The Homeschooling Question

 We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our dinner was delicious with tons of leftovers. I am thrilled about the leftovers because the next 2 days, I am going to be hunting and/or riding. Hubby and Son #1 have done nothing except hunt and running a few errands since Wednesday morning. The next 2 days are mine, mine, mine, mine……

 This is a picture of Wee One, he was ‘assisting me in the kitchen while I was cooking our Thanksgiving day feast. He was a big help….

Here is a picture of Wee One, he wanted me to see the commercial on the TV. He said he wanted it. I dont even remember what it was now…..but he looked so cute I had to take his picture.

The Old Guy is mad, the last few days/nights Ive been feeding and haying him outside of his stall. Its been in the 70’s during the day and high 40’s to 50 degrees at night. There is no need for him to be messing up a good clean stall inside the barn. He has this run in shelter if it gets windy or rains.

Mr.Crabby Highness…



Okay, I have a question. I know a few of my blogging buddies are home-schoolers. I think that is cool, so this might shed some insight from some of my readers who are actually doing it (if they leave comments that is!).

 I happened to catch about 30 minutes of Dr.Phils program today. He had on home-schoolers,no-schoolers, and public-schoolers. Frankly,I had no idea that there was such a thing as no-schoolers. I gathered that no-schoolers allow their children to learn by just experiencing life. Unlike homeschoolers who actually follow a curriculum.

Home-schooling is not for me or my kids. The other day I peeked at son #1’s math work. I was totally confused. If he needed help, Id be useless, really. Ive taken a lot of math and advanced math classes. I also looked at some of his Mathcounts (mathclub) stuff, I was even more lost. I did not even bother to look at the Mensa  stuff he was working on! I was totally lost looking at his 7th grade work, that Mensa stuff looks like an alien language to me. 

I would never take it upon myself to educate son #1 or his brother. I am not that good of a teacher. Also, son #1 is a social butterfly, he would perish in a home-schooling enviorment. He would also miss out on all of the sports, the main reason he loves school so much.

I was shocked to hear the other day from my friend T.’s brother that T and her husband were going to home-school their 3 yo (she is the same age as Wee One). T. has a 9th grade education. That is all. I think her husband graduated, he seems quite smart but he is gone off working all the time. T. is smart as far as life lessons go, but when it comes to reading, writing, and arithmetic, she is sorely lacking. And, she knows this. I have hounded her to get her GED for years. She has since moved to the outskirts of B-ville and I rarely see her anymore. Anyhow, I would not wanting her teaching Wee One his preschool lessons…… 

The no-schooling thing I think is just plain wrong.  I am sure I do not need to explain why either.

My encounters with kids that are home-schooled have been good ones. I could see no difference in the homeschool kids and the public school kids. I do not think home-schooling is wrong. I think it depends on the family, the parents, and their enviorment. Whatever works best for them is how I see it. But, yes I know always a but……do the home-schooled kids ever feel like they are missing out in school sports, cheerleading, drama clubs, debate clubs, band, prom,science fairs, homecomings? stuff like that? All those things were important to me as a child/teenager. They are very important to son #1. If he was home-schooled he would miss out.

So, my question is:

 how do you feel about home-schooling, no-schooling, public-schooling….and why do you feel that way?




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14 responses to “The Homeschooling Question

  1. I can’t post CRAPOLA on wordpress…unless I’m at work 😦 and I haven’t been there since Tuesday 😦 I’ll try to figure this stupid thing out tomorrow when my nose isn’t dripping on the keyboard.

    One of katie’s pictures could possibly win me One Thousand Dollars, I entered it into a photo contest 🙂 WOOHOOO…I may post something over at blogspot just so people know i’m still alive and kicking….this is so agrivating!!!

  2. I was dissapointed in Dr. Phils show, I dont think it accurately portrayed homeschooling. Unschooling is what they portrayed and to me that is a whole different thing.
    I do homeschool. This is our first year, and I have noticed I am a little more anal about it than most. But that is how I am if I am going to do it then going to do it.
    I had two seperate spectrums with my kids in public school Brittney was bored and their gifted and talented was not enough. She needed challenge. Braden was being pushed through with his medical issues being used as an excuse for him not learning. Braden needed more time.
    I purchased an accredited program, I send them my kids tests, etc, they keep the grades, etc. I also use the dvd program so that they have a teacher that explains the math, etc.
    I am going to change somethings on our homeschooling next year, but I definetly will keep with it. But I firmly believe it IS NOT for everyone. Some I have met I really wish they wouldnt homeschool, because I worry about the kids. I am not perfect at this homeschooling, but it is definetly not unschooling. I do not agree with that.

