My last post’s question about homeschooling had many good comments! I want to thank each of you that left a comment, I re-read them a few times and came away with a whole lot more knowledge than I had previously about home-schooling. It is not for me or my kids, but I am wiser to many facts I did not know. Thanks! 

No big bucks here dammit. All 3 of us have been hunting hard. To top it off, Friday afternoon, driving into our blinds, we saw ‘Big Daddy‘. The 8-10 point that is elusive and only allows us hunters barely a glimpse of himself, then a flash of white flag as he sprints off. I am not hunting this morning, no keeper for Wee one, sigh. Plus, it is very windy. I dislike hunting in the wind. In fact, I hate wind period…..I dont mind a light breeze, but I hate wind.


I was over at PostSecret earlier. I found this site:

It is a site to send care packages and cards or letters to our Military overseas. I am not sure if it is too late to send holiday gifts/cards or not. I am sending out a few X-Mas cards with phone cards in them that the soldiers are allowed to use. You do not have to send the soldiers any gifts. The most requested items are letters. The letters need to be sent as exactly as the address you are given, put into a regular envelope, sent with a regular stamp. A lot of site focuses on sending packages because of the rules and regulations that must be followed, but letters are the MOST requested.

 I just wanted to share this site because with the Holidays upon us, a lot of soldiers are missing their families and vice versa. I owe them a huge Thank You. 

Is anyone else totally creeped out by The Burger King? He gives me the creeps, Wee One isint too fond of him either.

Have you seen the new TV commercials featuring an XBOX game for $3.99 with the purchase of a BK value meal? It shows the King doing a stupid stunt like something off of The Movie Jackass. Not only is the BK creepy, he is an idiot too.

Who is doing their advertising anyhow? Pedophilewannabe-R-Us?

I can think of 10 better ways to market and advertise BK. They need to lose the Kreepy King!

The Old Guy knew he was in trouble and tried to hide out.


He was back into the cockleburs-grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. This time, he got them from the ditch where he stands gazing at his little friend, the dun pony.

He even had the nerve to expect a treat (which of course he got).


Meow.  This little kitty is earning his/her keep!



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17 responses to “Meow

  1. I can’t stand those burger king commercials, the ones that really weirded me out was when the guy woke up and the king was in bed with him. I was like yeah these commercials make me want to run right to burger king. Not entertaining to me.

  2. yes.. Burger Kind has lost his whopper.

    I hate the one where the guy wakes up to BKing sitting in bed with him.

    Does the cat eat the mice? My daughters cats just bring them home and present them to here with much adieu, and then set them down and head for the bowl of friskies.

  3. The worst BK ad (holy badvertising, Batman) is the one where there’s a guy and girl riding on a double bike. They go through a tunnel or overpass, and when they come out, the girl is gone and has been replaced by the King, offering the guy a burger. Is she tied up in the tunnel with duct tape over her mouth? Did she turn into the King? Is she in the burger?!

    Re: letters for troops–I came across this yesterday as I was gathering material for my freebies post:

    Free admission to various theme parks for active members of the military, and up to three of their direct descendants.

  4. Lu

    Have you seen these?
    I think the ‘my secret’ has crashed since this came out in paper 11/24..may be worth a look..for fans of postsecret..

    *snip.Tulsa World..

    * is another Web site that, much like VeryLiberating, allows the user to submit secrets anonymously.

    “(The reaction to MySecret) has been completely overwhelming. We’ve had close to 1,500 posts so far. (A recent check shows more than 4,300 posts.) We plan to leave the site up even after the message series concludes, simply because so many people have responded,” said a representative of, the creators of this project.

    At, secret posters can choose to post their confessions in categories such as “addictions,” “hurt,” “lying” and “abuse.”

    The whole idea behind this project is that a confession will give the writers a clean slate and allow them to take back control from the secret.

