Stalked, And Nearly Attacked!


Yesterday babysitter B stayed with the boys. I went with hubby up North to KS so he could remove a lot of the snow on the drilling rig location. He also needed to plow the road to get into the location and the road to little rented office trailor parked 1 mile off location back near the creek.

We were only 2 of the few fools to brave the icy, slick roads. We did not have any trouble, but we saw plenty of others who did.

Hubby and I stopped for a delicious chinese lunch. They served the best iced sweet tea and they also had the tastiest shrimp toast Ive had in ages. I also ran into a few stores/gift shops and picked up a few X-Mas ornaments and decorations. My grinchiness seems to be wearing off a bit (for now).

We arrived at the ranch where hubby has been drilling about 2:30 pm. It is a gorgeous spread. They have some nice Herefords. I forgot my camera and was cranky about that.

Hubby parked his truck at the portable office, turned on the heat inside for me, then started plowing. I nosied around inside for a few minutes waiting for a walking path to be cleared for me. The snow was deep. The deepest Ive seen it ever here in my 17 years. I had on my muddick boots which go up to my knees, the snow covered them. I was worried we might get stuck driving in, even with 4wheel drive, some of the drifts were as high as the truck.

Normally, there is no cell phone service of any kind up there unless you are standing on the highest hill (which was out of the question yesterday!). Hubby had an extra antennae installed but it only fit his ‘special’ razor phone. I was happy to discover if I hunched over the antennae, my phone had 1 bar of signal. Unfortunately, my phone was quickly going dead from not being charged. Anyhow, I was able to call and visit with best friend L. for a good 30 minutes of uninterrupted conversation….until my battery died. 

Hubby made me tire tracks in the snow to walk in up until I could reach the cattle trail . I told him I wanted to go for a walk. There are no hunters on the ranch but just incase, I donned some bright orange.

The sun was out, it turned out to be a nice day, the wind had quit, and it was warmer than expected at 33 degrees. I was dressed for the weather. I could barely hear hubby on the tractor off in the distance as I trudged thru the snow. Before long I could not hear him at all.

I walked along the packed and winding cattle trail towards the creek. It reminded me alot of walking on snowmobile trails in N.MI. It was hard packed snow but a bit bumpy. 

Did I mention I was cranky about not having my camera?   

I wanted to get a close look at one of the Hereford Bulls I saw when we drove up to the ranch but I realised that was too far of a walk. I settled with walking to the creek. It was moving and rising with the snow/ice that fell. I crossed it where the cattle did, it was shallow and I was able to stay on top of the rocks. It was slick. I walked up the creek bank and came upon the herd of steers who made my trail I was following. There were about 75 head or so, standing around the feeders waiting for the cowboy to come by with their evening feed. This was a healthy looking bunch. I startled them at first, then a few of the curious ones came close for a better look. After seeing I was not a predator nor providing any food, they quickly lost interest in me. I turned around then and made my way back to the office trailor. The rented office trailor was one of those kinds that the mafia likes to use on their construction sites. I kept teasing hubby about being a Soprano…

As I got closer to the office trailor, I needed to pee, badly. I drank 2 glasses of iced tea and a bottle of water earlier. The rented port-a-potty was over next to the rig, so hubby cleared me a spot in between 2 trees in case I needed to pee. I came to the trailor and was making my way around to the back when I noticed a skunk watching me from a plowed spot about 20 feet away. I stopped, back stepped. Mr. skunk started walking toward me. I back stepped faster. Mr. skunk stepped up his pace to a run towards me.

Am I the only person who skunks chase? This is not the first time Ive been chased by a skunk.

I must have that look about me, saying I would enjoy a good case of rabies or something….

I ran up the steps and into the safety of the trailor. Soon, the aroma of mr. skunk graced my nostrils. I was mad. I thought about killing mr.skunk with hubby’s .22 inside his truck but the rancher might not like someone shooting off a firearm on his land.

I watched out the window for mr. skunk. Eventually he trotted off down towards the cattle trail. I made sure he was off over the hill before I ventured out to pee.

The office trailor sets up on cinder blocks and there is no shelter for mr. skunk. I do not think he was looking for a home. I am inclined to think he smelled the BBQ grill and wanted to investigate it. There is no trash or food but the grill is used daily, so I would think it smells of food.

At dark, we headed home on slick and icy roads. There was no traffic. One of the highways we traveled had not been plowed once. I guess those people who live on that road must not pay their taxes, if it were my highway I lived on, I’d be pissed. We made it home slowly and safe.

Hubby and the boys put up the X-Mas tree. I would have been happy waiting a few days but I was not about to spoil their fun. They did an excellent job. Our tree doesnt look like Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree this year!

Babysitter Brenda is coming back over today. I will take my camera with me this time.

They werent joking about the ‘blizzard’ warning. Nope, it was definately a blizzard that came blowing in, immediately after the ice storm. I took this picture late Thursday afternoon when the sleet finally turned to snow. Scooter was standing out in it like a fool for about 30 minutes.

In all of my 17 years in Oklahoma, Ive never witnessed a blizzard like the one that just passed. It was a true blizzard, just like the ones from back home. Impressive!


