Sleeping Beauty

Wee One looked so Angelic when he crashed on the couch earlier today, I could not resist the temptation to take his picture.

But, what you see is not as it appears…….this 3 year old has been a terror for the last 2 days…..literally. Nothing or no one has been safe from his wrath.

He is such a cutie tho, isint he?

Turning Angel: A Novel By: Greg Iles This is the BEST book Ive read in a year or so. Really! Mad River Road was a good read……but this novel is EXCELLENT. If you like page turning, edge of your seat murder mysteries set in the deep south, this book is for you. I am thoroughly enjoying every word written. The content has so many twists and turn and angles it is addictive. I stayed up past midnight lastnight reading and had to force myself to go to bed (only after hubby disturbed me for the 3rd time).

Needless to say, this morning I did not want to bound out of bed at 6am. When the alarm went off I remember saying, “gawd, I am too tired. I do not want to get up.” Hubby replied, “then dont get a job.” I am sure he could feel me glaring at him in the dark because he quickly said, ” you can go back to sleep, I’ll call y’all at 7 and make sure your up to get to school on time.” My answer was a steely silence, then I got up out of bed and on with the day.

I knew how he really felt about me thinking about returning back to work. This was just the first time he ever said anything outloud. Jerk.

Tomorrow is the interview for the position I really want. I think I really want it…..I do not know for sure.” Do I? ” I keep asking myself? Sometimes I think I may be going crazy. Oh well, there are a lot of crazy people in the world. At least I wont be alone.


Son #1 and I have a lot of outdoor chores to do this afternoon in preparation for the ice/snow/winter/cold weather we are supposed to get this weekend. The last 2 days the winds have been blowing upwards of 40mph+ it is awful. I hate wind, 40 mph gusts even worse. Tomorrow the rain starts………..I am so READY for summer.



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15 responses to “Sleeping Beauty

  1. Aniin BG,

    Came home sick this morning, just got up after sleeping all afternoon. Good luck tonight with the second interview. 🙂

  2. Will Turning Angels give me nightmares?

    Hey you missed the post off of sleeping kids between


    your picture fits right in

  3. Hey! Got my fingers crossed for you! Go get ’em!

    Hubby will adjust. He’ll have to.

    Hope you & #1 get all the outside chores done before the weather worsens. Does Scooter have a blanket when it’s cold? Does he stay in the barn?

    Been nursing HonBun back to health today. Don’t think it’s working, though. sigh…

    D : )

  4. I love love love Greg Iles’ books! I’ve read almost all of them. I read this one when it first came out in paperback.

    Your little guy turns into an angel when he sleeps, for sure.

    Best of luck on your interview.

  5. I’ll have to check that book out! I love reading mystery novels, it passes so quickly and I always have to force myself to go to sleep.

    Ahhh, the eternal job question. It’s a hard one, but you have to do what’s right for you. I was thinking about it myself and then when I did a Pro/Con list, I thought “Have I gone CRAZY?!? I don’t want to go back to that again!”. So that’s where I’m at.

    Good luck with the winter prep. It’s going to be nasty here, just no snow. Wind? check. Rain? check. Me napping on the sofa? oh, yeah, double check.

  6. Rebecca

    We are all crazy.
    Some more so than others.

    Hope the interview goes well.

  7. Good luck with the interview. Being a working mom is tough, but having that life away from home and family is a good thing, for everyone. I guess you’ll soon find out if it was meant to be or not!

    Sounds like here in WI we are just expecting a little light snow–the big news is that very cold weather is coming our way, yuck.

  8. BG..just stopping by to wish you good luck..Wee one looks so beautiful sleeping there all bundled up..he really can’t be the little one that has been a holy terror..must be his evil twin..:) keep warm and dry this weekend..nasty weather usually brings other nasty things..flu cold, you know all that good stuff..take care..m

  9. I told hubby we had to get to teh grocery store today, I need winter foods so I can have soup and stews and all that stuff this weekend and stay in and not venture outside.

  10. aw just looks nice and cozy wrapped up in the blanket on a cold day. I should do that today lol

  11. Just left you a comment, got caught in your spam catcher cause it has a link.

  12. I just finished that book. The story behind the statue reminded me of a picture that my grannie had that always seemed it was looking at you.
    Love those suspenseful kind of books.
    And the wee one looks like an angel as well.
    Angelic sleeping, quiet children.. It’s a parents time to forgive their devilish times.

  13. as well…. good luck today.
    may it be what you truly want.

  14. Your lil’ guy is soooooo CUTE! Good luck with the interview…..not that you need it…..sending big hugs and good vibes your way!

  15. Lu

    I truly hope you are not out running around in this terrible weather!!!
    Stay safe!

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