Mission Accomplished…almost

Yesterday, hubby and I Christmas shopped for the boys. We had wanted to go during the week, but it never worked into our schedules. So we hit the stores early Saturday morning. Despite the slower than molasses in January checkouts, the crowds of people, and bratty kids….we had a good time.

I did get a near over powering craving for a cigarette between Sears and Hibbets Sports. After 3 and 1/2 years of quitting smoking, one would think the cravings should go away……..nope, at least not for me.

We were able to get everything on our Christmas present list we were looking for with the exception of 2 items.

I am still looking for a John Deere Mighty Trike Tricycle .  I did not want to order one online but it looks like I am going to by tomorrow night if hubby doesnt locate one in Tulsa.

The only other present I need is a PSP Sony game for son#1. I am not sure which game he is wanting. I already bought him Madden 07, he was wanting NCAA (I think) but there are soooo many kinds of sports games, I want to be sure I get the right one. I have to find a way for him to tell me without giving it away that he is getting a loaded PSP for Christmas. 

When we shopped at Wal-Mart, I bet I saw at least 15 people I knew. And, each and every one of them wanted to stop and visit-ack!  Finally, hubby and 2 of his buddies ended up standing around and visiting in the car parts aisle. I finished our shopping.

Son #1 spent last night at his best friend’s house. After Wee One went to sleep, hubby and I got busy wrapping everything we could. It feels great knowing that chore is done.



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19 responses to “Mission Accomplished…almost

  1. I haven’t wrapped one present yet…oh, I haven’t bought one present yet. 15 days and counting…

  2. well you are way ahead of me I have not’ bought one thing yet ,but I have mead two of the gift’s that I’m giving this year though.

  3. Aniin BG,

    It’s good to be finished. 🙂 Diane has to buy a few things yet, but other than that we are done.

  4. Interesting about he cigarrette haunting you.
    Did you overcome the desire?

    I have never smoked so I can only imagine how difficult it would be to quit.

    (I cant even give up sweets …..)

  5. I’m about 3/4 finished with my shopping. I know what I need to get, I just need to go get them. I haven’t wrapped a thing yet…but I did get my tree decorated today, that’s an accomplishment. Hubby helps you wrap?! Mine would look at me like I was out of my mind if I suggested such a thing.

  6. Hey there 🙂 THe Nintendo Wii is like 249 without taxes, it comes with a game that has bowling, tennis, golf, and baseball on it. I don’t have one, I want one though !!! Everywhere I’ve looked they have been sold out 😦

  7. were you wrapping presents or each other with the ribbon? 🙂

    I haven’t even started shopping I have no clue what I’m going to get the kids my family has pretty much got them everything I was looking at, I wonder if I could get away with not buying them anything?

  8. swampwitch-you are brave!

    hope-better get shopping

    brian-yes, it is good to be done. no worries now

    pamela-my husband was w/ me, he would never let me relapse. He hates cigs, smoke.

    jenny-hows the tree look? post a pic! yep, hubby helped me wrap. Sometimes he can be a sweetie.

    bc26-geesh, we should have bought 12 yo a Wii!

    dianak-I dont think you can get away w/ it, they’d KNOW 😉

  9. REbecca

    Yes, you were brave to shop at Wally world over the weekend. I’ve been super busy. I almost posted last night, but The Saints played the Cowboys and TORE them to shreds…..so I attempted to crash after the game….not any good sleep…but all the same I was in bed.

    I’ll try to post something this evening cause work will not let me post on my own blog..GRRRRR

  10. We got your parcel the other day. Betcha HonBun didn’t tell ya. It’s neatly deposited on top of the rest of the loot! LOL Glad you found almost everything. It gets tougher each year! Maybe Son #1’s best friend could help you with the PSP game. Bribe him. D 🙂

  11. Lu

    The craving will finally leave, honest!!!
    In the meantime, isn’t it odd how and when it comes about?? Never thought I would quit craving, but I have..it has now been 7 years…
    well worth quitting!
    Have a great holiday!!!

  12. rebecca-the Saints are tearing it up! I am glad for them. Wally world was awful…sheer bedlam

    FF-bri emailed me 🙂 it is hard xmas shopping for an almost 13yo!

  13. Quasar9

    Wow! Beautiful picture
    Love it! – Life looks good
    Shopping for xmas just something to fill the time
    Looking for Stocking fillers so to speak –
    or pressies & boxes to put under the Xmas tree.

  14. It sounds like you had quite the time shopping in the big city. I probably told you but my Mom is from Tulsa. I always liked visiting there…love the climate! My hubby just about breaks out in hives if we got to WalMart of a mall…hates crowds.

    I understand the cigarette cravings as does my dh…it does get better as time goes on. Hang tough!

    Thanks for the prayers for my Dad…Blessings!

  15. Rebecca

    k today’s post is up for ya~

  16. Ack,sometimes I still crave a smoke too.
    I’m not sure it ever goes away…just a little something to keep us on our toes,ha!
    Dev has a PS2 and that thing has given us present ideas for yeeeeears. His main gift this year is a truckload(ok 4) of games. Easy peasy!

  17. I just need to grab some candy for stockings, and a few little things like that. Then wrap wrap and wrap!

  18. Hey BG !
    Lucky you !
    You know the tiny place I live,right ? Well, we now have a “Wally World” which I swear to boycott every other week. Last week, they had Barbie guitars on sale and I couldn’t find them. Finally found the asssistant mngr and said ” I need two Barbie guitars, and she said sorry, you must be thinking of another store. I said no, your circular said Barbie guitars on sale through Friday, and would you please check. My granddaughters are 3 years old, and these are on my must get list.
    Honest to God, hand on the Bible here…her next words were ” Well I don’t think a Barbie guitar is an appropiate gift for a 3 year old.”
    My mouth fell open and I couldn’t say a word.

    I would much rather they come out and say ” I’m too damn lazy to look for you” than voice an opinion on what I want to purchase.

    I came home and got 2 pink student guitars from Penney’s online..now if I could just find some Barbie decals !!! I’m still angry. Wish we had real stores around here !

  19. oooooooooo I have to start wrapping, and get a present for my mom…

    oh man. thats going to be rough.

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