More Craziness

Warning : mini rant

I was cruising thru the news last night. I saw 2 stories that were plastered all over the internet that made me angry. 

The first being the story of Melinda Duckett’s Family Sues CNN and Nancy Grace Over Suicide  . Melinda, and Melinda Duckett alone pulled that trigger. No one forced Duckett to appear on NG’s show (via phone) and no one forced Melinda Duckett to pull that trigger, killing herself. It is obvious that Duckett had some serious ‘mental issues’ long before NG ever came into her life. I see no reason to blame NG for her suicide. Also, 2 yo Trenton Duckett is still missing. The latest on his disappearence is that Law Enforcement thinks there is a possibility that the little guy is still alive. I hope so, that would be the best thing ever.

I can remember last September watching the program of NG when Melinda Duckett was interviewed (via phone). Hubby was watching it with me. Of course we both took an immediate interest in the disappearence of Trenton because we are parents, and we happen to have Toddler Terror, who is nearly the same age as Trenton Duckett. A child snatched out of the comfort and safety of his/her own bed is a parent’s worse nightmare.

Hubby and I were both shocked (along with the rest of the Nation) as to how Melinda Duckett acted during that NG interview. I suspected her immediately, before knowing of her suicide.

Hubby asked me at the end of that program, “Do you think he (Trenton) will ever be found?”

I answered, “No.”

 Because at that very minute, I felt Trenton was never to be found. My gut tells me Melinda Duckett did something horrible. I am hoping I am wrong and Trenton Duckett is found safe soon.

This whole lawsuit is crazy. I hope they do not get one cent.

The second story that got me into a fit was Rosie Rips Kelly for “Homophobic” Remark. I dislike all parties and TV shows involved in this little dispute. But, I gotta say, I am so damn sick of Rosie O’Donnel playing the ‘gay card’ every stinking chance she gets. Who gives a flying sh*t about her sexual preference. The woman grosses me out.

The whole thing started when Clay Aiken covered (muffled) Ripa’s mouth with his hand when he was co-hosting her morning show with her. Ripa toldAiken, “back off, I dont know where that hand has been.” 

O’Donnel immediately jumped all over that saying Ripa made a homophobic remark insinuating about Aiken being a homosexual (he has never said anything about his sexual preference to my knowledge…, I dont think he needs to either)

I do not care for Ripa, but if someone puts their hand on my mouth, I am going to react as well, probably in a not nice manner. I have a thing about touching people, especially when others touch me. ack! Anyhow, Ripa has a BIG point, Aiken was out in the audience shaking hands with people, did not wash his hands, then placed on over Ripa’s mouth, ick! And, in the Cold and Flu season.

Rosie just needs to fade quietly away into oblivion……………

Yeah, like thats gonna happen.

 This 9pt was taken by my oldest nephew L. in MI a few days ago. L. is the eldest in the trio of my favorite nephews and he is a great hunter. Really, he is. I can remember cleaning squirrels with him when he was in grade school and he was knocking off 2 carcasses to my 1. Anyone who has ever cleaned a squirrel, knows how ‘delicate‘ it can be. This young man also used to cook deer steak for me every night when I stayed with the 3 of them to babysit when their parents went out of town or to some event.

 L. has also taken caribou, bear, moose amongst his tropheys. Did I mention that he is a very talented taxidermist as well? He also has the most adorable daughter, she has his eyes.

If he knew I was babbling all this stuff about him, he’d blush and get that shy look I can vividly remember from seeing him at lunch when he was in the 1st grade. OMG, I feel ancient now…….


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23 responses to “More Craziness

  1. Aniin BG,

    Not much to comment on today. 😉

    Doing good, the euphoria is wearing off, and now the reality is setting in. I have to keep moving forward though.

    Diane would love to hunt shells with you.
    Have a happy, and sane, Thanksgiving and give thanks for all the good things in your life.

  2. That Melinda woman had something do with the disappearance of her son…….and the guilt from that made her kill herself not Nancy Grace. I just pray that they find that little boy alive and well.

