Vintage Photos

 Thank you to everyone who left a comment to yesterday’s post. The answers, insights, and opinions varied but YES was the answer of the majority. I appreciate and value your honesty in leaving your answers. Thanks!  

Last nights basketball game was a good one. Son #1 scored over half of their points. He scored 8 points in the 4th quarter alone but they were still shy 8 points from winning. I gotta say, my boy is a GOOD basketball player. I was one proud mama last night! Wee One went to the game with me. I was lucky because best friend L’s daughter was working the game after ours. She kept Wee One entertained so I could watch the game.

It is one cold, wet, rainy, nasty, windy day today. (blowing 50mph gusts)

Yesterday I started the painstakingly slow process of backing up all of my precious photo memories onto disc and AOL file storage (I pay AOL an outrageous amount of money for their NOW free services…I might as well take advantge of the member perks). 

On a whim, I decided to share a few (not the best ones but they were handy!)before I restored them to their origonal place in albums or boxes.

This HUGE sorrel mare was owned by Best Friend L. “Beauty” was every inch 17 hands high. It was a feat getting on/off her bareback.

This photo was taken at Thanksgiving of ’97(I think!). Son #1 was about 3 years old and we were heading back to Oklahoma. We must have had an early morning flight, my eyes are looking a little blurry………….certainly NOT caused from partying with my kinfolk(yeah right!)

This photo was taken at Tahquamenon Falls State Park the summer of 1998.

That summer I was in Michigan for 2 weeks. We traveled all over the Upper Pennisula of Michigan, son #1, my youngest nephew, and my sister J.

All I can say is those 2 weeks rocked!



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17 responses to “Vintage Photos

  1. You are a beautiful lady. Thank you for sharing your family pictures! 🙂 I am glad you are having a better day today. (((hugs)))

  2. Hi Barngoddess. Normally I comment on how much I love your horse pictures, and I still do. But Woweee, today was special because I got to see you!! Those are great pictures – you are a lovely woman.

  3. Thanks for sharing you pics! You are beautiful!!!! oh and I’m a little late but My answer to yesterday’s question is Yes……sigh.

  4. Thanks for sharing your photos! 🙂 WeeOne and Son#1 look a lot alike when son # 1 was small 🙂

    hellloooo to you too 🙂 HEHHE. Was in b-ville this morning visiting Dr. OH SO HOT. HEHE Got the stitches out.

    The wind shuffled me to both sides of my land this morning…ICK

  5. mysti-thnx! yes, today is mucho bettero


    RNG-sigh, YES to yesterdays “L” question, sucks huh?

    BC26-ohhh lala Dr. Hottie! are you fixed now? OMG that wind is fierce, its awful!

  6. kt

    love the vintage photos! i love state parks, i think they are so beautiful.

  7. yup all fixed up for now, still can not chew on that side for a couple more weeks, unless it is soft foods, i’ve lost 5 pounds this last week from eating nothing but soups and such.

  8. Hey BG..nasty day out, good day to be in doing this walk down memory lane..what lovely memories you have captured..these will surly keep you nice warm and cozy..thanks for sharing them..luv ya..m

  9. Diana

    wow one sexy lady!!

    Congrats for #1 son on his basketball game.

    The wind has been really bad up here also, my poor sister and her husband work outside on the midnight shift and the wind has been getting up to 45 mph. I think I actually felt my trailor almost take flight.

  10. kt-T-Falls is gorgeous

    BC26-hey 5pounds is 5 pounds!!

    madd-brrrr the wind is awful here. Its NOT supposed to be like this in Oklahoma

    diana-yikes! I hope the winds calm down, I wish they’d calm down here too.

  11. Woweee!! What a looker you are!! I didn’t answer yesterday either because I had so many thoughts that crammed into my brain at once. But, yes, that’s my answer. Glad to see you doing better!!

  12. awww, pinky, thnx! and congrats on your necklace, its beautiful 🙂

  13. Rebecca

    I tried again and again at work. It simply will not let me post anything on your site from work.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog.

    I loved your pics on here no matter when they were taken. You really are a pretty lady!!!!

  14. I swear you look familiar! Maybe I saw you when we lived in OK…doubtful since we lived in McAlester but we did go to Tulsa quite often. You’re gorgeous.

  15. pinky-thnx!

    rebecca-your welcome, gotta hang tight over some things

    jenny-maybe we did shooters together at the Shotgun Saloon near I-69 and 71st!!

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