Full Moon Madness?

Do I have full moon madness?

I think it is very possible.

Does anyone know the symptoms?

The Old Guy is much better today. Good thing. My vet is out of town. She did call and talk to me personally tho……

Hubby is working up near Kansas this week. He insists on driving home each night. I wish just 1-2 nights he’d stay up there. Is that mean of me? I do not think so……….I need a vacation from my life is what it boils down to.

I am tackling the mountain of laundry that has piled up. I do laundry every day. I do not understand how all of a sudden I have 4 loads to do today………..oh I know, son #1 finally cleaned his pigsty room. That is where it all came from. Son#1 is NOT in my good graces today. He’ll be 13 yo on Jan.15th. His mouth and attitude are showing it too. Why do adolescent teenagers act the way they do? Is it a hormone thing? Is there medicine for it? Is there medicine for the parents who have togo thru it?

Am I making any sense today?

Because Wee One has been acting like I am speaking a foreign language and Elvis keeps whining at me………..



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16 responses to “Full Moon Madness?

  1. Aniin BG,

    Full moon madness symptoms are frantic itching of of scalp, an urgent need to lick something, eyes that change color and last but not least, wanting to disown your children.

    I’d say you got a full blown case of the Moonies and should proceed immediately to the nearest port of call.

    Feel better my friend. (((hugs))) and scratches.

  2. It’s time to have a BITCH FIT, girlfriend! High testosterone levels can KILL a girl! Give ’em a preview of what PMS can do to a mild mannered Mommy! LOL

    Now, you gotta understand, this waas back in the DARK AGES, when I was a teen. The back of the hand ruled. No sassy crap. The threat alone was enough! and it was Dad, not Mom – she was the negotiator. Dad took no crap. period.

    Scooter isn’t well? When did this happen?? What’s wrong? Good lordy, girl – tell us!

    Have a low testosterone day – and remember, #1 should learn to do his own laundry. Run outta underwear, tough. He’ll learn. LOL D 🙂

  3. Your Moon photo is amazing!
    I’m struck by how blue the night sky looks.

    I’m sorry you’re feeling this way.
    Booo to that!
    It all gets to be too much after a while,ugh
    Mmmmhmmm,pitch a fit. That’ll relieve
    some pressure and shake the gang up a bit.
    They NEED it every so often!
    Works for me,hehehehe

  4. The laundry just keeps multiplying around here too.

  5. My sister started to get like that when she was that age and I remember when my mom finally had enough and took her by her shoulders and pushed her up against a wall and lifted her off the ground and basically ripped her a new ahole and told her to straightin her ass out, it worked!
    Sorry to hear about the horse I hope all is good and yes it would be nice to have a night with no hubby once in awhile.

  6. the first sign of moon madness is publishing a photo of it that pushes right over into your sidebar..
    yup. thats the first sign.

    Its a disease – and it can take anywhere from 7 – 12 years to recover.
    Fortunately they do… some parents don’t.

  7. brian-Im fighting the urge to howl

    FF-dont give me any ideas!

    Lael-I could scream my head off and no one would care…..

    kelli-what is w/ all the dirty clothes?

    dianak-hmmm grounding doesnt seem to work…..its more like punishment for ME

    pamela-oh great, you are making me feel so optimistic!

  8. I was told once by a friend that aliens invaded our children’s bodies when they were 13 and returned them when they were 18… Not sure about that but the teen years are hard. I would never live through it again.

    My 15 year old sometimes acts 10 and at other times 21. You just gotta love them and teach them to do their own laundry!


  9. omg that’s an awesome moon pic

  10. Rebecca

    Well darling the bad news is there isn’t a medicine for 13 yo boys or girls. Remember I teach 11 and 12 yr olds DAILY. They were calm today, they were all showing off their new clothes (threads) that Santa brought them for Christmas.

    I can totally understand wanting HUBBY to take a night in a hotel for your own “me time” that sounds much needed. Tell him in a polite way, HOney I worry so much about you doing so much driving, couldn’t you get a good nights sleep if you were given a few hrs or unwinding rather than DRIVING?

    LSU is on…half time….I must return to my city.
    They show ya so much of the Quarter…Bourbos Street will be LIT up tonight along with all of the tourists. My city needs the money….

  11. I think it may be hormones, and I don’t think there’s a medicine for it. We all should remember how mouthy and how much attitude we had towards our parents. The kids growing older and doing that is a sign that they are starting to think for themselves, and unfortunately, that brings feelings of knowing what’s better for them than you do, which is mostly wrong.

    I hope things get better for you, and that you can look at the moon and not feel madness again 😉

  12. I love the full moon, but it does make me a bit crazy…

    Missed ya! but back now…

  13. KM-aliens……yep sounds like a good explanation.

    anne-the moon was so bright!

    celeste-for me or my teen?

    rebecca-if only it were so easy…..Ive been in love w/ NO since I read the first books of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles

    MT-yeah, I look back and see just how WISE my father really is!

    mel-Im glad Im not the only one 🙂

  14. My daughter didn’t get cuckoo until age 14 but boy, when she did she did it with a vengeance…I think it’s a combination of hormones and testing boundaries.

    I was so pissed off at my husband Tuesday evening. I’d spent the day doing laundry and was so proud that I’d gotten it all done when he came home from work and asked me, with a twinkle in his eye, when I was going to do laundry. I looked at the hamper and it was full again! The shithead had cleaned up his closet floor where he’d been throwing stuff while I was in Kansas. Boys NEVER grow up.

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