  3. Lu

    I think homeschooling is not for everyone and I think these children do miss out on a lot of social activities that some need for personal growth..I do not believe all education is in books..
    I think homeschooling works for a lot of children.
    Like Brittney, mentioned in previous comment, my child was very bored with school and the gifted and talented program was not as much as it should have been and was not challenging. Still there were things he got in school that were not available at home.. I sometimes think bright students already have a label on them, different than the rest, and do not need the home school label too..Of course, this comes from one who does not believe in labels..
    I do think there are advantages and disadvantages..
    Some have beautifully adjusted children in both academics and social situations..

  4. I homeschooled for several years. My eldest daughter thrived academically. Socially she was a bit lonely. We had a large homeschool group and I often planned events, field trips, gatherings, etc… There was even a prom, soccer club, and even a band. Unfortunately it was all about an hour away but we did our best. I also had her in dance classes, piano lessons and such but eventually we put her is public school. In the summer there was sports but in that area you couldn’t be in school sports.

    There is a huge homeschool group here and fortunately the local schools let the home schooled kids play in sports, go to some school activities. I think they can be in band and choir and even go to dances and such. This is very different from where I use to live.

    My second daughter was NOT a self learner. She has some learning disabilities and homeschooling her was a nightmare but actually school for her was a nightmare period.

    It depends on the family, the kids, etc…

    In some states one of the parents has to have a college degree. I know NY use to be or still is that way. In CA from what I understand you have to follow the local curriculum or produce one worth while i.e. accredited.

    You may check the laws in your area. You friend may not legally be allowed to teach her kids. I mean at age 3 there would be no law but when the legal age to start comes into effect she may have to have at least a GED unless her hubby is going to teach the kids.

    Have a great day! Glad you liked my snow people. There are more coming soon!

  5. Oh, and the no school thing? That is nuts! That is all we need, a bunch of illiterate people running around. That is pathetic. I have never heard of such a thing.

  6. I take an art class with a homeschoolin mom. She belongs to a group of H/S moms… they get their kids together for field trips, art, etc. They are getting alot of social interaction, and even getting to be in the local school sports activities. After all, they pay taxes just like the rest of us… so why shouldn’t they get to play in band and baseball –
    Not only was I suprised (I didn’t know how integrated these parents were) I was impressed.

  7. Dang where was this no school thing when I was a kid. I hated school I made sure I passed my classes and graduated. . I remember telling my mom in like the 3rd grade that I was allergic to the sun, thinking that she wouldn’t make me go. I was such a idiot.

  8. On the state laws everystate is different, I am in Oklahoma but I really don’t like the laws…because basically there is none. I wish there were more stringent laws I think it would help some kids. Oklahoma is the only state with homeschool protected in their constitution, but from there they do no regulation, no testing, nothing. Arkansas requires yearly testing to see where the kids are, and I think that is a good idea, and most of the homeschool moms I know welcome that.

    As for socilization we are lucky with that, our best friends homeschool and the kids are same ages as mine. We started at the same time so that helps. The kids are very involved, and they can still play all community sports at the school, etc. We do girlscouts and boyscouts and while they do have specific scouting troops for homeschooling we went with troops that were not there is still one other kid homeschooled in my daughters troop but mostly private or public school children. I wanted it this way, just like I dont want them to see public school as the only option, I didnt want homeschool to be the only thing they saw either. Some activities of course are strictly involving homeschoolers because of our large homeschool group, but I like to mix it up with their sports and scouting.

    Personally I like having the more control over their lives, but I also dont take it lightly this morning I got up at 3am because it takes me about 4 hours to do 4 weeks of lesson plans for one kid and I am trying to prepare for Monday thru Christmas break.

