Meow Mix

School is closed for the rest of this week because of the icy roads-oh, joy!

Yesterday afternoon we got hit with a snow shower. It was pretty but hard to enjoy since Oklahoma is still buried under inches of ice.

Here Comes Another snow storm this weekend. On Saturday we have an 80% chance of getting several inches of snow dumped on us.


 The other night during the ice storm, hubby and I talked about getting a kitten. We are still ‘thinking‘ about it.

We do not want another dog. Elvis is enough! Do not get me wrong, we love our little Elvis dog dearly but…..ya just gotta know Elvis in person.

Oklahoma’s climate isint great for most dog breeds, especially the ones with long/thick coats. I would love to have an Alaskan Malamute as part of our family. Unfortunately, this breed of dog would be miserable in Oklahoma.

 Anyhow, hubby and I were surfing the net checking out cats in general and we came across some interesting breeds:

Red Earth Bengals and Savannahs Cats

I really like these cats! But not enough to pay $1000 for a kitten. But they are cool, dont you agree?

Barecats Sphynx

What a creepy cat, right? I happen to like these hairless cats… no shedding. Shedding is something that is a major concern for me. I do not want a bunch of cat hair floating about. I know shedding is something that cannot be totally unavoidable…if I can minimize it, then I am all for it. I am very open to one of these hairless cats, I think they are unique looking. Hubby said he thought it might creep him out. Son #1 said, “ewwww, no way. gross.” Wee One doesn’t have an opinion. I think he really doesn’t care. Oh well, no need worrying about it, these cats are well over the $1000 range anyhow.

SoonerState Siberians

This Siberian breed is new to me. I have never heard of this breed before. They look kinda hairy and they also look kinda crabby. Anyhow, this is the type of cat I want to stay away from…..all that hair.



It is interesting to check out and learn about all of the fancy cat breeds out there. However, I think if I do decide to get a cat, Ill get a short-haired heinz 57.



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20 responses to “Meow Mix

  1. Rebecca

    Hey admitting on our blog that you are “still” thinking about a kitty makes me *SMILE* ear to ear. There are so many sad faces at the local humane society in your area. Save a life…..Elvis would have a playmate and the boys would learn compassion and a gentleness only kitties can bring…..YIPPIEEEEE

    I may be more excited than your whole family!

    I was so in hopes with the freezing temp and rain last night school would be closed for us too! No such luck. ICK!!! Now I have a conference to attend. Loved the kitty reading~~~~


  2. I hope the storm passes you by this time.

    Great kitty pics……that one looks inside out….lol

    PS I have been trying to comment the last two days and it’s not letting me….sniff sniff!

  3. Lu

    Awww…so glad to know you recognize the facts about the climate conditions for certain dogs…
    My Niece in Oregon has 2 malamutes and my DIL in Houston is with the Siberian Husky Rescue and has always had huskies….talk about unsuited for the climate…that is one reason she was with them…of course, then you become attached and do not want to give up the dogs..that is why her mom now has 3 and a stray that was dumped there…only keeping them until they can get a home for them, sure…*smile* they affectionately call the mix ‘Ugly’ and it fits..Thank goodness there is a rescue unit there…these dogs must be miserable in the Houston climate! Rebecca has it right…try the humane will never be sorry…of course one wants to help all of them..and I would make sure TT is not allergic before I do this too! Good Luck…It’s a good thing (you will do) – Martha would say!

  4. Aniin BG,

    You will love getting a pretty kitty from a local shelter. With those cute widdle eyes and going meow-meow. Best of all, they use a potty box instead of always going outside. Nice when it’s snowy and icy.

    You know, back in my day, we got a foot of snow every day… and we liked it. 😛

  5. rebecca-we do not have a ‘local’ humane society. The closest is in B-ville dammit. I may have to venture out soon on the slick roads to Wal-Mart tho and WM is in b-ville 🙂

    RNG-thnx! sorry about the commenting thing… at a loss

    lu-wee one isint allergic to animal dander, Iam happy about that

    brian-growing up in N.MI I remember those days well. Funny, I dont remember SNOW being such a pain in the ass when I was a kid. Ha!


