A Stomach Turning…

Yesterday morning, I caught Wee One in action with his dinosaur named “Green Toes”.

After he took off to wreak havoc somewhere else, I investigated. I found another dinosaur in the tree. grrrrr Of course I had to replace all of the fallen ornaments, again. The tree is coming down the day after Xmas, Ive made that decision.

For some reason, I really would like to have a white Christmas this year. It is not going to happen though.

I LOVE all Hersey’s Kisses candies. I found a new favorite, the Hersey Kisses Cherry Cordials. Delicious! Way, way better than the dollar boxes with the white paste and almost invisible to the naked eye cherry inside.

This brings me to the subject of GROSS Holiday foods. 

1.Slimy cranberry’s out of a can. It has the actual shape like the can as it slithers in a bowl. Gross!

2.Green Bean casserole made with off brand, pale, limp green beans from a can. They have a scary mushy texture. Double offensive if they can be seen swimming in  ‘cream of mushroom soup’ drippings.

3.Dinner rolls that could pass as bleached hockey pucks. These should be classified as a weapon and not eaten.

4.Blood sausage. The name alone says enough. (I grew up with this lovely entree, I think I used to eat it when I was small child…..Scary!)

5.Fruitcakes from the Dollar General Store. Who really eats these?

6.Oyster stuffing? No thanks! I prefer my oysters on the half shell with a top shelf margarita.

7.Ribbon candy or hard candy. It has no flavor and is stuck together. Normally served from an uncovered candy dish, so there’s dust, dirt, germs or lint. Ack!

8.Over cooked turkey. You know what I am talking about…you get a piece of white meat, it looks all tasty until you take a bite and chew….and chew…and chew….and chew. The when you realize it isn’t chewing so well. You have to make a decision. If there is no begging dog hanging about at your feet under the table, your only options are:

A. Swallow it in a whole chunk and risk choking


B. Spit it into your napkin without being seen doing it, hopefully the table napkins are disposable.

9.Homemade eggnog-That’s asking for your own personal case of salmonella for the Holidays.

10.The sweet potato puree concoction with the marshmallows. Where did this originate from? The sight of it alone makes me queasy. It reminds me of something Elvis (my dog) coughed up.

11.Creamed pearl onions. Onions and milk are not a good couple…something about it curdling around the edges of the pan is a great diet aide for me.

12.Wax beans from a can. Big, fat yellow beans that reminded me of grubs used for fishing bait. My mother actually made me eat these when I was a small child. I should probably seek therapy over this.

13.How about Lutefisk? fish that is treated with lye. Why would anyone want to eat something contaminated with lye?!?

14.Chanina, it is a Polish/Swede dish. I am not sure of the spelling. This is one gross soup. Ducks blood soup to be exact! It is dark colored, slimy, greasy, it also has raisons and/or prunes floating around in what has the resemblance of a toxic spill. The duck meat is stringy and oily. I know this personally for I have picked many a boiled duck carcass clean for the making of this soup.

15. Deer Brain Cheese (headcheese) best friend L.’s grandmother waited patiently every year for our deer season’s kill so she could make the brains into a special ‘cheese‘ type thing. Very, very disturbing! Bless Granny’s heart tho, she was one of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever known.

What is your least favorite Holiday foods?




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15 responses to “A Stomach Turning…

  1. Aniin BG,

    My least favorite Holiday food growing up had to be jello with stuff inside. Mysterious inedible stuff. Honestly though, dinners were always so traumatic, that I don’t remember much of anything.

    I have a question. Why can’t dinosaurs be in the tree?

    Diane bought little stockings for all the others and put their names with little blocks on the tops. Tucker seems to think Rose’s is his to play with. She is not happy with him.

    Oh I forgot. Relish and sweet gerkins. YUCK!!!

    Hope you are having a good day. 🙂

  2. mmmmmm i love green bean casserole made with canned grean beans and cr of mushroom soup! but have to agree with the cranberry sauce and please don’t put giblets in the gravy.

    Most of those things you’ve listed I have either not tried or never tried and it will probably stay that way.

  3. oh i messed that up…i meant to say never heard of or never tried.