    I also think that every parent should really weigh why they are doing it, I dont believe in just ripping the kid out because you get mad at the principal, or whatever, I have heard of that quite often and just from my limited experience that usually doesnt last long and then they go back to public school and if your heart wasnt in it sometimes the kids can be behind. I just really think it is the most important decision no matter what you decide and should be weighed very carefully.

    I also think that Dr. Phil’s show was not accurate portrayl of most homeschoolers, and the unschooling is definetly not considered homeschooling by the moms I know.

  9. I watched part of that show too, while I drifted in and out of delirious sleep. I was rather appalled at the no-school thing too. I just don’t quite get it.

    I have some friends who home-school and they’re very gifted at it and committed and I think it’s good for them and their kids. I, however, know that I couldn’t do it. I’m not patient enough and I’m a little on the lazy side when it comes to stuff like that. Public school is not perfect, but it’s working for us.

  10. bc26-woohoo I HOPE you win with your photo. I have missed you, got a bit worried too. I hope you feel better 🙂

    kelli-Ive seen how structured your lessons are for your 2 kids. I think the way you approach homeschooling and actually do it is the BEST way. I am shocked that Oklahoma has NO laws that regulate or test homeschoolers, that needs to be changed. As for Dr.Phil, his shows are almost ALWAYS one-sided!

    Lu-I see mt 12 yo who is bored at school, nothing is a challenge for him except the G and T Club where they do Mensa stuff and also his mathcounts club, but I would never home school him.

    kathleenmarie-thnx for sharing your story on this subject! Kelli is a homeschooler in Okla and she told what she knows about Okla laws in regards to this, I guess we have very little of them. Can you imagine the no-schooling thing? what is WRONG with some parents?!?!! sure not all lessons are taught in a school setting but reading/math isint found in the local park or on a camping trip.your snow peeps are adorable, btw!!

    Pamela-Good point about the taxes! I also agree, I think the children should be allowed to participate in school functions home schooled or public schooled.

    dianak-allergic to the sun? how origonal for a 3rd grader!

    heather-I hear ya on the public school thing, not perfect by any means but a helluva lot better thanI can ever try to do. Also, my son has had some very, very good teachers in his life, we are lucky.

  11. Rebecca

    Sorry not a fan of homeschooling UNLESS your school district is just simply out of the question. As a teacher, kids need that interaction time, sharing, caring and friend time. Plus they respond better to different teachers and not a “mom or dad ” approach.

  12. Yep (student teacher here)–I agree that kids need exposure to their peers, for good or ill. From what I’ve seen, teachers aren’t the problem. Most of them DO care (desperately) about the kids, believe it or not, but they’re hamstrung by the administration and the Ministry, not to mention parents who don’t think their kids should have to *work* at anything, yet still get good grades (for what? just showing up?!). I lie awake at night worrying about some of the kids I see during the day. I was talking to a fellow student teacher the other day and told her it was funny how the kids probably think we enjoy being ‘mean’ (‘mean’ as in “turn off your iPod”, “don’t yell out the windows at your buddies”, all that good stuff 🙂 ) yet the students really have no idea how much we worry about them…how sad I am that one girl hangs around dogging my associate teacher between classes because she’s not welcome at home, so she only feels safe and accepted around her favourite teachers. How sad I am that when I suggested to one boy that he give his grandma one of his school pictures, he looked down and whispered “We don’t know where my grandma is.” How sad I am that a kid got really sick the other day and neither of her parents bothered showing up to get her. Bad homes are a much bigger problem than bad schools. Look at it this way: teachers go into it WANTING to be around kids; I’m not sure every parent becomes one for the same reason. 😉

  13. Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving to you and yours! :o)

  14. I have mixed emotions about homeschooling. I know several families that homeschool, and none of their children seem to fit in (at church–the only place I see them). The older ones that I know had hard times adjusting to college and/or adulthood. Many of them went through their teenage rebellion as soon as they left home. Several of the girls ended up pregnant before getting married.

    But to be fair, I’ve seen children go through the same problems when they went to a Christian school as opposed to public school.

    I also believe that some children get more benefit from homeschooling than public school. There are situations that make it easier on those children to be taught at home than somewhere else. I say “go for it” to them.

    Ok…that was lots of rambling, and I’m not sure I actually made a point. I think I’ll stop here.

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