Solo Inspiration

Yesterday Wee One was a terror. I have no idea what caused him to be such a brat.

Here is a short list of his bad doings:

  1. dumped BB’s all over his brothers’s bedroom floor I just vacuumed not 10 minutes prior to his action.
  2. threw his Donald Duck toy up into the top of the Christmas tree, then got a chair to stand on to get it out…knocking about 10 ornaments off the tree in the process. (he did this while I was vacuuming)
  3. approximately 3 minutes of being removed from the ‘potty‘ he snuck off into his bedroom and crapped his pants. (Ive been putting him on the potty every 15 minutes trying to get him trainedhe goes fine for everyone else except his dad and I)
  4. stood on my desk chair and got the scissors down from where I have them stashed way up high and shredded 2 new envelopes on my computer (he did this while I was taking the fastest shower known to man)
  5. applied 1/2 of his brother’s hair gel out of the container to his own hair and to one of his stuffed dogs in a matter of 2 minutes.

Today he is acting better……a tiny bit.

Last night when hubby walked thru the door from work, I was so relieved. I needed a break, badly.

My respect goes out to single parents. They are exactly that, single parent. The parent who soley cares for their child or children. Many do not have the other parent to take over when they need a break from the frustration of parenting.

Or the other parent’s financial support. Many single parent’s support their children on soley their own income.

I know a lot of single parents. My friend Melissa is a single parent to 2 boys. She struggles, she tries her hardest, she keeps on plugging forward with a smile. Melissa is an excellent mother and rarely does she complain about being a single parent. If I were in her shoes, I am not so sure I would be as good at single parenting as she is.

Yesterday I was over at one of my regular reads. I read Melanie‘s story about her huge gamble she took to make her life and her son’s life much better. Here’s a small part of Melanie’s post:

 “So, off I went. Less than 1000 in my pocket. No home. No job. And a two year old. Amazingly, I felt the best I had in a long time.”

Melanie has a great POST . Go over and give it a read. I found it inspiring and refreshingly upbeat. This is my favorite quote from her story:

“Fate has lead me to this moment. I took all its hints and offerings hitching the Nissan to a star! We landed in paradise.”



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11 responses to “Solo Inspiration

  1. I’m always amazed at how fast a kid can get between point A and point B, and everything that can be torn up in between

    I’ll check out Melanie later today

  2. Aniin BG,

    Oops!!! TT rampaging. I am sorry. 😦 Hope he his behaving better today.

    Thanks for the link, I went and read her post.

  3. the little mischevious ones, aren’t they? That is the reason they are so darn cute. And he is you know.

    Thanks for the link. Hope your little man is an angel the rest of the season. 😉

    Happy Holidays! These are the memories of our lives. Make them good stories. HUGZZZZZZZ

  4. SailorMoon

    TT just has a bit of the holiday “I’m going to drive ya nuts” phase. My 5yo acted like a wild animal at church the other night. But that’s why we love them so! It isn’t easy raising 3 solo, but you do your best and plug ahead with a smile. The only thing I wish I had would be the firm, “male discipline” effect. Believe me, the TT antics are nothing compared to the mouth and actions of a 15 yo daughter. I did it to myself though by not cracking down much much earlier. My little one is a breeze!! Be glad both yours are boys. My 13 yo son gets mouthy/grouchy occasionally, but nothing like a girl! It’s like arguing with yourself. Aside from that, all is well, having phone line problems, did well to get here, will get to Melanies if I can. Wireless internet is SO on my 2007 wish list. Have a good one!

  5. pamela-yep, amazing what destruction can happen in mere seconds at the hands of a 3yo

    brian-he’s a BRAT

    melanie-thnx for the great stuff to post about! I love your story, reminds me of myself when I set out for Okla at 20yo but with a horse, dog and no kids…

    sailormoon-yep, you outta know about that single parent stuff. I am afraid I would suck big time at it! my soon to be 13 yo is starting to act too big for his britches…sigh

  6. I loved Melanie’s post too!

    Wee One sounds like Ciari at that age,lol
    That child could/would/did get into everything.
    I feel your pain!
    It does get better though;)

  7. I went and read Mel’s post – amazing, thank you!

    Little TT proving his namesake today? So sorry.

    It’s coming closer! 5 days left! Then we start keeping track of the naughty and nice again!! LOL

    Hope TT calmed down for you, take it as easy as you can.

    Talk with you soon! D 🙂

  8. Jeff

    Sorry to intrude, but I’m hoping you can assist me. By way of Googling “Shikwamkwa Lake”, I found you’d posted something on another site that suggested you knew this area well. I’m looking for as much information about Shikwamkwa and as quickly as possible. If you don’t mind contacting me by email, I’d be immensely grateful. Jeff Broadbent, Sault Ste. Marie, ON

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Diana

    well the first storm has passed and another one is supposed to be on it’s way. Thanks for the concern. The wind was really nasty and the fog was super thick.

    I haven’t posted in awhile because my own TT spilt pop on the keyboard and the keys are sticking really bad. It’s taken me 5 min just to write this.


  10. Google is the best search engine

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