An Interesting Weekend ‘Round Here!

Warning: graphic photos below, not for the anti-hunters or anyone who wants to complain about hunting

Scooter was impressed, he isint too fond of deer that trespass onto his pasture.

Late morning Sunday, son #1 finally got a buck, his first one.

Elvis had to try to be big and bad.

Wee One and I had just returned from town. We barely got any pictures snapped while they were hanging the deer before it got skinned and cleaned.

 The deer is tagged, it fell off in the back of the truck, no one bothered to re-attach it to the antlers.


Early Saturday evening, hubby got all of the X-mas decorations out. He put up the front porchlights. I was not in the festive mood. I am beginning to really, really, detest the holiday season.

Since all the boxes were out and in my way. I unpacked the inside decorations but I refuse, absolutely refuse to put up the tree. Right now it is hogging up all the room left in my walk-in closet.


Son #1 ‘s little girlfriend had a birthday party Saturday night. It lasted until 11:30 pm. Isint that kinda late for 13 yo’s to be out? I thought so. Hubby and Son #1 disagree. As usual, no one listens to me. Well, they’ll be listening to their growling stomachs tonite, I am not cooking dinner!


Last night, I sat down on the couch (very unusual for me!) to watch Brokeback Mountain on HBO. Soon the rest of my family migrated from watching sports in son #1’s room into the living room with me.

 Just before the ‘tent’ scene, hubby wisens up and says “Is this that queer movie about cowboys? Broke Dick Mountain?”

 Then son #1 pipes up, “Ewww, lets turn the channel to ESPN, gay guys are sick.”

Me, “y’all better shut up, if we were watching a couple of lesbians going at it, you would not be complaining.”

Son #1, “True but only if they were hot lesbians!” Then he jumps up to go watch ESPN in his room.

Hubby eventually got up and went to play with Wee One and Wee One’s train.

I peacefully watched 1/2 of the movie until it was time for Wee One to go to bed. Then I had to put him to sleep.

My house is full of homophobics, wouldnt Rosie have a field day here? Ha!!




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18 responses to “An Interesting Weekend ‘Round Here!

  1. I’ve tried venison once and didn’t care for the wild flavor.

    I would have starved to death had I been an original settler.

  2. Aniin BG,

    Holidays suck, I do agree with you. My others disagree so I think someone else will be decorating with Diane this year.

    Never seen the movie, but I don’t see the big deal. And I think that’s much too late for 13 year olds to be staying out for a party.

    Hope you have a good week anyway.

  3. BG..well you had a busy day..:) first off..can’t say I am a fan of venision..tried really hard to like it, been told that I just haven’t had it prpared right..congrats to Son#1..great job and Elvis is looking pretty macho and saying this meets with his for Christmas..well going to be a bit..oh hell, real slim, no job yet, so we had a family discussion that we would decorate this week as we all love the decorations so much, and all that is really important is we are all together, and relatively Ivy Rose (grand daughter) will be with us for about two far as Son#1 and the party..I’m staying out of way to deal with them though you know that not making dinner will hit em where they live…besides they probably deserve it after the lesbians crack..:) Oh yeah you don’t want to get her, RO, started on any of that..LOL I was only able to watch that movie once so far..I found it to be such a very sad study of so many lives effected by not being true to yourself and others, however the time this was set in wouldn’t really have made it easy at all…just sad, on that note I will say that the places this film was shot in, and the scenery was simply breathtaking…got a question..once the deer has been skinned and dressed..what do you do next to prepare it for freezing? Do you season any, or do you basically prepare it as one would a side of beef and then wrap and freeze it?? Take care..we have to stop meeting like I am taking up too much comment space..see ya ..m

  4. pamela-you’d like it if I cooked it 🙂

    brian-yep, 11:30 is too late! have a good minday

    madd-after its cleaned, skinned, quartered, its brought inside to be cut into individual pieces, roasts, steaks, some to be ground into hamburger meat (sometimes I mix a bit w/ hamburger, it gives it a bit of faot or grease). its a pain in the ass job too.

  5. YUM! I love deer meat! I have several friends that hunt and are more than willing to share. Good sized buck, too!

    Holidays, well I let out a rather hefty sigh when I typed that, so I guess I feel the same. They’re draining and most people forget the reason for them in the first place.

    11:30 is entirely too late! Especially for a girl’s birthday party! Where was her dad?

