All I Want For Christmas Is…

One thing I must say about WordPress, it rocks.

Since I’ve switched from unreliable and unpredictable blogger, I have NO complaints.

Of course, that may change but for now I am a happy blogger.

The Old Guy was napping. He was soaking up some sun rays yesterday.

It was a perfect Fall day. The air was cool, fresh, and crisp. The sun was bright.

So I whistled out the door and woke him up. I am a meanie…..but he was bellering for his Equine Senior at 6am this morning. Fair is Fair, right?


Something that has been ‘sorta’ a big deal around here is about Federal Prosecutors are appealing a judge’s decision to dismiss a case against an American Indian who shot a bald eagle for use in a tribal religious ceremony.

Cheyenne, WY is a long ways off from Oklahoma. But this case affects all Native Americans. We cannot have our people out running around shooting these magnificent and threatened birds at will.

 However, their feathers are essential for ceremonies.

“a federal repository that dispenses eagles killed by cars or power lines works too slowly and sometimes provides remains of poor quality. Such birds are not considered “clean” for ceremonies.”

“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service generally refuses to grant permits allowing tribal members to kill bald eagles, even though federal regulations say such permits should be available.”

Why can’t the Gov’t grant Native Americans these permits?

This is something that can easily be regulated and managed, and would not endanger Bald Eagles any more than they already are….

What anal-retentive control freak is in charge of that department? Probably some white, pasty faced….okay, I’ll stop now before I say something not very nice because I feel myself wanting to get real ugly about this.

I have been up with a healthy dose of Insomnia since 3 am. I am feeling a tiny bit bitchy….

I gave Wee One 3 big, plastic, dinosaurs for his birthday and the deer figure (he calls it Bambi). He LOVES the dinosaurs! I think T-Rex is his favorite. It has huge, scary, teeth.

 As soon as he opened T-Rex, he went off to find his goat. Do you know why?

Have you watched the Jurassic Park movie(the first movie made)? 

Remember the scene where T-Rex is baited in for the sight-seers with a chained up goat?

Well, you can see where Wee One was going with that……

Just before nap-time yesterday. Wee One was a tired toddler. So tired, he was not his usual Toddler Terror self.

The puppy was a birthday gift from hubby and I. This puppy, barks, wiggles, wags it’s tail, and even licks (with a wet tongue).

It is called Love n’ Lick Puppies: Jack Russel Terrier  .

Wee One calls him ‘puppy‘.

When I was present shopping, I bought the last one on the shelf at K-Mart. Luckily, it was the Jack Russel one…..

Wal-Mart in Bartlesville was totally out of them.

Well, except for a Cocker Spaniel that had the box partially tore open and was dirty. I was NOT buying that one.

I had no idea these puppies were considered one of the ‘hot‘ Christmas gifts of the year.


Speaking of presents, here is one gift I am NOT expecting under the Christmas tree this year…..

This saddle was listed on eBay: Ted Flowers Gold Plated Saddle Original Owner With Case (item 290047112634 end time Nov-11-06 19:19:12 PST)

The price?


That is a lot of cash for what, in my opinion, is a gawd awful UGLY saddle……

That amount of cash would pay off my car with a small sum left over…….

 I am quite happy with my saddle I already have.



I would be very happy with these :

Frye Boots in BROWN they are $400



These $480 Frye Boots in a different style. 





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21 responses to “All I Want For Christmas Is…

  1. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been by! Work has kept me MEGA busy! Ugh! Anyway, I LOVE your wish list- and if I win the lottery, I’ll hook ya up! :0)

  2. Morning BG..That picture of Old Guy picking his head up when you great, all I could think of with your explaintion was picturing him talking over the fence with another horse saying..’do you know what my crazy human did to me today, well I …etc, sorry…lol, was a great mental picture. I’m so glad that Wee One had a great day…and yes I can just imagine what he did with the goat..’member the scene..too cute, btw.I want one of those ‘puppies’ mess, no kinda puppy..Christmas, oh my it really is creeping up way too fast. the saddle, no way, the boots oh yea!! Now that’s a Christmas present. I like them both, it would be to hard to choose, I want both, greedy wench that I am. As far as that article, I would need a whole post to go into how I feel about the treatment of Native Americans, how I have always felt about said mistreated throught our history..on top of that my Mom & Dad (adopted) are of the Whamponog tribe, on Cape a subject near & dear to my better stop now..or a rant might just cut
    I know I wrote a novella, sorry…:) was a bit under the weather last few days, wasn’t feeling too sociable, better now, so was ruuning of here…take care BG, try and get a nap..maybe??..see ya..m

  3. Ohhh, LOVE those boots!!! Nice pics! I am wanting a nice pair myself.

    I guess I didn’t realize Native Americans couldn’t shoot an eagle for there ceremonials? Hummm. I know at a Sundance I attended a few years back at Porcupine on Pine Ridge Rez that eagle feathers were passed out in abundance as blessings. I was given a little one and was SO BLESSED! I treasure it. I know most feathers used are actually turkey feathers.

