This is me today but louder with hair…..

My day got off to a banner start. Here is how it has been so far in chronological order:

1. hubby makes enough noise at 5:30 am to wake me up. Then lamely apologizes and asks for breakfast. JERK!

2. After I get hubby shoved out the door to work, then get son#1 up and in the shower, I run out to the barn to check on the Old Guy. He does not greet me with a whinny, he has most of his last nights feed left inside his bucket (very not good), and it appears he has just shuffled his hay around into a big mess. He did drink water tho. I put a bit of sweet feed into a bucket to tempt the Old Guy but he was not interested in it, he just wanted me to stand by him, which I did not have time for. I grabbed a brush and gave his coat a quick swipe. Now I am more than concerned, I am overcome with a sick worried feeling.

3. I get Wee One dressed and we get on the road to town to drop son #1 at school. I stop at the little local store when we get into our tiny town so I can cash a check for Son #1’s lunch money and pick up a 12 pk of coke. While I am sitting in the car waiting for son #1 inside the store, Wee One decides to CRAP HIS PANTS! As the smell starts to drift into the front of the car, Wee One says, “Dont crap your britches, poopy in the potty.” It is only 7:30 am and Wee One has been on the potty 4X since getting up at 6:30 am. The last time being 15 seconds before we walked out the door and he vehemently denied needing to potty. So, we have to turn around, speed back home and take care of mr. nasty ass (we still have a 15 minute one way ride to the school). By now, I am getting into a really foul mood but trying not to show it. At least son #1 was being well-behaved unlike his bratty little brother. We barely make it in time to school but Son #1 was not late.

4. Wee One and I make it back home. I jump in the shower while he is watching the backyardigans and dancing with his Pablo doll in the living room. I exit the shower and go search for him because he is no longer dancing around with Pablo but in the kitchen hollering, “sheep!” I find him up on top of the cook stove looking down into the burner. He points to his sheep he shoved down inside while I was in the shower. It did not melt because he blew out all of the pilots. Agh! I was not in the shower longer than 4 minutes. OMG! this kid has to give me a break-geesh.

5. After I get dressed for the day, I look out the window to check on the Old Guy. I see him laying down in an unusual spot. I set Wee One up at the table with all of his play doh stuff and go outsode to get the Old Guy on this feet. I walk to the back pasture and he does not rise until I rub his back and urge him to do so (very not good). Then he gets up and just stands there, I walk away a bit, he still just stands there looking at me. I walk up to where I threw a fresh flake of hay on the ground hoping he’ll be tempted, he is slowly walking towards it. I reach the gate, as I open it, The Old Guy whinnys at me, then starts to trot slowly in my direction. He stops at the hay and nibbles, then goes to his feed bucket and munches a tiny bit. I come inside and place a call to the vet who is still out of town but is supposed to call me asap. Gah! I hate this.

6. I also happen to have a piercing ear ache from hell. I am going to take 2 extra strength tylenol and lay down, please wake me up when 2008 starts. Because, 2007 has sucked so far.

I wont post again until I have something nice to say…………………….

catch ya later.


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12 responses to “Scream

  1. Oh dear. I am so sorry to hear about Old Guy not doing well. When is the vet supposed to be back? I’ve got a great equine here in MS that I can ship to you!!

    Mr. Crappy Pants? Well, I know that my daughter used to do the same thing, so hopefully he will grow out of it soon. He can feel your stress and is gleefully adding to it.

    Hang in there, post all you want. You don’t have to wait till you have something nice to say, we don’t mind!! I hope that you do start feeling better. Take some drugs, tell hubby to take Wee One and rest for a moment. Trust me if you don’t, you’ll only end up getting sick! HUGS and love to you!

  2. Lordy! What a day! Give TT a shot of something strong to knock him out & get some rest, girl!

    Scooter is disinterested in food, not good. Hope the vet gets back to you quick. Let us know what’s going on with the dear.

    I am not having a wonderopus day, either, but no where near as rough as yours, my friend! God bless you!

    Fell better and rested soon! Talk to you then. D 🙂

  3. aww no. You’re really having a rough time:(
    I wish I could do more for you than say I’m sorry.
    I’ll be thinking of you and the Old Guy.
    Lots of love.

  4. I’m sorry you’re having such a crappy (no pun intended) time. 😦 Hubby needs to stay overnight at his job–is the weather foul enough to warrant that? Any family nearby who can take the little guy for a couple of days?

    Get the vet out to look at the Old Guy; it’s not knowing which makes us nuts.

    Don’t stop blogging! We’re worried about you.

  5. ouch what a day, hugs

  6. Annin BG,

    Sorry I am late and please let us all know asap about Scooter.

    Call us if you need anything at all.


  7. Rebecca

    I am so sorry about ALL of the shit you’re dealing with today. It did start off crappy…and well the FULL moon in your pic the other day—I guess said why fight today. Just get through it and wake up tomorrow and know it’s Friday and you should go to a friends house or hell get yourself a hotel room for the night…You can escape.

    Hope the Vet has called you by now and you get positive results. Y’all both deserve them …

    Tell hubby to make his own breakfast tonight and to leave it in the fridge…or pop out a box of cereal and leave him a note on the toilet—Pour your own MILK…..I’m sleeping in!

  8. BG..rant away my friend rant away..I do hope Scooter is ok..hey you need a attitude adjustment day..night ..morning whatever..send the guys to do guy stuff for a day or two..weekend maybe?? and you do absolutely what ever you want to do..or not!!..with or with out gal friends or just scooter..:) hope all settles out before 2008..;)..take care my friend..m

  9. Oh my, what a morning. BTDT with poopy messes, 9 1/2 yrs straight, and I think I’m finally done with them! I hope Old Guy is doing better, or that you at least know what is wrong, and that you are also feeling better. Keep writing and keep us posted.

    (((Hugs))) to you.

  10. Sorry you are having a bad day…I’m also waiting for 2007 to get better…started out by losing our precious Junior and now I have a case of food poisioning from a new Mexican restaurant.

  11. pinky-my ear is better today

    ff-I hope your day got better

    lael-thnx! send some poutine…that’ll make me feel better 🙂

    doe-not knowing is exactly right! I have no family in Okla other than hubbys. My inlaws are too old to keep Wee One and all the sitters and my friends who could help either work or have school. His daycare lady just had a new baby girl around xmas. So her daycare is closed for another 2 weeks or so 😦


    bri-thnx. I will

    rebecca-if it were only that easy

    pamela-I will

    madd-geesh 2007 just started!

    momto3cubs-no more messes for you, I am jealous

    swampwitch-yeah, your ’07 started out bad too. I hope you get over your food poisoning-ack!

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