8 Favorite Memories MeMe

Normally I do not struggle when tagged with a MeMe. I am finding this one difficult tho.

I have many happy memories, picking out only 8 of them is hard. Which 8 do I choose?

Oh well, here goes:

1. The first time I won a blue ribbon in 4-H at the local horse show when I was young. I was so proud, even tho I was sporting a lobster red sunburn that hurt like hell.

2. As a small girl, during Mass, I used to hold my mother’s hand inside my own two. I would study her hands and her rings to pass the time. I can still remember how her hands felt. I can still vividly see her wedding rings and her manicured nails.

3. Graduating High School. I was so happy to be done with high school. My senior year of high school and the summer after graduation are packed full of many great memories.

4. The day I realised I loved my hubby. I was throwing one of my spoiled brat fits getting ready to ride off into the sunset. Hubby took it like a man, then told me he loved me even tho I was a big mess of trouble, he’d be at his folks when I calmed down and realised what an ass I was being. I told him since I was such trouble maybe he had better just move on. He climbed into his truck to go home and I realised, I did not want him to ever leave. Weird how that came on all of a sudden on that very day.

5. The summer of 2000, one gorgeous N.MI day, my sister J. and I were cruising all over the Upper Penninsula of MI in her convertible with the top down. We stopped and swam on the sugar sand shores of Lake Huron, walked a pier or two, shopped a store or two. We stopped and bought matching hats to wear because our blonde hair was a fright from the convertible cruising. We could have easily passed for twins. She and I have always looked exactly like each other. We had such a blast that day. We met her husband at the Social Club near their camp (their other house and land in the UP) and he got a kick out of our hats and attire. I forgot what he said about us but it was funny.

6. Last March, my sisters, brother, and I threw our Father a suprise 75th birthday party with all of our relatives and his friends. It was a huge success. I enjoyed seeing my Father so suprised and happy. I also enjoyed spending time with my sibs and seeing extended family I havent visited with in decades. That weekend, I also was able to spend time with my youngest nephew T., he and I have always been close, ever since he was a Toddler Terror.

7. Of course, I have to mention, that when my 2 sons were born, those were 2 memories I will cherish forever. It was worth every second of pain and discomfort to carry and deliver them. I still get a warm and fuzzy feeling each time I think about hubby’s face when he saw each of his sons for the first time at the hospital. He had such a big bright grin, he looked so goofy and proud.

8. The last weekend in February of 2000, best friend L. and I went to the Equifest in Wichita KS. That year(we’d been 2 times before but always stayed at the Comfort Inn) we stayed at a luxurious Hotel that cost $250 a night (but I had a coupon!) Our suite was lovely. We had room service every morning. We dined our last night in Wichita at the Hotels resturant. We took a cab everywhere we went so if we wanted a cocktail, we could enjoy one or two without worrying about driving. We met John Lyons at the Equifest that year. We also had the opportunity to ride Icelandic Ponies. It was the best Equifest I ever went to!

I am tagging anyone who wants to be tagged.



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16 responses to “8 Favorite Memories MeMe

  1. REbecca

    These are wonderful memories. I especially liked the holding of hands with mom. The closeness and security a mom can bring never leaves you or your heart.

    Second, the mushy romantic that I am, the hubby story was “stormy” meets her match. = )
    I mean some guys would not have had as much patience….to realize what a wonderful lady had captured their heart. Sounds to me like ya’ll make a good team.

    I hope you are feeling a bit more relieved about ‘all the stuff” you’ve been doing. I personally and SOOOOOOOOO grateful it is FRIDAY! I need to wrap some gifts and relax.

  2. I enjoyed visiting your memories as much as you did. Especially when you knew you were in love. It touched me

  3. kt

    love the memory stories! love your hubby line too…i can so relate. i like to get my way too 🙂

  4. Quasar9

    Awesome Tail!

  5. Lu

    Merry Christmas!!!
    BTW..I loved the memories…how very nice!

  6. Hey great list of 8 I love the Up myself I have been there tiwce in the last 4years or so ,and I love going conewing on that lake its’ very fun. Great list

  7. I think I’d struggle with this one too, but I enjoyed reading yours.

  8. You made me recall a memory of my own. My daughter, when she was wee ,used to rub the webbing of skin between my thumb and finger between her two fingers when she held my hand.
    I miss that.

  9. This would be a very difficult post for me. You did a wonderful job with it. I am especially touched by #1. I can still see my mother’s hands and I lost her over 20 years ago. And then, of course #7 is another for me, except my two are girls. The others are nice stories and I enjoyed reading them.

  10. rebecca-TGIF!!! I have accomplished a lot 🙂

    pamela-it kind of shocked me

    kt-I love getting my way, too bad it doesnt happen as much as it used to

    quasar9-why, Thank you!

    lu-Happy Holidays

    hope-canoeing doesnt get any better than the UP

    jenny-it was hard to choose only 8

    hope-that should be a top 8 memory

    swampwitch-thnx 🙂

  11. BG..Wonderful memories..I would have had a hard time with this one as well..so many to choose from. I liked the ones you choose..I chuckled at the one of you realizing you loved your husband..I can just picture it..and I share the one of the birth of your boys.., so amazing. I hope your headache is gone..and you feel better…take care..m

  12. Oooo… I like this meme – I may need to steal it.

    I love #2. What a nice warm fuzzy memory!

  13. Aniin BG,

    Gave me the warm fuzzies, this did. 🙂

  14. Loved the 8 list. I just might do it tomorrow I’m up for a challange. By the way I use to do that with my gandma’s hands and I can also still feel them.

  15. p.s. I love the fact that you used a coupon!!

  16. What wonderful memories– definitely to be cherished, I think I might have to “borrie” this one :0)

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