Random Thoughts from My Confused, Foggy, Disoriented Mind

The last few days, the weather has had a barely noticable humming undercurrent to it. It is heavy, moist, unstable air with the promise of something big about to happen. The winds have been gusting 40mph out of the South bringing the occassional thunderstorm with it. I took this picture yesterday as a big t-storm was brewing to the North of my place.

Oklahomans or people familiar with Oklahoma, know this feeling quite well. The weather is going to do a ‘180 on us and it aint gonna be pretty. So, I was not suprised this morning when I was woke up by the loud cracking of thunder, howling high winds, and bright lightening at 5:30 AM. I got out of bed and found hubby already dressed for work, going around the electronics and unplugging them. He of little faith in surge protectors.

Hubby handed me some extra cash, as I handed him a ham, egg, cheese, sliced tomatoe sandwich as he walked out the door for his long drive up to the Oil Lease in Kansas. I asked him what the extra dough was for, he said, “Theres a big winter storm, ice and snow headed our way. Its supposed to hit tomorrow night and Thursday. I thought you might want to stock up on stuff like groceries or whatever.”

So, in true Oklahoma fashion (even tho I was a day early-normally people wait until the day before the storm hits so every store is jammed packed), I went to the stores this morning and we are ready in case we get hammered. The last severe ice storm in Jan. of 2002 left us without electric for 4 days. It really sucked! We even had a wood stove. Our new house does not, it is all electric. We have a nice fireplace, but I do not want a big mess. So, unless we are all turning blue with hypothermia setting in, it will NOT have a fire blazing in it.

While Wee One and I were in town stocking up on stuff like bananas, cheese slices, juice, flaminhotcheetos, popcorn, apples and carmel apple dip, skinless chicken breasts, peeled baby carrots, we had the opportunity to be in almost 2 car accidents. Yep, thats right, two. First off an Elderly man at the post office, starts backing his white Chevy Corsica out of his spot as I am driving past, does not even bother to look behind him or around him. He nearly missed me by mere inches, then he ran a young girl up onto the sidewalk!

Close call #2 happened when Wee One and I were leaving town, driving 45 in the 45 mph zone. A little old white-haired lady up head at the stop sigh pulls out directly into my lane going 10 mph, I move over to the left lane. She was coming from the Old People’s Projects (a bunch of semi-assisted but independant living houses for old people). As I crossed driving over the bridge, an ambulance comes speeding towards me sirens and lights blazing. I pull over on the one-lane, no shoulder, bridge to allow them to get by. I see in my rearview mirror, little old lady in the beige Ford Taurus isint slowing down. I am near panicking thinking she is going to rear-end me into the huge Ford 4X4 pulled over directly in front of me. Nope, she puts on her blinker, oblivious to the speeding ambulance with lights and sirens blazing. She gracefully but slowly, passes around me, nearly causing the ambulance to wreck. Little old white haired lady never even hit her brakes. OMG, I was so glad to get onto my back road towards home.

I snapped this picture of Scooter eating his hay inside his run-in shed at sunrise this morning. It looked like it might t-storm some more so I threw his hay in there, his stall needed cleaning, which I accomplished when Wee One was napping. I initially grabbed my camera because there was a coyote crossing my pasture, he was gone when I got out to the porch.

 I think I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome from all of the hand grinding I did with the deer meat. My fingertips are still numb with an occassional shooting pain thru my wrist and elbow. Can you point me in the direction to file a work comp claim? yeah right!

I am puzzled. I had a new and big tub of margarine in my fridge. It has disappeared. Gone, poof, into thin air. Ive looked in the extra little fridge, the cabinets, Wee One’s room-no luck. It was there yesterday. How can it just disappear? grrrr

Drama-I hate it, there was drama involving 2 of Son #1’s friends last night. I was called at 9:30 pm by a psycho-crazed misinformed mother. She wanted to talk to son #1 and get the story from him. Son #1 was not a part of the ‘ordeal‘. Luckily, he was no where near his other 2 friends when this happened, he was on the bus sitting next to his coach and another player discussing a play. Whew! on my part is all I can say.

 Before this psycho-crazed misinformed mother got her facts straight, she was trying to accuse one of the friend’s and her step-son of sending her 22 yo daughter a text message from Son #1’s phone.

Well, that is IMPOSSIBLE because many, many moons ago, I had the text message feature removed from Son#1’s phone. He sent $10 worth of texts to his friends the beginning of October, he lost the privilage. We have 1500 minutes on our plan, we use maybe 500 a month because most of our calls are mobile to mobile within our network.

Anyhow, you can imagine how thrilled I was about that whole situation. Son #1 also told me, before I arrived at the game, psycho-crazed misinformed mother looked at his phone and his contact list. She did this with 2 other boy’s phones. I did not know this until the drive home. I was also not happy that I did not learn about any of this until I had left the basketball game. This psycho-crazed mother was only about 50ft from me, Iwould have dealt with her then and there immediately. I have taught Son #1 to respect adults. She asked to see his phone and he handed it over, he had nothing to hide.

My son is far from perfect, he gets into trouble, just as much as the next kid. I also tend to be a bit hard on him. But, I want him to be strong and be able to handle the things that life throws his way. When you fall, ya get back up immediately. No ifs ands or buts about it.

This lady has caused drama before hundred of times. She has always steered clear of me because I will admit I can be a real bitch when need be. It is no secret and it rarely happens.

