Thursday’s Thoughts

My friends who use BLOGGER, Blogger is being a nasty tempered b**ch this week. It will not allow me to comment on many blogs. I figured it was paying me back for jumping the Blogger ship for WordPress. But, I am not the only one having problems commenting. Ive been commenting under anonymous  unless your blogs do not accept anon comments. So until blogger shapes up, I may be unable to comment. I am still faithfully reading tho!


Yesterday I received a XMAS card and a thank you from the lady soldier I write to in Iraq. She was very thankful for the few personal hygiene items and letters Ive sent to her. I got her name from Any Soldier . I feel a huge debt of gratitude to our Nation’s Military. If I can help make just one of our soldiers feel a tiny bit better about being in Iraq, it makes me feel better as a person.


The other day, I received an email from my husband’s health insurance. It said they will cover some expenses thru the Jenny Craig weightloss program. I forgot to tell him tho. Can you imagine? Aetna shocks me.

I took this picture Tuesday night just before dark. My husband called and asked me to look out the back door facing West, there was a fire. He could see it where he was was driving home from the East. Hubby has an oil lease in the area the fire was located. He was wondering if I could judge from home how close it was to his tanks and lines. I guessed it was about 1/2 mile East of his locations. I was right! I fear our wildfire danger this winter is going to be equal or worse to last year’s.

Yesterday morning, this yellow plane was flying all over our area. It was flying low. It had the cattle next door spooked into fits and running the four corners of their huge pasture. Of course nosey Scooter had to trot over to the fence and stare at the cattle acting stupid. Wee One got a kick out of the plane too. He was able to watch the plane for a long time, he enjoyed it.

Spirit of Yesterday

 I’ve walked the lands of the ancient ones ..
Long since gone Generations
I can still feel their laughter ………their pain
I can still hear their songs…..
Hear their drums beating against a darken sky…..
I can see them dancing…
I can still see horses painted up for war
Still see Mothers and Wives with Tears in their eyes
But Pride in their hearts…
I can hear their Chants……..their prayers
Still the memories and pride run deep in my own heart and soul as it did
the People….Medicine and holy men…..and the Chiefs….
This is My heritage…….the American Indians
Spirit of Yesterday……..Is the Spirit of Tomorrow …….

By Brenda Cloud Dancer July 3,’96



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13 responses to “Thursday’s Thoughts

  1. Aniin BG,

    It has been very dry here, I am worried about wildfires this coming spring as well.

    Cloudy today, chance of rain, better chance tomorrow, highs near 80 for a week.

    Thanks for the poem… I can always the drums and chants in the poem you share.

    Hope you are having a good week. 🙂

  2. hey there girl email me with your address I want to send you a christmas card as well!!!!!!! Love ya!!! Have a great day!

  3. doesn’t seem right, fire in winter.

    I’ve checked blogger – and they CLAIM that all the bugs are fixed. HA.

    jenny craig is probably cheaper than bypass.
    It’s all about the money

  4. Hey are you..missed visiting..and I am glad to hear..(well you know what I that I am not the only one having problems leaving comments this week..I really enjoyed the poem you posted..I could feel the emotions commig ya soon…m

  5. My son LOVES planes he would have been excited to see one that low. The thought of your horse watching the crazy cattle makes me laugh……wish we knew what he was thinking…

    I wish my insurance covered Jenny Craig or WW…….they should since there are so many health problems related to being over weight.

    Take Care!

  6. REbecca

    I hear WW is better than JC. I wish there was a miracle cure…hell even a shot we could take!

    YEsterday, all 5 of my classes wrote and decorated Christmas cards to the men and women serving overseas. Some of their comments were priceless! I mean one drew a pic of Spongebob with his arms wide open hugging the troops. One misspelled troops and put “Troots”..I couldn’t bring myself to correct it. Other said how cool it was that these guys got to ride in tanks and protect our country. Several said they were praying for them and wrote jokes inside…..I know they will be appreciated! I mean after all 150 are going from my classes.

    SO glad you could post. Please continue….I need your feedback. Plus I’ll be gone some…and not on puter daily like I am now….

    I got a gift reciept and kept my own. I may end up bringing them all back!!!!

  7. brian-Il be glad when today is over! Ilost one of my diamond stud earrings 😦

    bc26-its been mailed

    pamela-but, a bypass solves it forever

    madd-glad u stopped by, I missed ya

    rng-I hoped the plane would be back today but it hasnt.

    rebecca-wow 150! that is great!!they WILL be appreciated

  8. I had to reregister with blogger. Some of the blogs will not accept comments if you are registered under the old blogger nd not beta blogger which is to become blogger.

  9. Quasar9

    Wow Barngoddess!
    You gotta a larger print of Winter2
    love the poem!
    glad hubby didn’t get burnt –

    Me, i’m having trouble commenting on Beta too
    luckily I’m on haloscan so everyone can get thru

  10. So I’m not the only one that Blogger has been giving fits. Grrrr.

    I hadn’t heard about Any Soldier. I’ll have to check it out. Earlier this week I was on Xerox’s site that allows you to choose a card that a child has colored, choose a message (or write your own) and then have it sent to the troops. It sounds like Any Soldier lets you know who you are writing to instead of just sending it randomly.

    My sister’s neighbors (she lives about 15 miles from me) decided today to burn two mobile homes that were on their property–without calling the fire department. So smart since we’re behind on rain!

  11. Right now we are having 70 mph winds and they say the sleet and snow is on it’s way.OH yea! can’t say we are having any problems with fire though

  12. The kids and I are going to do any soldier after the first of the year, I want to do a project not just around Christmas with them.

    On Insurance…..ours will cover crazy stuff, but things that are have to’s (like Braden) they cover a miniscule amount and have a million reasons why they dont.

  13. REbecca

    where are my Friday thoughts?

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