500 Nations


I love the land and the buffalo, and will not part with it……….

I love to roam over the prairies, there I feel free and happy.

-White Bear, Satanta

The 2 books pictured above were Christmas gifts from my good friends, Brian and Diane .

I am addicted to these 2 books.

500 Nations has so much information about the many different tribes, it is amazing. Not to mention it also gives graphic details and pictures.

One of these detailed stories is “The Wounded Knee Massacre – December 1890“, the Lakota Tribe and the Ghost Dance.

This true story breaks my heart each and every time I read it……it did happen, and it will never be forgotten.

The soldiers now numbered around 500; the Indians 350, all but 120 of these women and children.”

when the Indians ran to take cover, the Hotchkiss artillery opened up on them, cutting down men, women, children alike, the sick Big Foot among them. By the end of this brutal, unnecessary violence, which lasted less than an hour, at least 150 Indians had been killed and 50 wounded. In comparison, army casualties were 25 killed and 39 wounded.


I know I have studied and analyzed every single photograph from the Native Americans in early photographs book.

The 3 pictures below are from my book. I used the close up feature on my camera and took a few photos out of the book to share.

Picture #1: Three Chiefs. Taken by Edward S. Curtis 1900. Library of Congress

Picture #2: Ready For The Charge. Taken by Edward S. Curtis. no date given. Library of Congress

Picture #3: Start Of A War Party. Taken by Edward S. Curtis. no date given. Library of Congress



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19 responses to “500 Nations

  1. Wow Awesome Post BarnGoddess
    Peace, Love, Joy & much happiness

  2. Rebecca

    Good gifts for you! They know what will make you happy!!! Very cool~
    Your camera took great pics from a book.

    Hope you enjoy your family this week…I posted some pics JUST FOR YOU!!! Linda was with me and I said BarnGoddess will love this…she’s like who is BG??? I said one of my blogger buddies…she’s not much on the internet..not even many emails…..
    Hope you like!

  3. one of my favorite paintings is the one of the weary warrior on his pony … I forgot the name of the painting. It always makes me feel sad.

    I have it rolled up – in a tube. I need to get it framed

  4. I love reading of these proud people. We need to understand the history we have with our First Natons People in order to heal the wounds and move forward.
    Peace and Happy, HappyNew Year

  5. Oh, I am SO glad you’re enjoying the books! I didn’t have a chance to glance much at them before i sent them off. Thanks much for the pictures. Hope all is well. I’ll stop back by later today! D 🙂

  6. Aniin BG,


    You know how much I respect you. I am so glad that these books mean so much to you.

    Love you.

  7. quasar9-thnx, happy new year!

    rebecca-Im coming over right now to see 🙂

    pamela-Trail Of Tears?

    hope-I agree!

    ff-I am loving these books, thank you 🙂

    bri-aniin, the books are wonderful!

  8. I forgot to add, I like the ‘3 Chiefs’ picture but I m fascinated by “The Start Of A War Party’ photo……….how cool is their war dress clothing? wow!

  9. I read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. Our treatment of Native Americans was beyond reprehensible, it sickens me.

    Yes, I was snowed in KS but I’m home now.

  10. Beautiful Post:)
    Happy New year!

  11. Rebecca

    Was it a good day for you?

  12. I made a promise to my little “sis” Susan that I’d let everyone know she is having computer woes.

    The old one should be buried this week and the new one up and kicking on Saturday.

    She is still alive, started the new job and hopefully will post this weekend!

  13. BG..those books are wonderful and I do know how much they mean to you..thanks for sharing the pictures..such an amazing people who we could have, should have, learned from, we would be the richer for it..enjoy my friend..m

  14. wow awesome pics I should see if the library has those

  15. It just sickens me to see what we did to our Native People. It was so unnecessary, and very, very wrong. My heart bleeds for them. After all they have been through, the live with grace and dignity. I have a great respect for Native Americans. Thanks so much for sharing this post/pics with us.

  16. jenny-Im glad you made it home



    rachel-thank you! I was contemplating jumping in my car and heading to the ville to make sure she was okay!

    madd-awesome books

    anne-they should

    christy-your welcome

  17. To all of you who love the Curtis images, go find the DVD, “The Indian Picture Opera” on Amazon. Its a remake of Edward Curtis’s 1911 slide show. This is a must see for Curtis fans.

  18. Google is the best search engine

  19. jay river

    Curtis on UTube

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