Working Man’s Hands

 Monday again! This week is basketball tournament week. All week.

Elvis went with the boys and I to move Son #1’s deer blind. He said he did not like the spot he was in and did not feel lucky. We put on our orange caps and vests, then headed for the woods.

Elvis thoroughly enjoyed himself romping around. Wee One kept a hold of his leash most of the time, it was easy to keep track of both of them.

Wee One had on an orange watchcap, a red sweatshirt and his britches were decorated in bright orange duck tape, compliments of his ‘bubba‘.We were not gonna lose him out there!

Wee One was a sight and I forgot to take my camera to the woods with us. I left it sitting on the counter.

Yesterday morning I was talking to best friend L. I complained that my horse-shoer had NOT returned my phone call from last week.

She said she heard he was in the hospital!

Sure enough, he called me this morning. He is out of commission for a few weeks, he just had hernia surgery! Sh*t!! Double Sh*t!!

The phone number I got from ET of the man that shoes her mother’s horses was disconnected, if it was even the right number. I did not feel like calling her and getting trapped on the phone for an hour just to get her guy’s number…….I am like that sometimes.

I put a call into Uncle D., when his regular guy comes out to his house(the freakin’ week after Thanksgiving!) to do his horses, he was going to see if he’d stop by here and shoe the Old Guy for me.

It is harder than heck to get someone good to come out for just ONE horse, yes, really.

I have been researching some ‘rubberized shoes’ on the internet. Lots of choices out there. They can be pricey but if they work, they would be worth the investment.


Something about a man’s muscled arms are sexy, ladies dont you agree with me?

The whole package is always important……..but big, strong, deeply tanned, muscled arms attached to a pair of ‘working mans hands’ is hot.



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18 responses to “Working Man’s Hands

  1. HA,I am SO buying a horse!
    yes indeedy. Muscled arms sure are sexy!

    Aww I wish I could’ve seen your wee guy all decked out. I bet he was so adorable.

    Elvis is looking handsome. I love his brown eyes:)

  2. Is that scooter runnin? Elvis so adorable!! He’s like “i’m sexy, yes, I know I’m sexy…awww quite it I know already, take the picture!” HEHEHEHE.

    Yes muscly *um not a word* arms are sexy as hell!! EYUP EYUP, uh huh uh huh. YUMMIE.!!!

    I’ll update my blog later this evening, I’m in a piss poor mood right now (at work) to do anything other than read and comment.

  3. Rebecca

    Yes, hot man in pic! I like big strong arms, but actually have a “fetish” for a guys hands. They can tell me soooooo much about a guy….now let your mind go where ever you’d like it too!
    I like a tall guy with a broad chest and some meat on him…The tan aspect doesn’t affect me one way or the other.

    Elvis looks so loveable! Kiss him for me.

    Hope Wee One is still enjoying B’day gifts.

  4. Diana

    OH MY Barngoddess, You just gave me a good daydream with the picture. There is nothing sexier then nice strong arms and shoulders to get me to melt.

    Okay back to reality that sucks that you can’t get anyone to come and shoe your horse, That is why my hubby says I can never get one they are to much trouble and he doesn’t want to deal with them.

    I hope your oldest finds a place to get a nice Buck I wasn’t able to go out this year my hubby just got me started last year and had a lot of fun even though we didn’t get anything

    Have a nice day

  5. Um, if your horse shoer looks like that d’ya think I could come watch? Maybe I could hold his tool or sumthin, I am helpful like that. 😉

  6. I meant toolS plural, honest I did

    I hope I wasn’t out of line here.

  7. I wish I could’ve seen Wee One! I bet he was a sight! I hate to hear your horse shoer is in the hosptial! I hope all is better with him soon!

    PS: LOVED the pics ;0)

  8. Love the pic of the horsey!! I watched Mike on Dirty Jobs shoe a horse – it is alot harder than us city folks think it would be.

    I, too, would be willing to help hold the horshoers tool (you know, should Jenny’s hand get tired…)

  9. lael-Dont be fooled by Elvis! he can be a huge brat

    rebecca-hands are important!! Elvis has been breath

    diana-horses are no trouble! tell your hubby I said so


    christy-Wee One WAS a sight, we couldnt miss him 😉

  10. rachel-okay, Ill call ya both, that way jenny will be covered when her hand gets tired!

    my shoer is a hottie, but now hes a hottie with a patched hernia.(he still lives w/ his parents too , hes kinda young, 25 I think)

  11. I like a man with the arms and hands also. The first thing I noticed about my Pat was his arms. He walked in the door with the light behind him and all I could see were his arms with the sleeves pushed up above his muscles. Then he was introduced and he shook my hand and my hand was swallowed up by his! Big strong working mans hands.

  12. SailorMoon

    LOL on the “muscled man’s arms”! I was just getting ready to ask who the heck the guy was, then I read to the end. Our first basketball game is in a week, football went well for his first year, he went from playing about 3 plays a game for defense to starting center and playing every defensive play also! That ball snapping made me a nervous wreck! I know he can play BB so looking forward to this. One soccer game left and that’s a wrap til spring.

    Bet your Wee One was a sight! My 4yo dynamo just walked by and saw Elvis and stopped and giggled that he was cute.

    Okay, onto job hunting, not much work here for me lately and my kids all have their birthdays this week, 2 days apart. There’s always Christmas!!

    Be safe!

  13. Oh, Elvis is THE DOG!!! I love that dog!!!

    About the arm thing, I tried, but they just didn’t do a thing for me…

  14. Whew. Fan my face. yowzers.

    hee hee hee. Those kind of pictures are far too sensuous

  15. Oh yeah, a working man’s hands attached to sexy ass arms? WOO, can’t beat it! And that’ what my man looks like, too. He works outside all day, so they are all rough and sexy.

    Seems like you guys had a good day today. Hope you have some luck getting Old Guy shoed, I know that’s a pain and a half!

  16. Butterflychic26-Elvis thinks hes all that amd more too! muscley isint a word?

    celeste-ohhh lala nice memory about meeting your hubby;)

    sailormoon-good luck job hunting! My son is also center on offense, those snaps are crucial. He plays defensive tackle on defense.

    paval-LMAO, ELvis is a cutie huh?

  17. Hot indeed!

    Gorgeous photos. I had a major crush on my farrier when I was 14-15. I would watch his working hands in fascination. He was not quite 30, as I recall, and beautiful to behold.

    When I was dating my husband and things were getting serious, we built a barn together. I love to watch that man work.

    Pax. Kimberly

  18. I love muscles that can *do* something: shoe a horse, wire a house, you name it; muscles for the sake of muscles, well, that’s just gross. And narcissistic (I never know when to stop spelling that word).

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