Thursday’s Random Thoughts

It is sunny but freezing cold today. In the 20’s. Yesterday it was 50 degrees…..

We still have some snow on the ground. With  yesterdays warmer temps, the area around the barns was a muddy, wet, slushy, hazardous mess. Now it is back to being a frozen again.

Mr. Fishy seems quite happy. He rushes the sides of his bowl when it is time for him to eat. He is kinda demanding for a tiny fish…

Wee One and his brother both sleep like hubby, with their arms behind their head. In this picture Wee One also has his legs crossed. He did not even wake up when I put his jammys on him the other night. He looks so sweet and innocent………but do not let the look fool ya.

I am very busy this week…it sucks.


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14 responses to “Thursday’s Random Thoughts

  1. OH there’s nothing sweeter than a sleeping child.

    I love that picture.

  2. Aniin BG,

    (((hugs))) You are so blessed with your children. 🙂

    Work has been busy this week as well, so glad for the three day weekend. Lots of shopping to do.

  3. Mr. Fishy is so pretty!!!

    Babies and Children look like little angels when they are sleeping, don’t they? I love that picture of him!

  4. BG..oh my that picture of wee one made my heart swell with thoughts of watching my own sons sleep..nothing like it in the are so blessed..take care..m

  5. REbecca

    I’m sorry you are so busy. Are you shopping? Or taking care of your HUGE family? After all you have Son 1, Wee One, Elvis, Scooter, Mr. Fishy….am I leaving anyone out?

    I so hope this will allow me to post again today.
    It is my Asst. Principals B day today, so I took one of my Language Arts classes to sing to him thismorning. He blushed. = )

  6. What a cutie pie!! Love the Eskimo Joes shirt too LOL :o) Have a great Thursday!

  7. I love that wee one sleeps like his dad, my little one sleeps like my hubby also but it freaks me out because they both sleep with their eyes open a little bit, It’s not cute!

  8. jenny-he looks so innocent, I love it!

    brian-you better be shopping for a keyboard

    rebecca-I have to XMAS shop, wrap presents, go to XMAS programs, clean the stalls in the barn, and go to my in-laws. that is just the beginning of my list-ack!


    dianak-ewwwww, thats kinda weird. Best friend L. little bro used to sleep w/ his eyes open, we’d go watch him sleep when we were kids, then wake him up.

  9. madd-I can forgive him for all his mischief when he looks like that!

  10. Wow!
    Dunno about random thoughts.
    More like beautiful & peaceful images
    of magical light and the magic of life!

  11. I love that the three of them sleep the same,that’s too cute.
    The first picture is stunning. It’s looks almost heavenly with that glow:)

  12. oh it’s a beta!!! For some reason I just figured you had a gold fish. A gal at work had a huge bamboo plant in a big glass jug with a beta in it. I always felt sorry for the little guy.

    Wee one looks like he’s communicating with angels.

    The golden picture with the horse should be framed and entered into a photo contest

  13. Wee One look’s like a little angel sleeping like that its’ a great pic .

  14. sniff sniff you forgot about me 😦 lol

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