    I wonder if they eagle was shot on Reservation property or not. To me that would make a huge difference because the Rez is a separate nation, therefore not all the laws of the US stand?

    There does bring up a lot of questions doesn’t it? What tribe are you? I have not inquired before. I am Chickasaw and Choctaw with a touch of Cherokee but am primarily Irish American, but the Irish are also a very tribal, clannish bunch of people.

  4. christy-glad you stopped by 🙂 I was wonderin….

    madd-anytime you want to write a novella at the res feel welcome to! yeah, I can get a bit ‘ranty’ when it comes to the Govt’ and our Nations…..

    KM-I was given an Eagle Feather, NOT a coveted tail feather but a breast feather as a token for being accepted into the Osages from my ‘Adopted Uncle C’. he has passed but was a full blood Osage.
    I am 1/2 Chippewa from the Saulte St. Marie MI Tribe. my Father is a Fullblood.
    I get the feeling that the eagle hunted in the news article was killed off the Res.

    Even tho we are a Sovereign Nation, we still are governed under the US Feds. So, since killing an Eagle is a FEDERAL offense, it would supercede our Sovereign Nation position.

  5. Rebecca

    I REALLY like the 480$ boots….although the others may be more versatile in daily wear.

    The stuffed terrier is adorable! It almost made me want one…but seriously, it’s a great idea for a gift for my neice~ how much $$$

    Blogger has UPDATED and is much faster at posting, uploading photos and seems better. Glad you are happy with word press, i actually considered following you over, but now that blogger seems to be on the ball, I think i’ll stay there.

    Sorry about the insomina, I’ll share the vicodin and you’ll sleep like a baby!

  6. rebecca-the puppy was $39.99 at K-Mart its A LOT cheaper at Wally World(if they arent out!) $29.99 ohhh, no narcotics for me, Wee One would take full advantage of that!

  7. Diana

    well first off I like the pictures and those boots are nice. But I seen a comercial for those dogs and they kinda freak me out. Maybe because I get stand it even when my own dogs lick me let alone a toy dog. But I’ll have to take wee ones word that it’s fun and cute.

  8. diana-Yep, I hear ya! Our little Elvis Dog knows NO LICKING…….me. Sometimes, he licks the boys but mama is off limits-ack!

  9. I am thinking of switching to wordpress myself.

  10. I forgot to add, my horse is a licker, he always gives my hand a swipe with his tongue. Horse breath or mouths dont gross me out like dogs and cats, there is a BiG difference there!

    kel-I dont blame you! I am very impressed w/ wordpress. I hope they continue their great services exactly the way they have been. And, if you contact support, they actually ARE a big help 🙂

  11. Oh, I love those brown Frye boots. I used to sell used cowboy boots on eBay. I found two pairs of nearly new Frye men’s boots at the Goodwill in Albuquerque. Paid $15 for each and sold both pair for $300 to a guy in Switzerland. I bought my son’s little saddle that way!

    I agree. Fair’s fair re the Old Guy waking you up!

    Pax. Kimberly

  12. I guess I could handle a stuffed dog licking me considering it’d only be water and not actual spit haha. I love those brown Frye boots but I would never be able to let myself spend that much money on a pair of boots. I paid $130 on a pair of Durango boots over the summer and it just about killed me.

  13. kimberly-I LOVE, LOVE Frye boots…sigh, they are soooo expensive tho

    jenny-Durangos are NICE boots! The most Ive spent was $310 on my English field boots, they are show boots now sadly packed away into the nether-regions of my closet, probly moth eaten by now…

  14. I Love the boots! omgosh can I get rich somewhere so I can buy them????? Your sons puppydog is adorable and he looks so very happy. 🙂 How very sweet. I hope your Monday is a good one!

  15. Them boots wouldmake one hot momma… wow, who would have known that cowboyboots were so sexy.
    I have to admit though, around stampede time, when all the cowboys come from all around, i am not looking at the boots!!

  16. and about the Eagle feather, an interesting dilemna.
    The eagle is not endangered because of aboriginal practices. It is endangered by those who don’t honour the fragility of nature. But it IS endangered, and therefore should be protected.

  17. mysti-maybe Ill win this weeks lottery and Ill buy US BOTH a pair 🙂

    hope-the Eagle feather is a big problem. They need to be protected but at the same time we should not be denied our Religious and Cultural beliefs. I am certain this can be regulated AND can protect our Eagles.

    I laughed out loud :

    ” I have to admit though, around stampede time, when all the cowboys come from all around, i am not looking at the boots!! ”

    yeah baby!

  18. Diana

    there is nothing sexier then a man in cowboy boots, tight jeans, white t-shirt and a cowboy hat I say Cowboy take me away

  19. 1I will admit my ignorance of certain Indian customs even though I am part Indian myself. I only learned late in life that I was although people have asked me all my life.
    Do they have to use fresh feathers every time? Can they use the ones that are shed instead of killing a bird? What if they bred them? I am sure that would be hard to do though.(I know even less of breeding eagles!)

  20. I have learned a lot today about the subject

  21. Google is the best search engine

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