    Not only are secret-revealing Web sites becoming more common, an increasing number of people seem to be seeking therapy. *

  5. my opinion on hunting as much as I enjoy it, it’s just to damn cold. Plus I believe that every year the deer and elk get together and hand out decoy’s (i.e hollow rocks, bushes and big trees) and no matter how much you look you will never see them but have walked by them like a thousand times

    That BK king guy freaks me out especially the one were he is peeking in the window gave my kids nightmares for weeks

    Such a good cat. Can I have her just for a weekend the second wave of mice are working their way in

  6. kelli-ewwww I must have missed that one, ack!

    pamela-heheh, lost its whopper fer sure. I am not sure what the cat did w/ the mouse, I think it ate it

    doe-eww do they have those BK commerials where you are too? thats a cool site, thnx!

    Lu-THNX! I appreciate the sites

    dianak-the first morning I hunted it was chilly but these last few days are nice!

  7. I quit going to Burger Kind the very day I saw the “king” and will not watch their commercials. It does look like the sterotypical paedo…do we really need to encourage that ?
    Thanks for posting the soldier links,too. Phone cards and ltters are truly best. One of my packages just arrived at it’s destination after 2 years…told bro-in-law..uh..don’t eat the fudge or the cookies now ! A unit pkge..with baby wipes, chap stick, lotion etc always welcome too.

  8. Thanks so much for posting that link, BG! I myself just finished mailing my very own Prince Charming’s holiday package overseas. You have no idea how much our guys and gals love getting letters and packages. Really boosts morale, for sure.

    Thanks for stopping by my place, too. First installment is up, so enjoy! ;o)

  9. Rebecca

    I LOVE**** the kitty pic. You need to make it official and when you get food for Elvis pick up a big bag of Meow Mix and start feeding him/her. You said she was eating dog food, so spoil her a wee bit….after all she is catching your rodents…..

    My kids at school are writing and sending Christmas Cards to Army folks. One of our teachers has it all set up ….I live 5 minutes from Ft. Benning (the largest base in the U.S. )

    I actually had a Burger King cheeseburger for lunch.


  10. Hey BG how the hell are you?? It seems like too long since I visited..hope you had a great Turkey day..sorry the hunting is not going well and I am with you..I dislike wind of any kind as well. As for the BK guy, ride on..the very first time I saw him he gave me the creeps and he still does. Yeah they must get him a ‘Pedophiles R Us’! Poor old guy..oops I meant poor you having to deal with those nasty burrs..oh well what you wont do for love..and yeah to the new addition, as I see the Cat has decidded to hang around..he/she looks quite good and healthy..well you take soon..m

  11. You know, I’m glad you posted that site- I need to write to more of our soliders- to let them know I do appreicate them, and that we haven’t forgotten them.

    The Burger King, King, yep, he’s creepy as hell.

    I love the cat- she’s sure proud of her prize :0)

  12. Hey I’m back did you miss me lol??

  13. Aniin BG,

    It’s foggy and in the low 60’s today. Had the windows open yesterday for some fresh air.

    I’ll stop back later, still feeling out of sorts today.

  14. I am totally weirded out by the Burger King scary man. My kids are freaked out by him too. The Quaker Oat man is running a close second, though. At least he hasn’t shown up in anyone’s bed–that I know of, anyway.

    I was never a cat person until the neighbors brought a cat with them when they moved in. They have since moved but left the cat. We haven’t had one mouse since the cat moved into the neighborhood. I’ve even gone so far as to adopt one that lived under our shed. She now holds court in our garage at night and any time she wants to get out of the elements. I am spoiling that cat rotten just so she’ll keep away the rodents.

  15. “doe-eww do they have those BK commerials where you are too? thats a cool site, thnx!”

    I’m in eastern Ontario, Canada, but we get most of the US stations so…yeah. 😉 Wish we treated our troops half as well as you treat yours…

  16. Burger king is creepy.
    Cat is wonderful!
    I want a leg!
    I know several homeschoolers. Try this link. Kas is a homeschooler.

  17. Google is the best search engine

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