Mad River Road

My best guy friend D. is back with his cheating/lying EX. I am not thrilled for him like he thinks I should be. WTF? I did not say anything when he told me ( I already knew). I just said,”hmmm.” Which he in turn took it as I was unhappy about his reconciliation with R.

Not true.

Frankly, I could give a rats ass who he has as a girlfriend. If he thinks he deserves to be treated like sh*t, then more power to him, get after her. He deserves better, I’ve told him, maybe someday he’ll wisen up.

Gah! Why the drama?

 MAD RIVER ROAD by Joy Fielding

I just finished this book. Good book!

I snatched it up off the shelf in a hurry the other day. I picked it because I love the name and I had read a good review awhile back about this book.

Mad River Road……it sounds like a place where I would fit in perfect.

Lately Ive been restless, staying up late reading because my insomnia is back full force. I’ve read hundreds of confessions at – Anonymity Sets You Free .

Some of these liberations are heartfelt and say a lot. Others are pretty shallow. Then there are a few that just make you want to laugh out loud.

Here are just 2 that I quickly copied to post here:

Liberation 17893

My dear friends,

I don’t care that you think I’m materialistic. I don’t care that I spend every dime I make on clothes and unimportant material things. For fucksake, I’m single and in my early 20s; if not now, then when?

One of you actually told me that I’m gonna have to have a six-figure salary AND marry rich to keep up with my spending… but you know what?

-NONE OF YOU know what it was like to grow up poor.

-NONE OF YOU know that my earliest Christmas recollection is of me at three years old sitting on the floor, in an empty apartment next to my older sister, and my dad coming home from work with a white kitchen trash bag of used toys, that the wife of a man he did work for gave him to give to us. those were our gifts.

-YOU DON’T KNOW that even though my sister was absolutely brilliant and was able to get a full-ride scholarship to a great private university of her choice; my mom, my dad, and I went without anything new to wear for two years so that she could have airfare and money for books.

-YOU DON’T KNOW what it’s like to actually wear out -and I mean REALLY wear out a pair of shoes. And when I mean wear out, I mean I didnt’ realize why my sock got wet on a rainy day, until i got home and realized there was a 1-inch hole in the sole.

-If after a bad day at work I decide to hit every single goddamn store on my way home I will.

-If I feel like buying another ridiculous Christmas ornament or decoration, I will.

-If you see me with a bag carrying yet another outifit that I have nowhere to wear yet, don’t think it’s the last.

-If I come back to my place with yet another pair of boots for which i’ll have no room in my closet, it’s really my problem and not yours.

In closing, dear friends, Fuck you for thinking that I’m going to care what a bunch of over-pampered, overly-entitled fools raised in wealth have to say.

“I hate those people who love to tell you
Money is the root of all that kills,
They have never been poor,
They have never had the joy of a welfare Christmas.”

Liberation 17851

I read someones liberation: If you eat 9 bananas in a row you die. Well I checked google cause I thought it might be true. I feel like a dork! (I didn’t think you can die if you eat 9 bananas in a row).


Have you ever ate 9 bananas in a row? ack, I can barely choke one down, and I have to be ravenous to do so………



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11 responses to “Mad River Road

  1. Aniin BG,

    Sorry to hear you are having trouble sleeping. I think I stole all your Z’s. I slept for 12 hours on Sat and Sun nights, of course, it could be that I am still feeling under the weather.

    Drama…. I don’t read the confessions, I blog remember. 😛

    Still, a little over the top on buying stuff, don’t you think?

    Next time you can’t sleep, give me a ring, talking to me will put you right to sleep.

  2. brian-Ive never had a welfare xmas so I am no judge. Ha, how can I call you if your snoozing? brat

  3. Well, the phone rings and I pick up. Duh!!! 😛

    Buying stuff to compensate for a poor childhood is fine, but to tell off your friends?

    How are the books? I looked through them and looked at the pictures. Made me sad. 😦

  4. I have awful insomnia I take Melatonin to get myself to sleep.

  5. I’ve never linked to that very liberating…. I was laughing.

    I’m thinking after eating 9 banana’s you wouldn’t die… but you sure might be constipated.

    book looks interesting. I’m reading an old one right now (lovely bones) and it makes me cry all the time.

  6. Rebecca

    I enjoyed the liberations. It would be a freeing world if we could all cough up what it is we’d really like to say~ without the idea of a consequence. Unfortunately~ unless we’re Donald Trump (he’s ewwwwwyyy by the way) or hit the Lotto…don’t think we will be able to be that free til we’re on a death bed. However, on the other hand we are so lucky to live in a country where we have freedom of speech and can voice our opinion even if we try (ok some try) to voice it tactfully.

    I hope your sleeping will improve. Mom had has a tough time sleeping wth the port installation and the nurse told her to take 25-50 milligrams of benadryl and it would help. She did and it works. It’s legal non addictive and over the counter….

    Sweet cowboy, rodeo or movie star hunk dreams…your choice…Again a freedom we can ENJOY!

  7. Aniin BG,

    IT”S FRIDAY!!!!!!!

  8. kt

    beautiful picture of the horses in the snow! i hope you are having a wonderful holiday season 🙂

  9. SailorMoon

    You turned us on to that liberations website a while ago and I’d forgotten about it until my teen daughter was telling me what she’d read on it in her wee hour reading. Insomnia – I wish I could get it. I have been dragging my butt out of bed at 7 this entire break. Me and my 13 yo son are in for a rude awakening on Wednesday when its back to school, back to that 6:30am BB practice at his jr. high every morning.

    Books – I’d love to read one. Haven’t in years, can’t sit still long enough. Let me rephrase, can’t sit still and be awake long enough to read one!

    ps-got the teen daughter an awesome digital camera for xmas, I may have to get my own blog, if I can figure it out!

  10. brian-tgif! yipee. the books are wonderful! oh, the pics are magnificant. sad, yes. wounded knee is heartbreaking. Ive been known to tell off my friends if they needed it…..does that make me a bad person? nah..

    kelli-does that stuff work?

    pamela- “I’m thinking after eating 9 banana’s you wouldn’t die… but you sure might be constipated.” I laughed uncontrollably when I read your comment, it was funny first thing this morning. thnx!

    rebecca-trump gives me the creeps too, he is just, ICK and the comb over..puleeeeeeese. The dude has millions, he needs a new hairstylist. I thinkhe and Rosie should throw their fued to the curb and hook up…heheh wouldnt that be double ICKY

    kt-thnx, I think Ill get plastered New years, its not like I am driving or going anywhere…

    sailormoon-ahhh a new camera, a very good reason to get a blog! I love WP by the way.

  11. Aniin BG,

    I never would say that telling off a friend makes you a bad person, never, never, never, never,never…. never!

    Which is why I don’t talk much. 😛

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