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19 responses to “Stalked, And Nearly Attacked!

  1. Kel

    It took us 7 hours to get from our house to Enid yesterday (usually right at 4 hours) after that the roads were great and only took us another 2 hours to our destination.

  2. I hate being cold but that picture of Scooter out in the snow makes me want a big snow. I like how you caught the snow flakes with the camera.

  3. BG..the pictures here make me miss the really big snow we would get when I lived up in the white mnts of NH..but only for a It is beautiful though, I really like the one of Scooter..and I have to tell ya..I enjoy whenever you take us on a trip with you, but the part about the skunk had me laughing out loud…very funny. Now I am off to drive my family batty with doing the christmas decorations..hey they want um, they just don’t want to do them…so too bad they need to help and bonus for me..I get to have fun driving them crazy with so if I am not heard from in too many days please send help as they have probably tied me up with lights and or garland an put me on the roof as an ornament…lol..take care have a good one yourself…m

  4. Aniin BG,

    You and skunks!! What’s up with that? Boring day at work, but only 4 more hours. Sounds like you had a good day with hubby yesterday, must have felt nice.


  5. Wow our snow must have been blown away by the high winds that toppled the education center in town that was just framed up. No snow on the ground, kids are ticked. I’m ticked. all that wind and cold and nothign to show for it but overturned decorations

  6. Rebecca

    The shrimp toast sounded YUMMY! Kinda cool ya’ll were able to get out for a few hours~
    So when do we get pics of the Christmas tree these fine young men decorated????

    The snow looks BEAUTIFUL, I knwo leave it to a Southerner to want such a blizzard, right? You could just send a few feet over my way for a day or two. I think that might suffice.

    Thanks again for mom prayers and love.
    Enjoy SATURDAY…I am so happy to not have a room full of ENERGIZED kids for a day I could SCREAM….

  7. I was laughing out loud at being chased by a skunk! My hubby asked what was so funny and I just had to tell him!!

    I’ve only seen snow a few times in my life, but it’s so pretty! I can’t believe Scooter just stood out there in it. I would like snow, but not like that! I’m glad you guys made it through safely!!

  8. kel-it was a weird snow storm!

    jenny-When it snowstorms here I get a little happy feeling because it reminds me of ‘home’……..until I step outside and freeze my ass off

    madd-your a sweetheart 🙂 how’d the decorating go?

    brian-I have been chased by a skunk four times in my life. Scary because once one almost caught me.

    rebecca-the snow is beautiful, it really is. Maybe tree pictures tomorrow 🙂 Weve circled our wagons around your mom, were a strong group, shes a brave woman.

    pinky-my hubby of course got a good laugh too, when he got back from plowing he said “whew, wheres that skunk?” Pinky, I no doubt youd love this snow!

  9. Well, just ask Bubba about being chased by a skunk and getting “caught” in the “mist”… Many bloggers commented on my post and the best “skunk eliminator” concoction is:
    hydrogen peroxide
    baking soda
    liquid dishwashing detergent
    JUST in case the third time’s the charm for Mr. Skunk.

  10. Sounds crazy. I wish we would get some snow. The weather man was calling for some here. But we didn’t get anything.

  11. tobeperfectlyclear

    wow!!! That’s a lot of snow. Glad you’re okay over there…

    Never been chased by a skunk, I didn’t know they chased people! PEEEUUUUU….

  12. well both of my dogs ran down to the river and came back with stickers in their fur and stinking to high heaven of skunk.

    I hope it doesn’t snow like that up here, it’s such a pain to get around and the idiots up here don’t know how to drive in it.

  13. You know, I LOVE shrimp toast! Chinese is my favorite! Ya’ll are much braver than I ever thought about being. There isn’t enough money to pay me to get out on the roads when it’s like that! I thought about you when I saw the snow over the mid/south west.

  14. Whoa! That is some blizzard.

    I’ve been charged by a very pissed-off skunk. I understand!

    Pax. Kimberly

  15. “Zee stripe! It is gone! She is not a skunk at all!”
    (pepe le pew)

  16. Hey just stopping by to say hello ,and by the way that pic is very beatufull I love snow even though I hardly ever get to see it out here where I’m at I still love it though.

  17. Great pics….love the one with the falling snow……could be a Christmas Card.

    Sounds like an eventful time……I’ve never even seen a skunk in person…..I’d freak out if one chased me…

    Glad y’all are ok…..we haven’t had any snow yet but the temps have started dropping… was 15 degrees this a.m……too cold for me.

  18. SailorMoon

    Oh my!! You have luck about like mine, my 5yo and I were chased by a giant turtle, but a skunk??? And kids and I all underwent the rabies vaccines about 3 years ago, I’d have been hauling butt up those stairs too! All when you had to pee!! Glad y’all got back and forth safely. My 5yo saw the white & pink on the radar, asked if it were snow, I said yes, and he delightfully yells, then let’s go there!! :0 Little ones. So simple.

  19. A skunk! I’ve never seen one up close. I would have freaked being a city girl and all.

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