  4. brian-ewwww sweet relish and sweet pickles are banned from my house.

    jenny-Ive always wondered about the ‘giblet’ gravy…

  5. SailorMoon

    OOOOooh, my teen daughter (R.) and I are reading this and going, yyyuuuuuccckkk. She keeps saying I don’t like eggnog. Funny you should mention Hershey Kisses. I bought a bag of the almond ones last night and ate the whole thing on my way to cash my check last night (with a little help from my youngest, but not much). My tummy wasn’t too happy this morning though. Maybe just 1/2 a bag is good!

  6. That turnip mush – ewww bitter!!!

    green olives with the pimento – ewwww bitter!

    I also agree with everything on your list – as well as the relish & sweet pickles!

    That home made lumpy cranberry sauce! Sweet!

    Don’t want the gizzards in my gravy either, but hidden in the stuffing is okay.

    D 🙂

  7. Most of this list made me gag! I had blocked those horrible foods from memory!! I’m with you on ALL of them and Brian with the jello with strange, crunchy crap in it. Why? Why does that need to be made?

    Also, I HATE pumpkin pie. It’s true, I hate even looking at it. blech…

  8. Ohhhh man. I think you’ve got them covered,lol!
    I’m not fond of mince tarts or pumpkin pies.
    We used to be served caviar at my uncles..ick!

  9. Hey BG…finally a moment to visit..hope all is well and like Brian my question is why not a dino in the tree..?? of course you have to understand we have fish, birds, flamingos, wizard of oz stuff, etc on ours so… what do I know..lol. I really really dislike turnip..yuck and double yuck, and peas and onions, peas and onions and ‘white gelantinous’ stuff called cream, basically peas and pearl onions of any sort..:),, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas..m

  10. Diana

    I hate green bean casarole, cranberry sauce any way shape or form including juice. never got the sweet potato pie with marshmellow’s, not sweet pickles. and I think about everything else on your list.

    We usually have turkey for thanksgiving and Ham with au graten potatoes for christmas the best part is when my mom makes her ribbon jello (which is a lot better then the waldorf salad Brian was talking about) and it gets mixed with the potatoes. Yummy!!

    I like the Queen Anne cordial cherries from Wal-Mart they are the best. I know if I get my dad a box he will be happy

  11. I am so addicted to the Hershey Cherry Cordials…yum. The other food you mentioned I agree yuck!

  12. sailormoon-isint it amazing how a bag can just disappear?

    FF-I only like green olives in a martini 😉

    pinky-Ive always been suspicious of jello with items inside……

    lael-caviar…..something I never understood. Fish eggs, can it get much worse? oh yeah, I forgot brian cheese-ack!

    Madd-Merry Christmas! I bet your tree looks great

    Dianak-au graten, YUM!

    kelli- I just bought a new bag of Hershey Cherry Cordials on Wednesday…..they are GONE this morning. My husband scooped up the last ones from one of the candy dishes as he headed out the door for work this morning.

  13. Merry Christmas to you and yours Goddess! I’ll send you some snow if you want, we have PLENTY! Just got through the worst snow storm in many years; I wish it had waited a couple more days till the steel roof was on and the windows installed, but oh well… 🙂

    I’ll post some pics for you all soon!

  14. Since I come from a German family, I can stare most gross foods in the eye and not blink. 😉 Doesn’t mean I’ll eat them, but I can be in the same house without running into the yard waving my hands over my head and screaming. I’m one of those really squeamish meat eaters though. No dark meat, no fat, no gristle, no hint of a bone; when I eat my turkey, I want clean white meat and crispy skin only!

    No snow here in Canada; we had a bit of a dusting this afternoon but the rain has already washed it away.

  15. OMG! I’ve never heard of some of these. Anything with blood is a surefire way to get me to puke at the dinner table.

    I am in agreement with everything on your list except the ribbon candy. I’ve never eaten it out of an uncovered bowl, though, so my remains lint-free.

    I am such a plain eater that I couldn’t even pinpoint just one gross thing to eat during the holidays. Just pass the rolls (soft!) and butter and I’ll be fine.

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