Sunday Ramblings

 Yesterday was opening day of rifle season for deer. I did not get out into my blind until daylight. I was up in plenty of time but I could not get my ass in gear.

After about 3 hours of seeing nothing except one possum that acted like I was trespassing, I came home. It was cold too.

I heard some deer when I was leaving my blind, I am sure I spooked them, but I never saw them.

Did I mention it was cold? About 35-40 degrees.

Son #1 was very mad because I did not wake him up when I left. He wanted to hunt in the morning.

I did not wake him up because he was tired from the basketball tournaments and just being on the go all week.  He was crabby and looked exhausted, so I let him sleep.

I also do not like hunting with anyone else. Selfish, I know.

 Son #1 is LOUD in the woods, stomp stomp, crackle leaves, snapping twigs, yak yak, fidget fidget and that is just on his way into his blind. Once he gets there, it is hard for him to sit still for very long.

Anyhow, he got to go out the entire afternoon until dark and hunt with his Father who has a ‘warm’ deer blind. He would have been complaining if he went with me.


Son #1 and his Father went back out to their blinds this morning. I hope one of them gets a deer. So far, no news but it is only 7:25 am.

Last night I cooked these for dinner. They were so tender, they cut easily with a fork. I marinated them overnight.

In addition to the chops on the grill, I threw on some veggies(onion and 2 bell peppers) and smoked sausage.

Wee One LOVES Play-Doh. He will play for at least 30 minutes or longer making ‘masterpieces’.

I am thankful Play-Doh is easy to find and very easy to afford!

I went to this site and made some cool STAMPS .

Last night’s sunset was pretty. It got even prettier after I put my camera away (figures!).  PAMELA  gave me the heads up about the  Leonid Meteor Shower that went on last night. We looked and saw a few shooting stars or maybe meteors. It was neat.

About yesterdays question: other life existing in the Universe? I think it swayed to YES, a possibility that Earth is not the only planet with living beings.


This week I hope to post more of BarnGoddess’s Vintage Photos. I recently started on my pre-kid/husband days photo albums.

I have only made a teeny, tiny dent in my project. Just one more time I wish I could clone myself. (I am only joking about the cloning thing, I think cloning is wrong in general and do not support it in any way. For many reasons, the number ONE reason being it is unnatural and not the way of nature itself.)   

. Have a Super Sunday!



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8 responses to “Sunday Ramblings

  1. My brother-in-law is the same way when we go hunting. always talking to me and trying to give me tips. But he is so loud when he does it. needless to say we have never came home with a deer or elk.

    Those chops look good I’ll be there tonight for dinner, what are we having?

  2. Wow! I’ve never had deer before but those things look good!

    btw: I stole your stamp link. They’re too cool not to steal!

    Oh, and if Wee One gets any cuter, I’m going to have to go out there and steal him along with your dog…

  3. Rebecca

    Enjoyed the pictures… Glad you let son sleep, sounds like he needed it and got a little bit of time to yourself = )

    Hope your day is relaxing.

    No loss on the hunting aspect…. (non hunter here)

  4. That’s cold girl! I leave the huntin’ to my husband for that specific reason! Although, him and my Daddy don’t typically bring a deer home *sighs* Here’s to hoping this year is a little better. I LOVE the stamps! I saw something online about how to make them, but have never gotten around to doing so. I LOVE the sunset pics- those are gorgeous!

  5. I always love your photo’s because you some capture emotion, motion, or depth.

    Thats hard to do in two dimension.

    (I’ve never gone deer hunting. The hubby used to bird hunt. One hunt was enough. Not everyone was made for it I guess.)

  6. Cool stamps, I love that.

  7. dianak-tonite we had German Beefsteaks and broccoli 🙂

    pavel-LOL, those are pork chops silly

    rececca-no deer sigh

    pamela-thnx for the compliment! yes, I have a friend who has NEVER fired a gun or killed anything intentionally in her entire life (scary!)

    kel-yep, I liked the stamps

  8. damn all we had was frozen pizza al hubby. See my man cooks for me. HAHAHA

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