Beam Me Up

 This is my tattoo of the Old Guy. The picture does not do it justice, a lot of the detail and the different colors can’t be seen.

My leg isint icky, hairy and this picture makes it look like it!

I had a hard time taking the picture by myself and Wee One was assisting me.

I really, really like my tattoo

I got it in Michigan a couple of years ago. Up until recently tattoos were illegal to get in Oklahoma.

When I got home from MI, hubby saw my tattoo and he actually got mad. He did not speak to me for 2 days. He is not the tattoo type. He got over it real quick tho because he had no choice. 

If anyone ever says “getting a tattoo does not hurt.” They are a big, fat, liar.

It hurts real bad. But, after awhile you kinda get used to it…..but it still hurts.

Son #1 won his game yesterday afternoon. It was a close one. 21-17, too close! He played very well. I received a few compliments sitting in the stands from passerbys about how well his season has started. I was a proud mama once again.

I sat with our 7th grade girls basketball team. Wow, they were loud. Not a rude parent within 20 feet of me.


While driving home from the ball game. I noticed a bright, silver object in the clear, blue sky as we were driving South. I was about to ask son #1 if he saw it and he said, “Hey mom, look at that thing in the sky. That does not look like a plane or helicopter to me.”

I answered him, “your right. Could it be a balloon?

Son #1 thought maybe so but it was hard to tell.

Then we thought maybe it was a plane and the sun was reflecting off it.

Then it just disappeared. Poof, it was gone. It was weird.

Son #1 said, “Think it is a UFO?”

Me, “nahhhh, I doubt it, no telling what it was.” as I was saying this I had visions of the movie “Independance Day” flashing thru my mind.

I know I need more sleep, but I was not seeing things. I am sure there is a Earthbound explanation to what it was that we saw in the sky yesterday. There are military bases and major airports all around my part of Oklahoma.

Now, I have a question for y’all.

Do you think there is life somewhere else on another planet? aliens?

My honest feeling is, probably so.

The Universe is HUGE. How can we say with certainty that there are no other planets like “Earth” out there?

I do not buy into spaceships and little green men type stuff…..but I think there is a big possibility that there is life out there.

Now, give me your opinion……….




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13 responses to “Beam Me Up

  1. I think that there probably is something else out there…kinda just watching us. Maybe they are so far advanced that they don’t need to watch us and how primative we are.

    I loved that movie ID4….lol!

  2. its an AWESOME tattoo! Illegal!? sighs. oh well.

    yea number one son!

    It could be. seriously! I have a strong feeling that there is life out there. But, I believe that they stay away from us in general. I am not sure that life outside our planet is as hostile as ours is, but you never know.

    but yea, it could be a test ship.

    happy weekend goddess

  3. Diana

    Well I agree I have two tatts and they both hurt to high heaven.

    Congrats to #1 son on his game I’ll be looking for him in the pros in about 10 years

    as for the UFO I doubt it was. I like to think that there is another planet with us on them and living the life that we wish we had. Damn the other me having so much money and being skinny. oh well

  4. MT-ID4 is one of my favorite movies!

    melanie-thnx! you can get tattoos in Oklahoma now

    diana-I am sure what we saw was a plane or maybe even a jet. I think we are not alone in the massive Universe, to think we are is crazy, I mean, we are just one little planet in a huge Universe.

  5. lol I have no doubt that it hurts. My brother has several of them and one time he used some kind of numbing gel to get through one of his tatoos.

  6. Oh my gosh I could never get a tattoo because of the pain thing…. I am glad the pain was worth it for you. 🙂

    The UFO well it sounds like one…lol Unidentified object it was….. lol Is there life else where. Most likely. I Believe in God, and that is life….. 🙂

  7. Rebecca

    I am really surprised that Tat’s were illegal in OK. Wow. UMMM, did they have a reason to support that? I’ve always thought about one, a fleur de lis–it’s a New Orleans symbol…but I’m not much for needles…hence I didn’t think I could actually sit through it. TOO MUCH PAIN, if i get the real urge—i’ll grab a marker!

    Glad ya’ll won the game.
    Thankd for sending over swamp for the info.

  8. anne-they have numbing gel?

    mysti-if your scared of needles then dont even watch one gettting done! my hubby hates needles, he can barely hold my horse when its vaccination time

    rebecca-they have those professional non-perm tattoos. They can look very real. Your welcome, swampwitch is awesome. shes been there, done that, been thru it, and kicked its ass, she knows A LOT about it

  9. My tattoo is a somewhat large one that stretches across my lower back. Biggie for a first timer, and it did hurt like a mutha. But, it was a custom design and I’m still happy with it, so it was worth it. My hubby isn’t much for tats either, but he got over it!

    YAY son #1!! WOO!! And glad there were no rude parents this time! 🙂

    UFO? Last night? I only ask because me and hubby saw something strange in the sky last night, too. He wrote it off as a plane, but couldn’t say why it flew erratically and was blinking like it had seizures. Odd, huh? I think it would be foolish and terribly self-centered to think we are the only ones in the universe. I mean, c’mon, this place is HUGE!

  10. SailorMoon

    I’d love to get a tattoo but cannot figure out what I would get & on what part of my big body it would go on though. That’s a whole other universe! And I think like you, that for earth to think we are the only beings is selfish and stupid, but WHAT EXACTLY is out there I don’t know. Last soccer game was today, we lost, only lost 3 games this season, and our first basketball game is Monday night. I don’t know about you, but my 7th grade boy’s feet are growing like weeds, & these $100 cleats and basketball shoes every couple of months are getting expensive. He’s into size 9 mens, hope his soccer cleats will still fit in thte spring, since we just bought them a couple of months ago. Then on Tuesday, we’re headed up to Branson to my dad’s house, he’s 75 & they just found a big spot of cancer on his lung and puliminary fibrosis on both of them, its not good. Probably won’t be on here too much after tonight so wanted to say I’ll give you a quick wave as we blow through the little of Oklahoma we go through, and have a safe, Happy Thanksgiving. (ps-love your old guy!)

  11. Aniin BG,

    Gosh I have missed you. Drop me line if you can this weekend. 🙂

    Not a tattoo person either, but it looks good on you I am sure.

    What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Serving the aliens? Or is that just family?

  12. I’m not a tattoo person — but then I got so many stretch marks having kids that it sort of seems redundant.

    There’s alot of unidentified flying objects. Some can be explained, and then there’s those mysterious questions.

    ps. Go watch the skies tonight. It’s the Leonid meteor shower.

  13. I never liked tattoos until I saw the show Miami Ink. I think I always stereotyped people as being ”
    wild” or thugs or something. When I realized that there are thousands of reasons why people get tattoos, I started to see them differently. I still would not get one, but that’s a personal opinion. If someone else wants one, go for it.

    I’m going to be the minority on the UFO issue. I don’t think there is other life out there.

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