No School!


The schools are closed. My son is happy. He has not had a snow day in 2 years or more. Actually, I’d call it more of an ice-day. Everything is coated in ice. My front porch (faces North) is down right hazardous. But, hubby sanded it for me before I went outside to feed Scooter….in the ungodly freezing and biting near zero windchill temperature. I was thankful for my winter gear, even tho I looked like a big dork, I was a toasty dork……..

Speaking of which, I was greeted by a loud demanding whinny and a frozen water tank. Ack! Double Ack!

The water was not frozen solid but was frozen a good 4-5 inches. I filled it up the day before just incase something happened to my tank heater.

Did I ever mention that Ive fatally wounded more than 1 water tank breaking ice with my ax? Well, this morning, I took extra precaution and the current water tank is still intact.

Our electricity flashed off a couple of times during the night. It must have tripped the electric safety device thingy on the heater making it shut off.

This morning our electric is dimming. I hope it does not go out. It has started the sleeting again as I type. I will be so PO’ed if our electric goes out. Our winter storm warning goes until 3am Friday.

The weatherpeople keep saying my area is going to get 6-10 inches. The amount varies with each channel. It is on its way, 1-2 hours. We’ll see.   

I have only once in my 17 years of living in Oklahoma have seen severe winter storm conditions. Conditions that could be called a true ‘blizzard or snow-storm’. I am thankful for that!

I was hoping to have some snowy pictures to post but I dont, when  and if I get some, Ill post them today.

“Where, in this wide world, Can man find nobility without pride, Friendship without envy, Or beauty without vanity? Here, where grace is laced with muscle, And strength by gentleness confined. He serves without servility. He has fought without enmity. There is nothing so powerful, Nothing less violent. There is nothing so quick, Nothing more patient. England’s past has been borne on his back, All our history is his industry. We are his heirs, He our inheritance. The Horse.”
               ~Ronald Duncan   



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12 responses to “No School!

  1. Aniin BG,

    Please be safe, you and all your family, (that includes Scooter and Elvis). I am not rubbing it in or anything, but it is finally getting warmer. 79 yesterday after about 24 hours off rain with some breaks.

    Today is going to be over 80 with very humid. Right now it is 78 degrees and 88 percent humidity. I LOVE IT!!!

    Diane is still feeling like crap. 😦

  2. Aniin Brian-BRAT!!!!!! the sleet is pelting down so hard, I hate it 😦 rub it in, BRAT! feel sorry for my hubby, hes p near KS right now…..feel even sorrier for the rig hands of the rig he hired! is sorrier a word? I think it is. We are watching the DVD The Fox and The Hound for the 3rd time since waking this morning-yipeeeeeeeee

  3. I said I wasn’t rubbing it in! I am feeling your pain. Truly I am, have I every lied to you? 😛

    I love the Fox and The Hound!!!


    Nice poem today when you have time.

  4. Ack! Double Ack! It’s still moving in here, the roads are freezing now and it’s sleeting and they say it’ll get worse…I saw OKC on the news this morning, it looked bad. I remember one blizzard while we were in OK…around 92 or 93 I think…at Christmas time. We had planned a trip back to KS and unbelievably we went in spite of the weather. It was damned scary…we even drove around a couple of closed road signs because we didn’t want to sleep in one of those stranded motorist places. The trip usually took 9 hours but that time it took about 15. Looking back now I see how stupid we were but the pristine snow on the prarie at night was just gorgeous and the empty road peaceful. Stay warm, m’dear! Hope your electricity stays on.

  5. Ack! I hate ice days! Chilled to the bone, I feel for you! Poor Scooter! How does he keep warm? Is the barn closed at one end? I am stupid when it comes to farm buildings. Does he wear a blanket when it’s cold out?

    Hope the weather comes and goes away fast. Hope you don’t have to watch the Fox & the Hound a fourth time! LOL Good luck! D

  6. Lu

    We have snow here, it is now 10:50..we had no ice this morning, thank goodness!
    Funny, check Yahoo mentions we are having ‘unknown precipitation’… 🙂
    Things are always a little different in this village..gotta luv it..

  7. brian-rub it in BRAT.

    jenny-ack! I hear ya, this sleet has been coming down all morning. It can change to snow anytime soon. I am NW of Tulsa and the roads are treachorous. Stay warm and dry. Our power is now flickering badly-grr.

    I bet that was XMAS of ’92 because I was stranded at O’Hare during that ice storm. It sucked. Crazy traveling in this crap…but I do have to admit, its beautiful to look at 🙂

  8. I…am… not a brat. 😛

  9. Don’t believe the bunny. He is the worlds biggest BRAT… but you love him anyway. 😉

    I’ve made him blush. 😉

    Sassy Dewy


    P.S. When we come out and visit, can you show me how to ride a cowboy?

  10. I love the horse pics today. Dang we have not had snow yet well okay a dusting but that doesn’t really count because it didn’t stick lol no school cancelations here lol.

  11. dang that sounds bad. I took Payton to school today and when I walked out my nose hair froze instintly (sp) It so cold that it can’t snow is what the radio said. I just checked the temp and it says 25. I notice my neighbor out side with a flamethrower trying to thaw his waterspout for his goats. so you are not alone today.

  12. Well, we had a two-hour delay. Darn it. I was hoping for a snow day just about as much as my 9- and 10-year-olds were.

    Growing up in a rural area on Lake Erie just northeast of Cleveland, Ohio, I missed a whole month of highschool during the blizzard of ’78. That had to be one of the best months I can remember, ever.

    Pax. Kimberly

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