The last 2 evenings, Ive taken my 12 yo by the barber shop to get his hair cut. Each night has been a 45 minute wait, much longer than I wanted to stay in town. Last night when he ran in to see if there was a wait, he came out and got into the car. He said, “Mom, its going to be longer than 30 minutes.”  I said, “okay, I guess you’ll have to go inside and wait.” Son #1 said, “No mom, I meant it is going to be way longer than a 30 minute wait.” Me, “why is that?” Son #1 answered, “because there is a big Osage lady in there getting her whole face waxed. Not just the eyebrows like you get. Shes getting her whole face done!” Of course I busted out laughing. It was funny the way he said it. I told him, “that may be me someday.” Son #1 replied, “no way, that lady was hairy like a man, not a chance you’d ever come close to that.” Whoever said aging gracefully was easy?

Our 7 day forecast is looking mighty promising. Today it was 71 degrees.

The Old Guy was not happy about getting fed outside.

That is too bad. I worked hard to get the stalls and barn back into clean pre-winter weather shape. I intend on it staying that way until the next round of cold/winter weather comes my way. It was 71 degrees, no reason for Scooter to be hanging out indoors.

Awhile back, I mentioned I watched the movie Brokeback Mountain. Better known at my homo-phobic house as “brokedick mountain“. Anyhow, I managed to see the ending finally. Once I got over the whole ‘gay thing’, I enjoyed the movie. It was very good. There is much, much more to the story than the gay factor.

Our TV remote has quit working. I am buying a new one today. I never realized how vital the remote was until it was broke. I do not watch much TV but the darn thing certainly makes my life easier.

 I am not sure of the highest price Ive ever paid for a pair of jeans. The last expensive pair I bought that comes to mind was about $79 dollars. That was pre-Wee One baby weight and I was fancying Lucky Jeans. I cannot imagine paying in the thousands tho, that is crazy!  Most Expensive Jeans


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20 responses to “TGIF

  1. Aniin BG,

    What? You don’t his hair yourself? 😉

    Scooter is so cute out standing in his field.

    Have a great weekend my friend, I am going to relax and enjoy my time off.

  2. REbecca

    The hair cut story was priceless!! I guess most familes are wanting to take family pics and hence the shops are busy at this time. I hope Dawn will get a chance to do my hair while I’m home. I need my highlights touched up..after all it’s her wedding I’m standing in ~ I have to go dress shopping this next week while I am home..GRRRR trying to find someting to fit my fatass will be an accomplishment!

  3. REbecca

    OK, yes me again….I’m not calling him today. I refuse. I am going to dinner with my buddy Tommy so we can swap gifts. After this week, I simply refuse to cook tonight.

    The shirts, I bought 4. (Again I felt festive)…and I’ll leave them at my house til I get back from New orleans. I’ll see if he calls on Christmas….I have my receipt and a gift one. I can return w/i 30 days….TEll me your “scrooge” thoughts~

  4. Hey I know what you mean about people paying that much for jens’ wow I ‘m al cheap oh I shop at the dollar store when I need to do shopping lol

  5. Aniin,

    Diane just added the audio to the 12 pains of Christmas on her blog. You have got to listen to that.

  6. Funny you mentioned expensive jeans because I had thought about saying something about them too. My daughter and I went shopping yesterday. We went into this little boutique and were looking at some jeans, we both found some we liked then looked at the price tag…$250.00!!!Ridiculous. I wouldn’t feel comfortable spending that much on a pair of jeans, even if I had all of Oprah’s money!

    Weather here is wonderful too.

  7. Hi BarnGoddess,
    Thanks for the visit!
    Love the posts in this place, but most of all love the horses and their peaceful grace.