 I have a no tolerance policy for people like her, especially a no tolerance rule for people who mess with my kid. I showed the psycho-crazed misinformed mother lastnight just how much of her BS I will put up with. I doubt she’ll be calling me again or looking at other minors cell phones without their parents knowledge. I hated to discuss the whole thing over the phone, I prefer to do stuff like that in person, but getting out of my PJ’s and driving up into town 15 minutes away was out of the question.

And, it is sad because this mother who thinks her step-son is innocent was just as to blame as the other boy. This certain family thinks they are above others. The step-son is well…..probably now, was a good friend of Son #1. He is generally a good kid aside from the fact that he is a bit babied. Boys are different than girls, it is a known fact they have their little pacts of no snitching, no tellling, all for one and one for all. I fear this poor boy will have a rough 7th grade year. And…I’ll miss his perky chattering and funny sense of humor because he wont be coming to over visit anymore. I think its a good idea if we just stayed away from that family, unless the psycho-crazed misinformed mother changes her tune, her step-son wont be hanging out at the Res. I feel like such a witch being that way, but I just do not need this type of sh*t. I like my life and my families lives simple and without chaotic drama….

 Sigh…………….please no more drama.



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12 responses to “Random Thoughts from My Confused, Foggy, Disoriented Mind

  1. Aniin BG,

    What a post!! Ok, first things first. ((((hugs))))

    You are a great mother, very protective w/o being clingy. I think that other mother was way out of line with #1 most perfect son. I feel your anxiety over everything lately, things will settle down soon. Maybe by the time he gets to college.

    Of course the real neat thing is, that #2 most honorable son has all these things to still go through.

    Does Elvis like margarine? Or did hubby take it. Film at 11 on HBNN!!!

    Big ice storms are no fun, I’ve earned my weather slut spurs, thank you very much. Good luck sweetie. We never stock up cause Diane inherited her parent’s pack rat genes. Too much is never enough….how did those 20 cans of beans get back there.

    I live in a retirement community, so driving is always an adventure.

    I have a great short story for tomorrow and a great poem on Thursday and the following Tuesday. I haven’t written any RM for weeks. No panic though, just dealing.

    Love ya’

  2. I hear ya about the weather. It will warm up here by thurs, to a balmy 8 below C. lol Only a Canadian would be thankful for 8 below.
    I too steer clear of the drama other people want to visit on me. We all have drama queen wannabes in our lives. Hopefully the tongue lashing will be enough to keep her off your butt.

  3. Well I was cleaning my kitchen at 2:30 in the morning and was going to take out the trash when I opened my door and it was snowing. we only got like a 1/4 of a inch but snow this early means we are in for a long cold white winter. I would take the thunderstorms over this crap any day.

    I can’t believe that woman would do that. she is probably one of those moms whos son when he gets older will deny that he is a druggie but probably is the main supplier of the school.

  4. oooh are you sure you don’t live on my street?
    The drama sounds the same:(
    I’m like you though,I just don’t put up with any of that crap but it’s HARD when people don’t learn their lessons and keep pressing my buttons;p
    Good for you for standing up for your boy!

    Ha,I don’t think old people should drive,my parents in law included. They are scary people behind the wheel of their cars.

  5. Rebecca

    Girl you have had a rought two days. Glad you were not hit while out shopping….Some people are just hell raisers and haven’t been taught any better.

    The tub vanishing from the fridge…hmmmm…Was Elvis hungry and strong??? Maybe he was thinking kitty would like something sweet? Or hubby stole it to ‘Butter you up” ??? Could be fun….

    Growing up in the south all of my life i can’t imagine an ice storm. I mean I have only seen snow 5 or 6 times and a couple of those were on a vacation to NYC…..

  6. brian-funny! I thought about you when theseold people were nearly killing me and wondered how do you cope?!?!!

    hope-y’all get the snow too. weird, sometimes I miss the huge amounts of snow horribly, but then I quickly come to my senses and remember the trouble of having to hear the snowplow drive by the house before I could leave for work when I lived in N.MI-crazy!

    dianak-Ha! your right about this lady, but her stepson is actually a great kid. He is fun to have around and I hate it that she is such a pain in the ass…

    lael-lol about your in-laws. Mine drive so slow, it is scary. really scary of course that could be better than speeding around since niether can see that well anymore

    rebecca-lol, hubby buttering me up with margarine wont work, I prefer whip cream! Where I grew up, we had snow 7-8 months out of the year. YUCK! double yuck!

  7. Drama- oh hell, girl, I’d have told that woman to chill out! Goodness gracious! Anyway, I hope ya’ll don’t get a bad storm. I’m afraid we’re gonna end up with one soon, too, because it’s been so beautiful here lately.

  8. when something disappears I look in a cupboard… or visa versa

    yes. I’ve found the cheerios in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard

    (I think I’ve had my psycho mother moments….. but I fear I was the psycho. Raisin’ kids can send you over the edge sometimes)

  9. ps.
    you were the only one that caught my gist with the cat on my blog this morning.
    I was being so totally sarcastic about Kelly & Rosie

  10. christy-I did tell her to chill and I also told that mother I have no need for her drama, take it elsewhere.

    pamela-lol, milk in the cupboard! Ive done that before, but Ithink it was BEFORE I had kids. I understand some people are ‘high strung’ but this mother is nothing but a trouble maker.

  11. We’ll be getting the weather from up your way too. I’m a little worried about downed power lines since we’re all electric too and we haven’t bought wood for the fireplace because I don’t want the mess either. Husband says we’ll just go stay out in the propane heated camper if the power goes out haha.

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