    Never saw the movie, but I don’t see what the big, damn deal was. Everyone forgets that throughout history, kings have kept boys as sexual partners. This has been going on for a long time and I think people just need to get the hell over it! But, that’s just my early morning opinion. 🙂

  6. My husband and I are both scrooges but I decided I would try and make an effort this Christmas. When I asked him to get the tree out of the attic he balked. I hung a wreath on the front door this morning, that’s the extent of my holiday decorating so far.

    I don’t think anybody has any business telling anybody who they can and cannot love with the HUGE exception of pedophilia. My Dad and I got into an argument about this subject on Saturday. I shut up before it got too heated, I didn’t want him to get so mad that he’d hop in the car and head home.

    11:30 is pretty late for that age group unless there is adult supervision.

  7. Upon rereading my comment I think I must clarify, the argument was about homosexuality not pedophilia.

  8. Good job for son#1. The only way I usually like deer is in chilli.
    I heard BrokeBackMountain was actually pretty good, I think my husband would evict me from the house if I brought the movie in though.

  9. Well, congrats on the deer kil. All I can say is don’t save any for me!

    11:30 for 13 yo’s??? Too late. How long has #1 been loking this girlie? Have you met her? Is she a cutie? Details, girl! LOL

    Never saw the movie, but have heard lots – form both sides – on it. I agree with Madd, a very sad state that time was – hell, it still IS!!

    Sounds like you got an overload of testosterone again! Sheesh! Isn’t there a cure for that? LOL

    Elvis is such a hound! LOL Scooter is always so handsome. Missed you this weekend, maybe some time this week? Let’s talk. D 🙂

  10. pinky-I guess both the girls parents were present for the entire party.

    jenny-I hear ya! people who are homosexual do not bother me. I see them the same as I see everyone else. I feel like ‘whatever makes you happy and is best for YOU’.

    kelli-the movie was actually GOOD! I am suprised my hubby watched what little he did, altho he made disgusted noises and remarks thru it-grrrr Also, he KNEW he was on thin ice with me all weekend, so he DARE not expect me to turn the channel

    FF-the little girl is a cutie. She and son #1 have been friends since 1st grade. She is also a cheerleader, they have ran with the same group of kids since Indian Camp school, they are pretty tight but I didnt think they were THAT close until hubby told me she was his new GF-ack!

  11. Congrats to son #1!!! Deer jerky, mmmmMMMmmm.

    I’ve had the blues ever since Friday night. I’m hoping its hormones and it will clear up as soon as Aunt Flo leaves in the next day or two. I’ve been lying around doing not much of anything, with no energy to even attempt to accomplish something. Until today, anyway. Duty calls in the form of 6 little kiddos who have this funny idea that their parents pay me to take care of them. I have no idea where they got that…:)

    We put the tree up yesterday, although I would have gladly put it off for another day or two. The rest of the decorations are in boxes in my bedroom, waiting for me to get up enough energy to find a place to put them. In the words of Scarlett O’Hara, “I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

  12. Congrats to #1 son on the buck.

    as for the party till 11:30. Atleast it ended being that it was a boy girl party. My husband’s ex-wife had a party for their daughter when she turned 13 and it was a boy-girl slumber party. I couldn’e believe that parents actually let their kids stay the night.

    I’ve tried to get my hubby to watch that movie with me but he refuses so I guess I just have to watch it on my own

  13. while it did make me kinda gasp, I have no issue with hunting when the game is used and not just disgarded. I eat meat… so it would be totally hypocritical of me to have issues with hunting… at least thats my thought for now!

    cheers! Kate

  14. I don’t think 11:30 is too late on a Saturday, PROVIDED there were parents present and rides home arranged.

    Why do men own the TV? You’re lucky; in my house, the channel would have been changed whether I liked it or not. *scowly face*

  15. Hey that’s a nice looking buck I wish that I could get one that nice I’m still working on getting a deer this year ,but I think that I’ about to run out of time.?

    My boyfriend call’s that movie
    Rap but mounten
    I have never seen it .

  16. I love venison. Prefer it to beef as it is much leaner, very tender and I don’t think it has that gamey of a taste at all. I also season it though, but I would beef as well. Hubby has four now so we are set for the winter. We butchered two and two the biggest two in to be butchered.

    Broke Back – I am not homophobic but it just would not suit me at all but then again I don’t care much for R rated movies period. I mean, leave something to the imagination!

    Decorating the tree today and watching Christmas movies while watching my granddaughter who is not feeling too well…things are going rather slowly.

    I hope they found the two little guys you mentioned in that first post. How horrible sad!

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