  8. PS – Did you say you had a larger print
    of the horses (Winter2) on previous post

  9. Hey BG…how are you..I hope the rest of your day is going well..well first day back in the work force..mixed feelings..don’t get me is work..need to pay bills..I was just having too much fun doing things I hadn’t had time to I’m glad your weather is turning warmer..for a bit..take care ..I’ll check in soon…m

  10. *LOL* at the lady getting her face waxed– that’s priceless! I’m lovin’ it! We’ve been having great weather here *in the afternoons* too , lately. It’s getting me spoiled. It will probably snow like 10 feet deep next week or something. As for Brokeback Mountain, I’ve not watched it. I’m very liberal as far as sexuality goes- but I FULLY believe be who you are. If you’re gay, don’t marry a woman. If you’re a lesbian, don’t marry a man. That’s the biggest reason I’ve never watched the movie– but since you said there’s more to it, I might have to watch it to see for myself.

  11. My time is precious, so I’m very picky about the movies I watch . Now I would like to go see Charlottes Web. Especially if I could take my grandchildren.

    Ps. Precious time is needed for doing stuff like waxing my face ha ha.
    I shouldn’t make fun… I may have to start doing that in a few years.

  12. Diana

    I love the story about the lady ape. and I couldn’t see how much the jeans were. I’ve never spent more then $40 on a pair of jeans I get mine at wal-mart or old navy anything more then that is just a waste of money that i could me spending on something better like food

  13. kt

    omg…i have never heard the phrase “brokedick”. i cried at the end. such a baby.

  14. SailorMoon

    Those boys of ours definitely have the right on perspective of life don’t they? They know what it really is all too well!! Too funny! I’ll do my 5yo’s hair with the clippers every once in a while, but my just turned 13yo, oh, heck no. Wouldn’t touch it. The most expensive pair of jeans I own would be the ones my stepmother just bought me while we were in Branson. They are Bill Blass, and let me go look at the price, $29.99 at Belk. I’m a shorts person, and speaking of which, high 70s here in Big D, Texas. I have on my big ole tank top & shorts. Kids are out on break now, I guess I’ll start my shopping tomorrow. Kind of hard with the day of work here and there lately, and 3 kids, but I have it all figured out now what I’m getting them. My computer time will be at nil, with the 15yo daughter camped on it, but I’m sure I can get on before she awakes at mid-afternoon each day!! Happy Sunday!!

  15. brian-not since I ‘nipped’ his ear when he was about 4 years old, since then he hasnt let me close with scissors.

    jenny-$250 omg, thats nuts. I bet Oprah would snatch up 10 pair in every single color

    quasar-thnx! yes I have a bog one somewhere. u want I email it?

    madd-Im feeling like a big grinch

    christy-Im not usually bothered by a person’s preference unless they make an issue out of it. I have a friend who is lesbian but it is not obvious.

    pamela-Luckily, I havent much body hair otherwise Id be worried myself!

    dianak-I was worried about you and the big storm that was your way!

    kt-Im not sure where ‘brokedick’ origonated from but its the term used in reference to the movie at my house(not by me). It was a very good movie, I was taken by suprise!

    sailormoon-whew, you are a busy lady! I wish you strength and riches when buying XMAS for your kids. I would LOVE to be a teenager again…sigh

  16. Hey, Girlfriend! Where are ya? Probably out feeding Scooter. Or wrangling the troops. I’m up & at it early today! I’ll be back later! OOOOX D 🙂

  17. Your horsey is just too cute for words!!! Sounds like he has a great personality!!!

    I’m almost fed up enough on wordpress to switch back to blogger. I can do crap from home!!! and Today is my last day at work (start new job tomorrow), so I don’t know what to do. ARGH!!!

  18. Rebecca

    Alrighty then, I am getting the feeling you have realized the real “Goddess” that you are and wrapped yourself under the tree…so that your kids n hubby will realize what a GIFT they already have~

    Is that why we haven’t see or heard your horses prancing around???

  19. That 70 degree weather came to a screeching halt, didn’t it? I sure was enjoying it!

    The face waxing story was hilarious!

  20. Celeste

    LOL at the waxing!

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