The Birds and The Bees

 Oh Joy!

 I was checking the weather for the rest of the week, I found out that we lucky people in Oklahoma have a chance for an ice storm coming this weekend .

Earlier this afternoon I had 2 eagles soaring over my home. I think it is the same 2 Ive watched before. They nest near my home on the edge of a ranch. Ive watched them a few times from the county road, they are magnificent birds….

 I dont not like birds in general.

Of course, by the time I ran inside, got my camera out of the case, and turned on, the eagles had nearly disappeared into the distance.

Wee One went to daycare today. He had a good time. He is looking forward to next week already! That is good.

On the way home from picking son #1 up from school. I asked him the same question I ask him everyday when I pick him up, ” did you learn anything good or interesting today?” 

Son #1 answered, “nope.”

Then we went to immediately discussing last nights game. We conquered by 21 points. It was a good game. Son #1 made 7 points, he played great defense.

As we get near home, we drive past the basketball court in our tiny community, cousin B. was there shooting hoops. Son #1 asked for me to drop him off so he can play. I oblige and turn down the next street.

Son #1 says,” oh, I did learn something interesting. I learned what ejaculation was!”

Me, silently to myself, OMG! Then I say outloud, “what? no, I heard you. What class was that in?”

Son #1, “sex-ed, well not really, its called no-sex-ed.”

Me, speeding up to get to the court so this conversation can end, I asked, “who’s the teacher?”

Son #1, “that funky lady from the Health department. Oh, and I know when ejactulation happens too.”

Me, silently to myself, ick! Then I replied, “good, you can discuss that with your dad.”

Son #1 replies,”it happens at the end of sex and..”

I interrupt him as I stopped the car, “Okay, Okay, discuss it with your father.”

Son #1 said as he exited the car, “I will when he gets home tonite from work. Ive got a couple of questions for him anyhow, stuff that only us guys talk about.”

Hmmm, do you think I should warn hubby?

Nah, they have already had The Birds and The bees discussion, more than once…..hubby should be a pro at it by now.



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12 responses to “The Birds and The Bees

  1. No, don’t warn your husband, but do have the camcorder ready, LOL.

    How old is he? My oldest is 9 1/2 and I wonder how long it will be before I’m talking about this stuff with him.

    Glad Wee One had fun! With my first two boys I was home full-time and thought of daycare as evil. Now with my third son I’m a working mom and we LOVE his daycare, and it’s wonderful for him in so many ways.

  2. Aniin BG,

    Isn’t he a little old to be just finding this stuff out?

    More ice in Oklahoma, make sure you have plenty of strong drink on hand.

    I guess Scooter is doing better now, and thanks for the comment on my bird post, it must have been a nightmare. Neigh!!!!! 😛

  3. I absolutely love eagles! I know that would’ve been a sight to see them flying above my home :0)

    I’m CRACKING up over the son’s comment!! That’s great, and definitely something I needed to lift my spirits today. DEFINITELY break out the cam corder!

  4. Well at least he is not afraid to say anything in front of you. can’tr wait to hear hubby’s reaction!

  5. Rebecca

    I busted out laughing with this Thank you! I needed it. One of the coach’s has a career rotation each 6 weeks with us and this 9 weeks he’s in my room third block. There’s a lady who comes in a gives a week of Strictly sex for 6th graders. I don’t think I have ever stayed for a whole lecture of hers. Coach is a big burly guy…very boisterious (spelled wrong?) and most kids fear him not to mention the SEX topic…

    See this is perfect you can tell hubby he needs to take the boys hiking, camping etc and discuss “Manly” things. You can drop the hint to Son #1 on you r next ride home from school.

    See I’m brilliant…nah “A” just left and I feel like a new woman! Night~

  6. Hi Barngoddess, love the photo
    just as well horses have winter coats too
    snow (and cold) doesn’t seem to be bothering them

    Makes it christmassy & picturesque
    In the winter snow

  7. don’t you wonder how many other mothers we’re having this same conversation ??

  8. Hey, at least he’s GOT a sex-ed class! In ancient times – we’re talking the late 70’s here, sex was nearly a forbidden topic. I “learned” about sex when my sister came along, I was 10. Instead of a family talk, comfy and casual, Mom bought a manual from the GYN. How…..personal! Frightening, too. There’s no emotion involved in this comversation of course, just the usual warning, “Good girls don’t!” (then you’re not a good girl anymore once you’re married?!!) I was completely confused and decided I hated men. It was, after all, all their fault.

    Anyhow. Let him be free to talk with you. Don’t be embarrassed. Let him explain to you what he’s learned. You add the love. D 🙂

  9. I saw on our weather forecast there was a chance this weekend…yuck.

    How did hubby handle the talk?

  10. momto3cubs- daycare = happy me 🙂 son#1 is in the 7th grade and will be 13 yo this monday. He’s had ‘sex-ed type class’ before but not in detail like this class.

    brian-no ice, I want my electric to stay ON. Son #1 knows about sex, when ya grow up around animals, its hard NOT to. He just was not clear on the ‘formal terms’ of sex I think.

    christy-this conversation took place in front of Wee One who was a captive audience too..I am just waiting for him to repeat his new word he learned…..

    celeste-yep, Son #1 normally feels comfortable to discuss ANYTHING with his Father and I…..I mean ANYTHING!

    rebecca-Ha! looks like your the one who got sex-eded 😉

    quasar9-horses have a great winter coat. Nature takes care of them pretty darn good.

    FF-son#1 has always felt comfortable talking to his dad and I, no problem there. omg, a GYN manual?! I went to a catholic school, so you can imagine how rigid any sex-ed I received was. Luckily, I had older friends, and cousins who explained the ‘fuzzy details’ to me.

  11. I remember the “film” shown to only the girls by the school nurse in 6th grade. I still have the little booklet she passed out called, “Growing Up and Liking It.” I also remember my poor Mother’s attempt to discuss it. I still get embarrassed thinking about it.

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