you as well.

  8. As always your son is tooo cute. He looks so very happy. I am glad he had a wonderful birthday. The cake made me hungry for cake! lol.

  9. Happy Birthday, little man! Glad to hear you had a good time.

    The diary thing does suck, BG. My oldest son has autism and diary is not in his diet either.

  10. he sure is a cute lil guy.
    I remember looking at my children at that age with wonder… that something so beautiful came from me.

    Did you switch directly from blogger to wordpress or did you have a typepad, too?

  11. Look at his curls! Beautiful–er, handsome.

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