Crankiness, I Have A Severe Case..

I am really, really cranky today. It all started because I woke up at 6:45 am instead of 6 am like I had planned. I was late getting to Bartlesville to run some errands and pick up a few things. I could not find anything I was looking for. Wee One was a HUGE brat, it was my fault I took him. I should have just packed off his little not-minding-bratty ass to daycare for the day but I did not. It is cold and I am sooooo sick of the snow. There were people everywhere in B-ville, even in this damn snow. Then to top it all off, when I went to pick up my ink cartridges from my printer that were being filled, it cost me $10 more than normal, something about Dell-grrrrrrrr.

Saturday morning we had ‘ice fog’. I took this picture about 7:15 am of Scooter. In a couple of spots, the tips of his fur were white with ice, so were his eyelashes. 

Our Christmas tree looks a lot better this year. The lighted star at the top of the tree did not show up too well in the picture.

When I have to assemble it, it looks like Charlie Brown’s sad, little, Christmas tree. 

It is not the best quality artificial tree, but my family is attached to it. I have no idea why. So instead of buying a new, prettier one…each year we put up this one.

Nearly every single one of our ornaments has a story behind it. I have many homemade one’s from Son #1. Since I did not have any homemade ones from Wee One, we made one yesterday. Wee One thought that was cool. He hung it on the tree where he can look at it.

My favorite ornaments the pine cones, a ceramic horse that was fashioned after Scooter, and the 2 ornaments I had custom made with each one of the boys names engraved.

I am still not feeling the least bit festive……

I am ready for the thaw…..maybe by Tuesday or Wednesday it’ll be 40 degrees, yippeeeee

This is going to be a busy week.

I’ll be around to catch up on my reading when I get a chance or when I am not feeling so gawddamned irritable.



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12 responses to “Crankiness, I Have A Severe Case..

  1. Snap out of it, woman!

    I thought of you yesterday on the way to Grandson’s football game. There was a field FULL of horses, it looked like at least 100 of them, maybe more. It was gorgeous, I wish I’d had time to stop and take pictures for you. It must cost a fortune to feed that many and they all looked healthy to my novice eye.

    It’s not far from here, when the weather gets warmer I’ll trek up there with the camera.

  2. Aniin BG,

    I love the tree and the ornaments because they mean something to you. That’s what can make this time of year special.

    Ice fog?? No thank you. You’ll be happy to know that the temp tonight are supposed to be in the 30’s.

    Also, our keyboard at home stopped working and we can’t get to the Apple store until Friday to exchange it, so we can’t answer e-mails until the weekend. 😦

    Dewy and Diane had a great time decorating over the weekend, she took lots of pics and posted some today and some on Weds.

    (((hugs)) my friend.

  3. I love the tree. my hubby doesn’t like all the different colors so ours is maroon and gold. I grew up with all different colors and homemade ornaments also so it drives me nuts, but I have managed to sneak in acouple of my own.

    also keep the cold weather down there for me, Thanks 🙂

  4. A-W-W, BarnGoddess. Sorry you’re in a bad mood today…This will make you feel better. I tagged you.
    Check it out at my place. Great pictures. We won’t have a tree this year…we’ll be in Bartlesville.

  5. Aww I’m sorry:(
    Those are some gorgeous photos.

  6. The tree look’s great ,and so dose the pic’s don’t worry everyone has thouse days’ I woke up sick as a dog today ,but maybe tomorow will be feeling better take care now.

  7. jenny-yes ma’am! Im trying to be nicer 🙂 wow, that is a lot of horses! and yes, it would cost a small fortune feeding and caring for that many horses. Ive been lucky enough to see it done by 2 big horse operations and they have it down to a fine art. But it is big bucks. Id love to see pictures of the ones near you!

    brian-that really sucks about the keyboard!

    dianak-I grew up with a hundred million different kind of ornaments on the family tree too. I never did get it when people had the all white trees or all blue trees…I thought they looked ugly

    swampwitch-I saw I was tagged…..I am NOT weird by the way… 🙂 B-ville at XMAS give me a holler when you there, we can meet at Garfields or Chilis for a margarita and some visiting.

    Lael-thnx for the compliment on my pics, if I was not such a sissy, Id have got out, off the front porch and taken even more better ones…

    hope-Ihope you feel better!

  8. Rebecca

    Sorry you are feeling ‘Bitchy”…but hey at least I am rubbing off…that is usually how I am ACTING /and or FEELING lately.

    I have Dell too and it sucks I have to order cartridges on line and can’t run into a store and just grab one like I can for my HP at work.

    I LOVE THE PIC YOU HAVE ON THE BOTTOM WITH A BIT OF COLOR ON IT…you should seriously consider frelance photography work. You have a talent!

    Ok, I am JUST getting home, we had a chorus concert tonight and I hopped on line before I fed kitties, showered or went thru my mail. I need to go shower and veg for an hour or two then crash…

  9. Hope tomorrow brings a better mood for you! Cranky is good sometimes…. keeps them on their toes!

  10. Hey. I’m sorry about your horrible day! You never know with little ones. Sometimes they’re just wonderful, but something, and usually when you least need it, they’re bratting pains in the rear.

    I not only like your Christmas tree, I like the traditions involved in using the same one. That’s pretty cool, I think!

    I bet the weather isn’t helping your outlook any. Hopefully it will get a bit better soon.

    Take care,


  11. the picture with the eleventy jillion shades of pink and orange is magnificent.

    I think we should do a word origin search on “cranky”
    From the word detective:

    “Cranky” appears to be rooted in the word “crank,” which appeared in its literal form, meaning a shaft bent at a right angle, around 1000. By the 16th century, “crank” was being used figuratively to mean a “twisted” or humorous comment or quip, and later any sort of unusual notion. By the early 19th century, “crank” had arrived at its modern meaning of “an eccentric or irrational person, especially one with an unusual obsession,” the sense being that the person’s personality had been “bent” like a mechanical crank in some fashion, thereby explaining their quirks and fixations. Thus, to be “cranky” is to act, even for just a while, like an unreasonable “crank.” Interestingly, when “cranky” first appeared in the late 18th century, it meant “weak or sickly” (perhaps by analogy to a machine with bent or crooked parts) only later, in the 19th century, acquiring its modern meaning.


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