Missing, 2 yo and 4yo Brothers

**UPDATE 11/28/06**

  FBI rules out family abduction of Red Lake boys

I am unhappy with this news article. It does not say where the investigation is going next….


I have been following this case from the beginning. I was hoping the boys would have been found by now but that is not the case. I am saddened that as of today, the ground search has been called completely off. I think this is premature on Law Enforcements part especially if they have NO proof that these 2 young children were abducted. If they are still alive and wandering in the Minnesota wilderness, they need to be found now, I doubt they could survive much longer is they had made it this far.

Lets not forget the little 2 yo who wandered off this past summer in Texas, lost for 3 days, and found laying next to a pond by an off duty policeman and helicopter pilot who refused to quit searching. The toddler was was found and okay except for dehyration, cuts, bug bites.

On Wednesday, 11/23/06, the day before Thanksgiving, brothers 4-year-old Tristan White and 2-year-old Avery Stately disappeared from their yard at the Red Lake Chippewa Indian Reservation. Their mother discovered them missing within 20 minutes and called authorities.

 The ground search has since been called off by Law Enforcement. There is a $20,000 reward posted. FBI is currently looking into a stranger abduction.

Tracking dogs only found the boys scents close to their home. Inside job? The parents are always my first suspects, as they are law Enforcements too…………for obvious reasons. Do I suspect these parents? I am not sure. I have not seen, read, or heard enough from them yet.

I have watched the interview of the young mother. She has 5 children 8,4,2, and twin 1 year olds. Her interview did not sit well with me. Her mannerisms and the tone of her voice seemed off to me.  But, I do not know her. Native American people do not show emotions like other people, that needs to be taken into account. Her statement : “I am prepared for the worse, good, bad………..whatever.” keeps haunting the back of my mind. However, I cannot make any judgements because I do not know this woman.

Is the young mother guilty of negligence? Maybe so. Even as isolated as the boys home seemed, they could easily wander off, get into trouble without having to worry about a stranger abduction. My home is rural and somewhat isolated, I feel relatively safe but I would never allow Wee One (3yo) to roam about our yard unsupervised. He is too fast and sneaky. All it takes is seconds and he is gone from sight.  

At one crime message board the thought of a stranger abduction on the Reservation seems out of the question. I think whoever agrees with that statement is an idiot. At any time you can drive thru the Reservations/Indian Lands/projects in N.MI or Oklahoma and see children playing about. If Tristan and Avery wandered close to the roadway, they could easily be put into a vehicle. Many residents of the Red Lake Reservation would be out hunting and fishing, probably preparing for the next days planned feast. The Reservation might not be busy with a lot of people about. I am NOT saying that it was a WHITE person that could be a possible abductor in this case either………

Also, something that has not been brought into light regarding the disappearence of these 2 very young children, is that Red Lake is a community made up of 2 lakes: Upper Red Lake and Lower Red Lake. Lake ownership is a HUGE dispute in this area of MN. 

The Ojibwe(Chippewa) have always claimed ownership of both lakes, all fishing rights, and all waters leading directly to the lakes. This makes for a HUGE dispute among the Native Americans and the Whites. From what I am told by my Ojibwe connection in Red Lake, almost all of the whites keep their fishing to Upper Red Lake. Lower Red is completely surrounded by Federal Indian lands, giving it exclusive access to the Native Americans.

This Red Lake Community where these 2 brothers disappeared is located on The Lower Red Lake. The people there are not especially open to outsiders. Meaning, whites and non-residents usually keep clear of The Lower Red Lake and The Red Lake Community. This has made me feel, if the boys were abducted, it is VERY possible the abductor is someone from Red Lake.

My gut feeling is these 2 young boys have drowned, probably fallen thru some thin ice in the marshlands, a moving river, or even the Lake. But, I am still confused as to why the dogs couldnt track them. Also, we must not forget, and this is a long shot, but Joseph Edward Duncan III  kidnapped and murdered children all across the USA, MN was one of his roaming states. Who is to say that our society has only produced ONE JED? As much as I would like to believe he is a one of a kind evil piece of shit, he is most likely not.

My heart aches with the thought of these boys still missing. I cannot imagine the sheer fear and terror ripping thru their loved one’s hearts.



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12 responses to “Missing, 2 yo and 4yo Brothers

  1. I have shivers, looking at those two precious children.

  2. BG..I have also been following this story and was surprised to hear that they had already called of the search…I just can’t imagine it..those two little darlins..breaks my heart..thanks for the more indepth info ..it answered many of the questions running around in my head..I am keeping them in my thoughts and hope what we are fearing ..isn’t what happened..take care..m

  3. I haven’t heard this. I have a 4 and 2 year old son I don’t know what I would do if they both dissappered. everytime a kid comes up missing I think about that susan smith lady.

  4. I feel SO bad for those sweet boys wherever they are:(

  5. Rebecca

    Families and concerned citizens like yourself can get the message out there and get others informed. Unfortunately, I agree with you that something tragic has probably happened to them by now.

    Oh and FYI…i’m drinking a BK milkshake as I type this…I wanted something sweet..and didn’t want anything I had at the house!

  6. I can’t imagine anything more horrible than not knowing where your children are, and I don’t even have any. 😦 I hope they find them safe and sound.

  7. double pain for innocent parents who get accused (like the Ramseys)

    Those people who abuse their own children make me sick. and the pedophiles –
    sometimes it’s more than one can handle emotionally.

    My heart cries

  8. hope-sad

    madd-Im angry that LE called off the ground search, especially if there is NO concrete proof the 2 boys were abducted

    dianak-susan smith has a special place waiting in hell for her

    lael-me too 😦

    rebecca-its a sad deal all the way around. ewww do you like the BKKing? creepy!

    doe-I panick if my 12yo is 2 minutes late, because he is usually right on time.

    pamela-yes, it sucks that parents are the 1st ones looked at but unfortunately, they are usually the abusers or murderers. I hope these 2 sre found soon.

  9. Aniin BG,

    Thanks for the update. (((hugs)))

  10. This type of story just makes me sick. I hope it has a happy, miracle ending, but my gut feeling is that it will probably be tragic. I’m sorry for the parents and siblings…

  11. I missed this story. How awful. I would have to be put on major tranquilizers. I don’t know how parents cope with this unless of course they are guilty.

  12. Google is the best search engine

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