Its Raining, Its Pouring……

 It is chilly and rainy today.

The last few days have been somewhat warm with sunshine mixed in with clouds. It was nice while it lasted.

After Wee One took his bath last night, he was hamming it up for the camera.

We were killing time until the movie “Polar Express” came on TV. Wee One watched the whole movie and loved it.

I’ve been very busy lately. Christmas programs, Christmas plays, Christmas parades, Christmas parties, ect……

It is hard to believe Christmas is only 1 week away! Are you ready?


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13 responses to “Its Raining, Its Pouring……

  1. Rebecca

    Adorable pics!
    You’re alive! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee you’re alive!!!

    It’s warm here…mid 70’s. I had my air on last night. I needed to be comfy after all.

    No, I am not ready, well maybe I am. I am not much into the festivities this year. It’s warm and my out look is dreary.

    Hope you enjoy wee one and all of your time with the boys while they are out of school.

  2. Aniin BG,

    That second pic of Wee One looks like he has a halo in the shape of a Christmas tree on his head. 🙂 He is so cute. Dewy says she just wants to snuggle with him… than you can have him back. 😛

    It’s warm today and this week; going to be near 80 all week.

    Have a good one, I’ll check in on you.

  3. Wee One, hamming it up for the camera?
    well if not in Shakespeare’s Hamlet
    he certainly should be in a Xmas play

    One week – where does time go
    Better go and shop till I drop – I haven’t bought one present yet. lol!

    PS – great black & white picture!

  4. Hey there! Oh, TT is so wonderful! I wanna play too – then you can have him back. No offense.

    I am waiting on a delivery or two but my shopping is done. I hope my packages come this week! I really hate the post office delivery system – grrrrr!!!

    Son#1 was in a play? or you just attended one? If he wasa in it, I want pics, please!

    How’d the game go the other night?

    Talk with you again soon!

    OX D 🙂

  5. I think that is my favorite picture of Scooter (I assume that’s him–I’m not very good at differentiating between horses).

  6. that kid has the sweetest smile! I bet he did! my kid says, polar express… let’s watch it again…

    and as to your question, feel free to use it.

    Merry Christmas G. may you all stay warm and well fed! :huggles:

  7. I guess that means we’ll be cold here soon too.

    That kid is a doll. I love those curls.

    I’m almost ready, I have two more gifts to buy and one that I ordered online which hasn’t arrived yet.

  8. rebecca-I had our AC on for a short bit saturday too! Wee One has been a brat today….omg like u would not believe..

    brian-halo, my ass! more like horns today

    quasar-I am a shakespeares fan 🙂 u better get shopping

    FF-lost the game last week. Son #1 took an elbow to his eye and sported a nice shiner for a few days 😦

    tonya-nope not Scooter

    melanie-Merry Xmas, thnx!

    jenny-thnx, he has perfect ringlets, I like them.

  9. Aww cutie.
    I’m impressed that he sat through the
    whole movie!! My eight year isn’t able to do that,lol

  10. cork screw curls…
    love it.

    I’m never ready.
    It comes anyway.

  11. I am trying to be ready for Christmas, we have things going on every night this week, then Saturday and Sunday are booked. Christmas day we arent leaving the house though and are staying in our new jammies all day!

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