    Rosie needs to get a life…..Ripa was trying to be funny….”trying”….lmao!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hey BG..good rant today..and I tend to agree with 99.9%..well maybe’s just that I can’t stand Kelly Ripa..yuck…she is just to cutsie in a very caustic way for me, I just itch to slap her when ever I see her..umm..did I mention that I don’t care for kelly??..:) Well the NG thing .. I had put up a very sarcastic comment about that yesterday. Big family day tomorrow, are you spending it with Family away from home or doing the big cooking feast day at home?..we have to go to meet the pretty sure future family in laws..I really don’t mind meeting them, however I wish it wasn’t on such a huge family day with alllll the relatives there knowing we will be “on display” I would much rather do it in a smaller way, maybe a few at a time…lol So I am going to do the big dinner thing at our house on Sunday..have to have Turkey Dinner..need all those great leftovers..:)..I want to wish you and you lovely family a great Thanks giving ..take care BG, have a great one..m

  4. I saw the ripa/odonnel thing. You are correct about O’donnel. She has gotten very militant.

    Aiken is making no comment. Perhaps he learned his lesson about personal space.

    Oh the poor deer.. I mean the one on the tailgate.
    Can’t help it – they are so pretty.

    Squirrel ? What did you do with dead squirrel?

  5. Lu

    Hope it is a good one!

  6. Lu

    Why would anyone go on air with Ripa and expect to get a word in anywhere..I can see me saying the same thing as her and not meaning anything by it…and I do not even like her!!

  7. I ahdn’t heard that about Kelly Rippa..I’m with you. How in the hell does that remark say” I hate gay people”!!?? Rosie is looking for trouble where there is none,in my opinion.

  8. brian-Happy Turkey Day!

    RNG-I agree M.Duckett killed herself because she knew there was no hope.

    madd-Ripa needs that stupid smile slapped off her face, lol I can just imagine YOU doing it ha! I am cooking here, best friend L. and her family are coming over. I know what you mean about ‘being on display’ I feel that way STILL at my in-laws for gatherings…..sigh

    lu-Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    lael-I agree, O’Donnel isint happy unless shes on a witchunt

  9. Man, I must be completely out of the loop since I didn’t know a single thing about this ripa thing.
    (Sorry it made you mad, though.)

    Happy Thanksgiving, BG! I hope you have a great time with your beautiful family.

  10. I’m not very informed about the NG issue. What I do know is that there is no way that family should be suing, nor getting anything.

    I just saw the whole Rosie/Clay/Kelly thing this morning. Yes, it was rude for Clay to cover her mouth like that. I would not have responded quite so politely, I think, but that’s just me. But where does Rosie get off claiming that was a homophobic remark? I’ve used that phrase many times and never once meant it in a sexually-oriented way. Ridiculous!

    Congrats to your nephew on the deer! The Hubster has never been deer hunting–something about not having the right kind of gun. He and Karate Kid will be going on a trip next weekend, hunting for pheasant. I know it sounds weird (and probably wrong to a lot of people), but when “my guys” are out hunting, all’s right with my world.

  11. I’m with you on that rant. I am big on personal space and I don’t like it when my daughter puts her hand over my mouth. Hell, she picks her nose, I don’t want that thing in my mouth! Plus, I think that too many people jump on the soapbox for no other reason that to toot their own horn.

    Glad to see hunting season is going well. I hope that you and your family have a lovely and fattening Turkey Day! WOO!! gobble, gobble, wobble!

  12. Whoohoo! Nice buck!

    I agree totally about Rosie O’Donnell (NO RELATION TO ME THANK THE LORD!). She has become so extremely obnoxious about her sexuality.

    Clay Aiken has stated very clearly that he is not gay and has a girlfriend and even if he was Rosie (who does not deserve such a nice first name) was way out of line.

    I agree Ripa can be annoying but she is not obnoxious. Roxie probably wants her job.

    I agree also about the lawsuit. Ridiculous!

