Cloned T-Bones


This whole thing really, really freaks me out. Cloned food.

Honestly, the whole cloning situation makes me uneasy. I am not sure of the exact reason other than it is unnaturalMother Nature shouldnt be messed with. I’ll leave it at that.

 I watched yesterdays evening news with Charlie Gibson (who I happen to love). He reported on the FDA Approves Food From Cloned Animals .

It was also said in the ABC News report that the packages or containers of cloned animal foods (milk, meats, ect)would not have a label for us consumers to educate us on the fact that we were purchasing cloned food and/or consuming cloned foods.

This is as wrong as the whole cloning thing!

I am by far not a picky eater or a picky consumer. But, I would like to have the choice of buying/consuming non-cloned foods from cloned foods.

What is wrong with our Government? okay, lots of things, especially the fact that it is ran by a bunch of greedy, money hungry old people who shouldnt be trusted with a 6 year olds milk money…..

How do you feel about ingesting ‘cloned foods’?

Do you think the cloned foods should be labeled or not?

Would you knowingly, willingly purchase/eat cloned foods?

or do you just dont care?

Wee One will only eat  Totino’s/Jeno’s pizza rolls if I squish out all the filling onto the corner of his plate. I do not enjoy doing this. It is really gross…….

I see I am not the only one feeling irritable these days.



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17 responses to “Cloned T-Bones

  1. Aniin BG,

    If you look closely into the idea, isn’t breeding cattle and pigs etc. cloning? I mean you want to get each animal to a set standard in order to have each one taste the same. If you have a perfect steak, wouldn’t you want each steak to be perfect? If cloning does that, then what is the problem.

    People want to clone their pets, so that they will also have the same one in appearance. Personally I like variety, so that wouldn’t interest me.

    Of course cloning has long been used in horticulture in grafting trees.

    Why do you feel irritable?

    Btw, the Train Wreck Blog people keep coming back to read my post about being a multiple. I edited the post to talk back to them. Hee Hee. If they think that by coming by and making fun of me, I will do anything, they don’t know me very well. 🙂

  2. I think it would be wise to label food as cloned if it is, but wouldn’t have a problem with it really. Like Bri says, it’s been used in other venues for ages now.

    Sorry you are feelung irritable – testosterone levels too high at your house again? LOL No, really.

    Hang in there and take a deep breath. Take Scooter out for a solo ride and leave all the boys at home alone! Tell ’em Scooter & Elvis are the only males you wanna hear from for a while! You never know, might work!

    Take it easy, my friend. Happy New Year to you & yours! D 🙂

  3. bri-I disagree, it is not the same. Breeding and manipulating DNA chromosomes are 2 totally different things…very different. omg, I had thought by now your stalkers would have given up. They obviously need a life.

    FF-its going to rain soon, and its chilly and windy-no riding in the forecast for atleast 3 days. damn

  4. Tell me about it!!! That was back on Dec. 11th!! They keep coming back to read. Amazing.

    Did you know that many genes in our bodies are owned by companies? They have pattens on genes and cures for diseases.

  5. You don’t screw with Motha Nature.
    I’m with you.
    I buy all my meat from local producers that I know.


  6. Rebecca

    I didn’t get an invite to dinner…shame shame shame!

    Not sure on the cloning aspect~ kinda creepy.

    I’ve been running errands with T today. No calls from Greg…Men suck.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. hmmm.. cloned foods. I’m pretty much heading for the vegetarian aisle as we speak.

    laughing at the squishy pizza rolls.

    I remember when our youngest though green olives had little carrots in the center — and when she found out they were pimento’s she was very disgusted.

  8. I’m with you– cloning creeps me out- Period. I won’t eat cloned food, I won’t support cloning of animals, people- anything.

    On a happy note, loved the pics– as always :0)

    Hope ya’ll had a great Christmas, best wishes for a brand new year *hugs*

  9. Diana

    I could care less as long as it taste good and is a decent price I eat it. I know I should care about what is going but I never really think about that kinda stuff. The only thing I look at on a label is the price.

    I hate totino’s pizza rolls but my kids love them. The inside looks like something I find in my youngest diapers.

    I’m sorry you are feeling so shity. I usually feel run down and tired after the hoildays. I need a week before I start to feel a little bit normal.

  10. lol on the pizza rolls.
    I’m with you on the cloned food. WTF? They should label it and see how well it sells I mean we should have the option of choosing our food right. Sheesh that’s like throwing meat into a counter and not saying what it is. Let’s just go with that, is it hamburger or sausage, dunno no label lol. I shudder at the thought.

  11. SailorMoon

    Okay, no – I wouldn’t eat it and yes we should be told. Asked my 13yo son if he would eat it, his response was – “who cares, as long as I’m full….after all aren’t we all cloned??????” So I’m sitting here going hmmm, are we imperfected clones???!!!! :0 Too much thought on a Saturday afternoon. Time for school to start again on Wednesday!! 🙂 Have a safe weekend and New Years !!

  12. Hi BarnGoddess, best wishes for the final moments of this year, and much merriment, great joy and great cheer to see in the incoming Year

  13. I am right there with you when it comes to eating meat thats really not’ even meat ,and would want to at lest see the tagg saying that it was clound thats just wrong for them to even try this because god mead everything the way that it is ,and for them to mess with that ,and try to make something diffrent from that is just very wrong . I will stop buying meat from the store before I will eat that stuff. I would rather hunt ,fish,and eat my own stouck all year round instade of that you would think that they would just go a head and make deer hunting season an all year round thing right ? I mean that can’t be nere as bad as eating their meat these days?

  14. brian-they better not try to patten MY genes,grrr

    hope-your 100% right. Mother Nature should be left alone….

    rebecca-even the perfect man has an asshole trait guaranteed!

    pamela-It would kill me to give up red meat. Ewww green olives-ack!

    christy-happy new year!

    diana-“The inside looks like something I find in my youngest diapers.” omg, I am never buying pizza rolls for my boys to eat again!

    anne-happy new year! I liked your comment btw. “Sheesh that’s like throwing meat into a counter and not saying what it is. Let’s just go with that, is it hamburger or sausage, dunno no label lol. I shudder at the thought.” I am shocked that the FDA would even consider NOT labeling

    sailormoon-lol, your right its too complex of a subject for me to rant about today 🙂

    quasar9-happy new year

    hope-I hear ya….getting 2 butchering steers doesnt sound like such a big hassle anymore for me

  15. No. I don’t think cloning is a good idea, and I definitely don’t like the idea of eating cloned meat. I’ve read too many Robin Cook novels! I think it is wrong to not label the package as coming from a cloned animal. I’m sure they think that what we don’t know won’t hurt us. Just like all the other things we didn’t know that are now killing us.

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