13 Years Ago..


13 years ago today, after 24 hours of labor, son #1 came into the world at 7:44 pm. He weighed 10lbs, 3 ounces and was 23 inches long.

It all started the night of January 14th 1994 about 7:30 pm. Hubby pulled into the driveway from a 14 hour day of work. He was dead tired. He jumped into the shower, then over his dinner we talked excitedly about our unborn baby(we decided not NOT know the babys sex so it would be a suprise),then hubby crashed into bed snoring by 9pm.

  Meanwhile, my contractions had started just before 6:30 pm but I kept this to myself. I had just gotten out of the hospital because I had to have an emergancy back surgery over Thanksgiving while 7 months pregnant. I was in no rush to return to the hospital. 

Earlier in the day long before my labor started, I was starving! I mean ravenous, nothing edible was safe from my jaws. All I wanted to do was EAT. My friend D. killed and cleaned a wild rabbit for me. I had mentioned to him I was craving wild rabbit meat, so he kindly obliged. I cooked and ate the WHOLE rabbit throughout the day-yes, I consumed the ENTIRE rabbit all by myself.

While hubby snoozed during the night, I cleaned my house top to bottom, packed my suitcase, and then packed the babies bag.  I took a shower, shaved my legs, fixed myself up with makeup and curled my hair, then I woke hubby up an hour before daylight.

He flew out of bed like a rocket. He was panicked. I was calm as can be. He warmed up the truck on that frosty morning and we sped to the hospital. What normally took a 45 minute drive, we made it into the OB ward in less than 30 minutes.

I was dilated and everything was progressing well. I was in a lot of pain but declined any pain meds, I was worried about it hurting my baby (yeah, I was a dumbass in that regard at first). 

Sometime during the day, in between the white hot searing worse pain in the world contractions, hubby came into my room and said,” how are you? you okay? do you think you can do this?” 

I shouted back”WTF? you asshole!! its kinda late to be worried about that now!!!!! GET OUT!” followed by a string of cuss words I hollered at hubby’s quickly retreating form.

Seriously, at that very moment in time, if I had access to some kind of weapon, I would have used it to end hubbys life…..thats how crazy hard labor can make a woman. Luckily for hubby, I was strapped down to a fetal monitor and hooked up to a catheter.

Shortly after my loud outburst, a nurse enters my room with a syringe. I inquire as to what she is injecting into my IV.

 She answers, “I just spoke with your husband and Dr. C. We all feel it is best if you take something to calm your nerves and maybe ease up the pain a bit.”

Oh yeah……that felt good. That stuff felt really good.

I never did dilate to a 10. There was a brief discussion about a C-section which I was opposed to, I was ready to push. We figured 9 and a quarter was all I was going to dilate.

Finally the MD came into the room and I said, “its now or never because Im ready to push and cant fight the urge any longer.”

Then we got down to business. It was over before I knew it. I had a wonderful brown eyed nurse who assisted and never even flinched when my potty mouth got the better of me and I cussed like a sailor on shore leave.

I made a mental note, if there is ever a next time, drugs, more drugs and an epidural is on the agenda.

After son #1 came into the world, I got a huge dose of morphine…….opiates, ya just gotta love ’em.

Son #1 was hollering and carrying on until he was swaddled and passed around to the crowd of family and friends that had some how gathered in my delivery room.

The look on hubbys face was priceless. He was so proud and happy. I was starving but really enjoying the morphine……..

It was worth every second of pain and the 9 months of discomfort…….




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12 responses to “13 Years Ago..

  1. Aniin BG,

    Just think, today you could be on live television giving birth. That would be a ratings smash. 😉

    I know how proud of #1 son you are, although things aren’t always smooth. Enjoy the memories and have fun today.

    So, did you weather the ice storms all right? Scooter ok? Have power and all that???

    Love you

  2. Hope son #1 has a very happy birthday!

  3. They grow up so fast and funny how you “forget” the pain…yeah, right. Cute pics. Happy Birthday!
    Do you still have ice at your place? Nothing like a good ‘ole Oklahoma ice storm.

  4. Happy Birthday, Oldest.
    You cleaned all night while in labor! At least you came home from the hospital to a clean house, haha..you nut!

    Today is my Dad’s birthday too.

  5. brian-eww on the commercial, no thanks. I was in a manicure commerical once tho. We are covered under inches of sleet/ice but otherwise I am okay



    swampwitch-the pain, ha it was BAD! the car wreck and all of the injuries I sustained was much worse than labor tho. ICE, ICE, and MORE ICE everywhere. gah, Im ready for summer.

    jenny-being preggers did make me nuts, heheh. At least I had an excuse then. happy b-day to your dad, its a good day uh?

  6. Oh, Happy, happy – Joy, joy! Son #1 is 13 for 365 days! Whew! Good luck to you! LOL

    I hope it thaws soon and spring comes early for you. Stay safe & warm! Much love! D 🙂

  7. It sure is hard work getting them here… and there are 1000000000’s of us. So, we I guess the pain doesn’t stop us.

    13…. whew. I’m glad I’m not raising a teenager.

    HP to your son.
    and congratulations on surviving so far!!!

  8. h

    A teenager!!!!
    Happy Birthday, and good luck today with your interview.

  9. ff-thnk you 🙂 I hope your having a great monday

    pamela-I am dreading the teen years….

    h-thnx! I canceled my interview. Ill post about it tomorrow maybe…

  10. Awww,a teenager! They grow up way to fast!
    Happy birthday to your young man!

  11. Hey BG glad to see you made it through the ice storm ok..and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to son #1..take care..m

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