  13. I like Nancy for her work. I think she is honest and she has stated she will eventually return to private practice. I was not familiar with the specifics on the suicide case. I was watching “Live with Regis and Kelly” as I was getting ready for my day and saw the episode with Aiken. I did not interpret her comment about his hand as “homophobic”. She would have told Regis the same thing. But I was shocked that he acted that way. Kelly said, “That is a no-no!”. And I agreed. He acted badly and has little or no experience as a talk show host. Even a child knows better than to silence someone in such a demeaning way. I too tire of the political card people play. I could care less for their political or sexual preference. That just doesn’t interest me. Hopefully, Gelman will pick a better sub-co-host. Happy Turkey Day! I’ve updated your new address!

  14. I hate kelly and Rosie. As for clay Akin he is such a has-been . I think his 15min are so over. where does he get off putting his germ covered hands on a woman. I was raised to never touch anyone like that it’s just Rude. As for Rosie she tries to make eveything Gay just like Oprah tries to make everything a black thing or a racial thing I’ve stopped wathching those type of talk shows years ago.

    I don’t watch NG and haven’t heard anything about the missing boy or the mom killing herself. I just hope they find the boy. Even if it’s for a proper baurial.

  15. Pavel-you are so sweet and funny 🙂 Have a great Turkey Day!

    tonya-I think it is natural to hunt……peta can kiss my ass lol 🙂 your a cool chicky

    Pinky-omg, I am laughing over the nose picking thingy-ack! I know what u mean tho! when I first moved to Okla, I had a hard time because people here, they literally stand on top of you when they are talking, really, every one is all friendly. Where I come from, personal space is a 2 ft barrier all around, not in Okla, its 2 inches.

    kathleenmarie-yes, nice buck, Iam happy for him! if I am ever able to get out of my kitchen, Id like to get one just like it

    michaelmanning-if I were ever to need a lawyer, Id call NG in a heartbeat, she is one lady that Id LOVE to have in my camp. You are right, NG is honest, notmany left like her.

    dianak-yes, that move byh Aiken was RUDE obviously his mother never taught him about ‘peoples space’!! have u heard from Susan?

  16. You made some VERY vaild points here! I missed both the interview on Nancy Grace, and The View. I don’t know enough about the NG interview to really comment on it- but I’ve heard so much about the View episode. Rosie gives the gay community such a bad name. I mean, not all gay people carry around a chip on their shoulder. She’s all about the “stigma” of being gay, versus just being an individual who happens to be gay. It’s getting old fast.

    Now that I’ve ranted along with you- have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! :0)

  17. Wow…love the new site. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  18. No I have not I even tried calling her a couple times. I will try calling her parents house tomorrow. Maybe she packed up and is finally heading up here lol.

  19. I have been ranting on those two topics as well. Sadly CNN will probably settle just to keep press down on the Melinda lawsuit. I dont think the family deserves a dime. On the Ripa Rosie Clay thing, I am sick of everything being a gay and lesbian issue. I used to like Rosie like 8 years ago when she had her talk show and still seemed nice now she just comes off as bitter and as if the world owes her something.

  20. Thanks for all of the sincere good wishes on Thanksgiving! Hpoe your was great!

  21. CNN will probably settle just to shut them up. Kelly’s remark with not a homophobic remark. I do not like anybody putting their hand on my mouth. Yuck! I don’t mind Rosie except when she goes off the deep end and that was going off the deep end.

  22. Google is the best search engine

  23. pak31

    I know this is an old blog but I found it today and just wanted to say thank you. So many people side with Melinda and I think they are just anti Nancy people who want something else to blame her for. Your post says everything I feel about Melinda, she was nuts before, during AND after that interview. I watched it too and nothing NG asked was worthy of killing yourself over. She obviously WAS unstable BUT, probably because she was the one who either killed or sent her son away. She wouldn’t answer simple questions. This woman was found to throw out all of her son’s possessions while she supposedly didn’t know where he was, what innocent mom would do that. She hacked into her ex’s Myspace to make him look guilty, whY?? I don’t deny that she loved her son but she didn’t behave like a grieving mother either. As for the Rosie incident, I think her rants just show HER insecurity with the whole gay issue. Ripa could have easily said that to any guy, straight or gay, who wants someone’s hand on your mouth?? Rosie ASSumed she meant that because he was gay but that’s ridiculous. People who have to throw race/religion/or sexual orientation into a situation are the one’s with the problem(unless the person directly said it was about those things).

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