Christmas survival was not as bad as I had anticipated.

It was nice having hubby home for 3 days straight. For 3 days, I was able to take a shower as long as I wanted…..usually I have to take the fastest shower known to man because Wee One is free roaming the house unsupervised(which is never good).

Both boys are still excited about their gifts. They seem like they could not be happier. I guess hubby and I picked well this year.

The festivities at my in-laws were the same as every Holiday has ever been with the exception that my mother-in-law did not cook. Our huge meal was catered. She is in a wheelchair now due to her rheumatoid arthritis.

By evening, I had consumed nearly a whole bottle of California Red Wine so I did not mind so much plastering my pretend happy smile on my face while acting as if I was truly enjoying myself.

My performing skills are better than I had thought, my husband really thought I was having a good time…..I did not tell him otherwise.

All the brothers were camped out in the living room, either hypnotized by the TV or talking about something manly like hunting or work.

I have a sister-in-law who never smiles. This woman can laugh, if thats what you want to call it, and not smile. Seriously, it is kinda freaky……

When I was sitting at the dinner table I could smell cigarettes on my brother-in-law R who was practically sitting on my lap due to the crowded table. I wanted nothing more than to snatch a Camel from his shirt pocket, sprint outside, and fire it up. 

Scary, huh?

So instead I started playing footsie with hubby under the table. He gave me a weird raised eyebrow look then a wink. We both had boots on but we enjoyed it and it made dinner go by faster.

I have not had time to visit any one lately, but I am working on it.

I am busy with school being out for break and other commitments…..and just things in general.

To prevent a trainwreck from happening, I am using all of my time and energy in other areas.

Catch ya later……………….


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18 responses to “Trainwreck

  1. Aniin BG,

    I have heard the alcohol makes family gatherings much less painful. I don’t drink, so that’s why I don’t go. 😉

    Good to hear that the boys enjoyed the bribes, err… gifts this year and the TT had some supervision.

    I am posting light until after the New Year myself and trying to visit. Work was very slow today.

    (((hugs))) Enjoy your books.

  2. Hey! Good to hear things went smoothly at MIL’s. Catered is good. Wine is very good. Fooling husband – priceless! LOL

    Will patiently wait for the hectic after holiday time to pass and your posts will return on a normal basis. sigh…..

    Take care and enjoy life! D 🙂

  3. WTG on getting good long hot showers! Christmas is over and now maybe life can get back to normal

  4. Hey BG..well needless to say your Christmas was interesting..:) I’m glad the boys were so happy, really makes it all worth was o fun to have Ivy here, really special with children around. I totally understand the in law thing..why do you think all the fam lives in the North and we are here in am in about the same place as you busy wise and wont be around too much except on weekends, got the auto post down so I can post for the week, at some point I hope to add tidbits about my day and stupid human tricks I come across working in a Hotel..just when I think I have seen it all..I am surprised all over again..but needed to stop by and say Hi and make sure you survived..:) Take care..I’ll stop by soon..luv ya..m

  5. Sorry it wasn’t more enjoyable. Sounds like you did well at making it through!

    The chance to shower–I know what you mean!

    About what you mentioned to me regarding your 3 yr old–tell (don’t ask) your pediatrician to give you a referral to a psychologist who specializes with kids like this. Our pediatrician scheduled the appt. for us as we waited in her exam room. If your ped won’t do it, try to call and make an appt. yourself. Or try a different pediatrician. Another option, since he is 3, is to have him evaluated by the therapists & Early Childhood teachers & psychologist at your local public school. If you request it, they have to do it. He may qualify for therapy and Early Childhood classes, and it’s free. It’s a long process (meetings and paperwork and evaluations), but if he needs help, the sooner the better. Don’t wait until he’s in kindergarten like some parents do–they end up wasting the whole kindergarten year. Feel free to email me at tsninns at yahoo dot com.

  6. You haven’t been sounding like yourself lately, girl (yes, I realize we’ve never met) and I hope it isn’t anything too serious. It seems like you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything. Any chance you could get away for a few days? *hugs*

  7. brian-thnx, I am loving them

    ff-catered was delicious!

    celeste-ha, normal….

    madd-I bet you have some GOOD stories


    doe-only if I win the lottery tomorrow…

  8. Rebecca

    Well….the red wine, footsies, and LONG showers sound as if you may be getting a bit of relief as well this Holiday season. I say you go light some candles….close (and lock) the bathroom and soak in a bubble bath for at minimum an hour. Bring a cd (mellow) and RELAX. Let hubby handle it ALL.

    Hey, you didn’t have to cook or entertain….sounds like it worked out well. = )

    Take Care

  9. catering sounds good.

    best part of this was the raised eyebrow and the look over the table.

    Love those.

  10. Playing footsie was definitely a better alternative 😉

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas 🙂

  11. rebecca-I did briefly entertain the idea of having a News Years party..hubby was not against it either…hmm

    pamela-at least dinner was interesting

    mt-it was a nice xmas, back to work already?

  12. SailorMoon

    Glad you survived the holiday, as did I. Same thing at my soon to be ex mil, catered dinner, still had to be heated, & she was curled in her recliner with one of her many ailments, unable to do anything. They gave all the grandkids bikes, but the bikes have to stay at their house. Get the idea? If you only knew…Actually, it wasn’t a bad time. After my neighbors ex g/f banged on my door at 4am Christmas morning saying he’d locked her out (playing me, I had to send her along her way) I was not in the holiday mood. I am so ready for 2007. Woo hoo!

  13. crapola and I thought I took the fastest shower known to man lol

  14. You sound like me when I’m with my other SIL.
    Although I have to cut back on the booze now because I’m starting to turn into a mean drunk around her,heh.
    Lucky for me she wasn’t here this year,yay!

    I’m glad the kids liked their gifts and am super glad you didn’t have to rush through your showers for 3 whole days!

    That whole male/female separation thing? Happens in my family too.

  15. checking in from kansas, can’t stay online long since it’s dial up and I’m tying up my parent’s line.

    It still amazes me how fast it’s all over after all the build up to the holidays…but I’m glad it’s past us for another year. Glad yours wasn’t so bad after all.

  16. Aniin BG,

    Just checking in with you. Hope all is well on the home front.

    (((hugs))) just cause. 😉

  17. Is Sedan close to Garden City? I’m in the SW corner of KS right now. We were planning to drive home tomorrow but now we’re wondering if we’ll be able to with the weather the way it is.

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