No Luck

No deer this weekend-argh! I was looking forward to getting one myself but no luck. We all hunted this weekend, hubby, son #1, and I. Hubby saw a small spike and did NOT shoot it. It was walking in the direction of son #1’s blind, he was hoping it kept on going that way.

 I guess the spike must have veered off in a different direction because son #1 never saw it (he was probly text messaging someone and not watching!). He said he saw 2 does. Probably the same 2 I saw last night.

It still is a bit chilly in Oklahoma. I do not think it ever reached 60 degrees yesterday. The winds are supposed to be picking up. I hate hunting in high winds. I doubt I’ll go out if it blows hard.

On the last day of the season, if my buck tag isint filled, I am allowed to shoot 1 doe. I hope I see this here doe on the last day, I’ll be hunting for sure.

Early this morning, the Old Guy was speeding around and bucking like a 2 yo. He has not bucked that high in ages! Usually he jumps sideways and crow hops around, not this morning. He was in an all out fit, bucking bronc style. I am happy he is feeling good!

Thanksgiving is already here. This Fall has zoomed by. The weatherman said it is going to be 75 degrees on our Turkey Day. My 1st Thanksgiving in Oklahoma, I shot the biggest deer of my hunting career. it field dressed at 140 lbs. It was about 75-80 degrees that day.  I nearly had a heatstroke dragging that big bugger and my rifle the 2 miles it took me to get out of the woods.

But, it was worth every step of the way.

It is going to be another gorgeous day today.

Wee One and I are going to walk to the Goat Ranchers down the road and visit. He needs some fresh air (me too!) fresh outside air makes me feel better. In fact, I am begininng to think I am addicted to it.

 I am only going to half-ass do my house cleaning today, because I’ll just have to repeat it all over on Wednesday for Thanksgiving. 



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15 responses to “No Luck

  1. Aniin BG,

    It is cold here!!! It’s been around 40 degrees the last two mornings. No deer where we live… they would be all driving golfcars and line dancing. LOL

    Hope you have some fun with all the fresh air today.

    Btw!! You probably already know this, but when you are loading photos into a post, if you hit upload in the toolbar for the next photo, then the photos load in sequence rather than always being on top.

  2. Ack, I have to clean house too. My parents are coming. I don’t know why I bother cleaning extra good when company is coming, it always looks like crap 2 hours after they arrive.

    Happy Monday..

  3. Hey BG..just got up and am trying to get going..really cold here..well our cold anyway..not near yours thank goodness..missed talking with you so had to check in..I’m sure I will back to normal that’s

  4. SailorMoon

    Getting things squared away and ready to leave here tomorrow- but wanted to say the bottom 2 pics are awesome! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. brian-brrr 40 is cold for you!

    jenny-you are right, my house gets trashed within minutes of the arrival of guests, why is that?!?!!

    madd-ha! normal? I know nothing of the such..

    sailormoon-have a safe journey and I hope you have a great visit with your Father

  6. Just think BG! Now you have two *normal* people here. 🙂

  7. It’s HOW WARM in OK??!!! It’s frigid down here! Not fair! 😦

    I am glad you are all enjoying the deer season. I don’t care for guns or deer meat, so there’s not much excitement in it for me.

    As usual, freat pics! I will scan thru the kast week to see what I missed! Talk with you soon! D 🙂

  8. Haaa,I love the antlers on the doe,lol
    Those Maremmas sure are gorgeous.
    I’m looking forward to my own one day to
    guard my Alpacas:)
    I think I’m addicted to outside air too!

  9. Went back and read all the posts I missed.. yes on the love question.

    Great pics of blondie…who is she??? 😛

    Congrats on not killing fishy…yet.

    And son #1 needs to play to his potential. Does he play on AAU teams?

    Still cold but I will be going home soon.

  10. diane-you need to eat some venison cooked by moi, you’ll like it 🙂

    lael-do alpacas spit like llamas?

    brian-brrrrr I hope it warms up for you 🙂 AAU? what is that? I will admit, I like watching basketball, I knowa lot about the actual game but not the specifics like I KNOW football…

  11. I’m glad it’s going to be nice Thanksgiving Day. We’re going to The Hubster’s aunt and uncle’s house, whom I like, but will also have to spend time with his dad and stepmom (stepmom, I don’t like). The warm weather will let me escape to the outdoors with the kiddos.

  12. Rebecca

    I don’t blame you on the house cleaning.

    I am going to mom’s tomorrow right after work. I’ll be away from computer for a few days I think. I’ll maybe hop on dad’s for a moment.

    The wide open spaces and fresh air are what appeal to me in the “country”. I want a few acres….not right now obviously.

    Keep praying. Thank you!!!

  13. tonya-yes, Turkey looks like a good one! I had a step-mom once, she was ‘somethin’ else!

    rebecca-have a safe trip and stay safe! Your mom and you are in my thoughts. Stop by when you can. I LOVE, LOVE the Ive said a hundred times, I would perish in the city

  14. miss my dog.
    those are cool dogs.

  15. So sorry yu did not get a deer. It is any sex starting this weekend until Jan 1 here. We are allowed 10(12?) deer per season with 3 being bucks.
    Toady is due to be a beautiful day. Should be almost 60 and tomorrow is to be almost 65! Happy Thanksgiving!

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