The Big Chill

 No School again today. Son #1 is gleeful.

I took this picture of Scooter Tuesday morning. He was angry I shooed him outside for awhile. He still had access to shelter, he was just acting cranky because he had to eat outside. Brat!

This is outside my door facing West.

Only a few of son #1’s friends that live locally were able to come over for cake and ice cream on his birthday this past Monday because of the icy roads. The 3 brothers that attended traveled to our home by 4-wheelers.

I took this picture of Wee One after his nap on Monday. He isint quite awake yet. Recently his favorite toy is his ‘tweet tweet’ his favorite Aunt J. sent him for Xmas. Along with tweet tweet Wee One has his favorite outfit-full camo. Boys are so much fun!

More sleet in the forecast this weekend. This is so unfair……..

I got called back for the second part of the job INTERVIEW  I went on last week. They have narrowed it down to 2 possible applicants and I am one of the 2. Today I have to make the call to either go ahead with the 2nd part of the interview or to tell them I am not interested.

I am going to do the latter because I am not ready to work weekends….the graveyard shift isint what has turned me off, it is mainly the weekends(and all of the idiots that run around at night on the weekends which makes this type of job harder to do).

Grrrrr. I hope school isint out again tomorrow…



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13 responses to “The Big Chill

  1. I hope the weather improves. Here is good for at least right now…just cold. We leave for Tulsa tommorow so hoping weather cooperates.

  2. School is still out here today, so I have the two granddaughters. Help, somebody! At least it’s supposed to warm up to 30 or so. Maybe some of this treacherous ice will leave.

    The horses here usually choose not to go in their shelter, although they do stand in front of it and use it as a windbreak a lot.

  3. Aniin BG,

    Lets face it, if you had a choice between eating inside or out, wouldn’t you eat inside?

    Love the cardinal plush, we have a pair that live around our house and they are always in the birdbath.

    It’s a little chilly here today, going to only be in the low 60’s.

    If you want a job, you can always get one later, go with what feels right.

    Hope school is back soon. 🙂

  4. Rebecca

    I read the thinking over comment you put on Christy’s blog. Go kitty! Go kitty! Go get a kitty! I think it’s a marvelous idea…I mean they all need a good home , and I just think about how you are *loving and kind* with Scooter and Elvis. Imagine the joy and love you can give a special kitty!!!!

    Have I offered enough positive reinforcement yet???

    It dropped about 20 degrees yesterday. We had sprinkles of rain all day and from 68 in the morning to 50 by dinner time…and it hit 40 last night. I like cooler weather!
    I know you are enjoying your boys~ Let them help you clean some, or cook some….or do some of your everyday chores. Just a thought.

  5. Snow here today, no school. My daughter is supposed to go into Ft. Worth this afternoon to do paperwork for the job she’s supposed to start next Monday. I’m worried about her being on the roads in this. Not so worried about HER driving but about the other idiots on the roads.

  6. they probably already had you chosen…. now they have to start all over again.

    It’s cold here but no snow. Everywhere around us east west north south. But here just a light dusting and ice ice ice.

    I’m with Scooter. No picnics in this weather please.

  7. kt

    good luck BG!! i hope you get the job. it just turned in the 20s here and i about lost my breath this morning stepping outside. stay warm where you are 🙂

  8. kelli-I think the weather is supposed to turn nasty over the weekend.yuck

    donna-I will take snow anyday over ICE

    brian-yes, I HOPE school is not out again tomorrow because of the ice. The school buses cannot get around on this ice, if it doesnt melt Im afraid no school-ack! our high today is only 29 deg.

    rebecca-lol, I am still not entirely sold on the kitten idea….still debating.

    pamela-ha, I doubt it, I have a feeling they like to hire men over women……

    kt-stay warm!

  9. Oh so cold! I hope it thaws for you soon, you’ll need the sanity break!

    Glad some of #1’s friends were able to make it over in this weather.

    Scooter DOES look PO’d, bad horsey momma! Bad, bad! LOL

    Stay warm! D 🙂

  10. I’m sorry the job didn’t work out. I can understand your reasons but I do hope you find something else that you like.

    It’s freezing over here as week, though there’s no sleet. Stay warm!

  11. It is so cold there! I know my Mom is just freezing. I guess we get somewhat used to it up here but actually it is has been somewhat mild for the most part. I mean, we have had ice, subzero temps but they are more the norm for this time of year.

    You WeeOne is a cutie! Love those curls!

  12. Wow, I can’t believe how long everything is shut down in your area.

    Temps in the single digits here, but it’s sunny and not windy, so it doesn’t seem too bad.

    My two youngest boys are often wearing full camo, LOL.

  13. I hope it warms up soon! I got cold seeing those temps!
    Precious won’t stay in the barn because Crystal poops in it. She won’t stay in a stall that has poop in it. (they are muddy right now so I am not cleaning them!)

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