Blizzard Warning-Ack!

 We are now under a blizzard warning.

The wind chills are right this minute -3 below. It is pelting ice and snow, I wish it’d just change over to snow. The winds are gusting 35-40mph.

 It is just plain nasty.

My 12 yo is driving me nuts. He is bored. My 3 yo is driving me nuts. He wants outside.

It took me 1 hour to get Wee One alseep for a nap. It only took his brother a short 30 minutes to wake him up. I was not happy-Wee One needs at least an hour nap.

Now I have an irritable toddler and an irritating 12 yo to contend with-grrrrr.

Son #1 has to be doing something all the time, very much like his father. That is ice pellets, not snow on the ground.

Wee One wants to be like his big bro, so he got out his ‘dirt-bike’ and gear. He was not happy when I stopped him from going out the front door tho.

My water tank heater has bit the dust. It was a new one too! We went thru the same damn thing last year. I even bought a different brand of heater. I am not happy about this new development. I think it got surged and fried during the thunder and lightening last night.

It is back to Atwoods when the roads clear.

One good thing about having a bored 12yo, I put him to work outside…heheheh

This is my last post for today. Our electricity keeps flickering, not a good sign. I am just going to shut down my PC and hope like hell the electric never goes completely out……



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27 responses to “Blizzard Warning-Ack!

  1. Aniin BG,

    Good luck my friend. I am praying to the weather gods that you come through the storm ok.

    This goes out to all of you in the area. Please be safe and help those in need.

  2. That’s why we have kids isn’t it, to put them to work? haha
    Poor WeeOne, he’s already got cabin fever.
    Take care!

  3. Hey BG..yuck…oh boy looks like you are in for it..just saw the news..nasty. Hope your power doesn’t go out then you will be having some fun..:) Take care and be careful..I’ll stop by tomorrow..if no new post..well hopefully it wont mean that your power is out and it’s just that you are busy..:)..take care, stay warm..m

  4. Sleet, sleet and more sleet here. It finally turned to small flakes of snow about 3:00 this afternoon. I was so hoping that I wouldn’t have any kids to watch today. Wrong. I had three of the today and then just got a call from one of the other mothers that told me they would be here tomorrow even if she doesn’t go to work because “four days at home is just too much for them.” I’m thinking it’s too much for her, not them!

    Our power blinked a couple of times this morning but stayed on. We’re in town, though, so I’m not sure if that helps things or not. Hopefully yours will stay on so you guys can stay warm!

  5. Oh yikes,stay safe!
    I love Wee One’s cheesy grin. What a cutie!

  6. We woke up with no electric, but it is back on now. It is yucky here but I keep hearing news that it is even worse in the part of the state you are in. Of course that is right where we will be driving tommorow..what fun that promises to be.

  7. tomorrow I hope to have pictures up of the snow here in kansas. It’s COLD!!!! My poor daddy had to go to wal-mart buy me milk, bread, medicine, and maxi-pads (HAHAHA) because I’ve been so sick i can’t leave this god forbidden apartment!!!! GRRRR……

  8. Hey Pretty Lady! I’ve been thinking about you all day with the nasty weather kicking in. I hope you guys fare well. The yuck that’s coming at your house will be at mine by the weekend. We’re in for ice storms. Tis the season!!

    Hang in there and for goodness sake, let us know when you guys are okay!!

  9. Rebecca

    Can I say enjoy the snow???
    I hope your power stabilizes and your manage to keep warm. Imagine, I have my AC on. It so HUMID here today. Can I say YUCK!!!!
    Son #2 looks too cute on his bike.

  10. oh man! My hot water did too. It cost 312 dollars to fix it. (Merry Christmas!)
    A new one would have been about twice that. (gas)
    Then after they turned the gas back on MY DRYER WON’T WORK. So I have two loads of wet clothes and no dryer.

    Oh I’m ranting.

    Stay warm – stay safe.

  11. We had our bad weather yesterday and the electric went out for about 8 hours last night. It was so peaceful. I wouldn’t mind if it went down everynight as long as I am done on the computer. In the morning all the horses and donkeys had snow on their backs. They didn’t seem to mind. Now it is clear and cold. No wind, so who can complain?

    I love your blog, keep up the good work.


  12. Lu

    Stay warm and safe BG!! This is terrible, so far 7 inches and may not stop until early Friday morning! I am tired of snow days and Oklahoma being shut down entirely..I want it to quit!
    Bartlesville has no electric…sad…
    #2 does look cute on his bike!

  13. dang I hope it doesn’t get that nasty up here. Poor weeone I hate having Cabin Fever

    Susie that is awesome you dad with go to the store and buy you maxipads.
    my parents have been married for 34 years and my dad still won’t buy her any.

  14. We made it thru the storm! Electric was only out 30 minutes but my phone line (landline) was out and still is kinda touch and go. Since I have dial-up where i live in the middle of nowhere…..Ill be around to visit my friends eventually.

  15. Thank goodness you made it thru! Oh, I hope it ends soon for you. Got your email, thanks! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Be warm and safe! hugs – D

  16. Holy Cow! A blizzard?!!!

    Be careful out there and stay warm!

    Wee one looks so adorable with his orange head, ready to go…

  17. Is your area like my parents area, they are only fifteen minutes from us in the state of indiana but when the wind blows their lights flicker lol. Ours don’t go out much, knock on wood. We are getting snow today, supposed to be here around noon YIPPEE!!!!! Wait why am I so happy, its cold out

  18. The sun is shining this morning.
    It’s funny how excited everybody down here gets when it snows a little bit. They pre-empted all the television shows yesterday for non-stop coverage on every local channel! This wasn’t a storm at all compared to what happens north of here.

    All the posts have disappeared on my blog, I have no idea why.

  19. Aniin BG,

    Glad to hear you came through the storm ok. Have a good weekend and I hope things get back to normal soon.


  20. Be careful and let us know you are ok when you can. It has started cooling off here……it was almost 70 degrees earlier this week, last night we had a bad thunderstorm and we are under a wind advisory……I didn’t even know they had those…lol.

    Sending hugs and hoping that you don’t run out of things for the kiddos to do……bored kids are not fun. 🙂

  21. Ozymandias

    Brr- too cold.

  22. BG..whew this was a good ole nasty one..glad all is ok and the elecricity wasn’t out longer than that..stay warm and take care…m

  23. SailorMoon

    Hope you survived your blizzard!! We had snow and sleet and that was it. They do get all excited over a dab of snow don’t they. 🙂

  24. Hey I feel for you I know how it can be when you have kid’s that are bord because they can’t go outside my 8 nices ,and nefues are the same way today.

  25. Oy… That is why I’m not missing Oklahoma right now…

    Good like, BG!! Bundle up! :o)

  26. Be careful! It sounds like it’s “really” nasty out there. Stay indoors and drink plenty of liquids or something. Wait, isn’t that used when you’re sick…Oh well….be careful!

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