  7. we love your shelter cat…
    but she won’t catch mice. What?

  8. that was we love OUR shelter cat.

    I don’t have my glasses on and somehow that effects my fingers.

    (what would you pet with a hairless cat?)

  9. My BIL has wanted a hairless cat for years, I think they are so ugly.

    We are heading to Tulsa this afternoon, hope to get there get settled, then get up in the morning do Braden’s treatment at 9 and be out of there by late afternoon so we can be home because we too are expecting yuck to hit on Saturday.

  10. BG, I just love a bald pussy. 😛

  11. I still say, go with an adoption from a shelter. They are already litter trained and are usually very loveable, they are grateful to you for the love.

    If you are looking for a particular type of cat, check out rescue operations in your state. You’d be surprised how many beautiful cats are needing homes, either from a death in the family or life’s woes. These cats are great as well. they usually come with a health report and vet records.

    Unless you actually WANT to train a kitten from scratch, get a yearling. Still young, but knowledgable.

    All 3 of mine are rescues/adoptions. They are extremely loveable and fun.

    That’s my take on it. D 🙂

  12. We had a priest once who raised hairless dogs, 2 different kinds. They were always shivering and so ugly they were cute. I’m with everyone who said to rescue a kitty from a shelter.

  13. oral

    Cool cats pics! Pussys are the best!

  14. Come see me. I have some kitties waiting to be born(probably under my bed)
    I loved the hairless kitty’s eyes.
    Be careful. I hate snow on top of ice!

  15. bri and oral- gasp! your turning my blog into an x-rated one……thats okay 🙂

    pamela-my old cat was a Russian Blue (deceased) was called the mouser, she was a great mouser too

    kelli-I hope all goes well for y’all on your trip, the roads stay good and brae’s treatment goes smoothly for him. I LIKE the hairless kitty…..but they cost a lot of $$

    FF-I want a small kitten if I get one. Im going to check out B-ville’s Humane Society website (if they have one!)

    jenny-I once knew a hairless Chihuahua named ‘Duke’. He liked to bite too. I hated that dog but he was cool looking

    Celeste-awwww dammit, you live too far away 😦

  16. I’m afraid the bald kitty is too creepy. Besides, cats are “supposed” to have fur. That’s what makes em cuddly 🙂

    I can completely understand the whole thing about shedding though. It gets everywhere, and I do mean everywhere.

    Good luck on deciding which kitty is good for you 🙂

  17. Lu

    Bald kitty was SCARY!!!! really scary!

  18. My middle son has been begging for a cat for years. He loves them. But DH does not likes cats.

    No shedding would be nice, but the hairless one is just too strange, LOL. We know a hairless dog, and it doesn’t really seem like a dog. No fun to pet either.

    Stay safe and warm!

  19. SailorMoon

    Definitely save a life and get one. I come across so many strays and bring them home, but most of them leave, guess they don’t like my chaotic family. I have 2 cats now, orange and white mix, both males. If you are getting a kitten, I’d almost say get 2, I had a siamese mix kitten before these 2 that drove me nuts, just wild. With 2 they can play with each other and drive each other nuts. I like the hairless cat, and call me weird but I’m a flea fanatic, always checking my cats for them. I don’t know if I’d be happy or disappointed with the hairless cat, the fleas would be easy to spot, but takes the fun out of hunting. Yes, I’m weird, and yes, my cats are flea treated but there always still one or 2. Okay, now that I’ve embarassed myself by my weird fetish, I’ll go!! 😉 We are thawed out, for now, but a possible ice storm coming up. What is with this winter?? My kids were out Monday for the holiday, then Wednesday for the ice and a 2 hour delay yesterday. Seems like all I’ve done is stock up on food this week.

  20. I’ve heard that the hairless kitties feel like suede, which would be cool. 🙂 The Siberian looks like our Rooney and he’s not crabby at all! He doesn’t shed that much, either. Pound kitties are the way to go, although here they aren’t all that cheap; it was something like $100 to adopt Roons although that did include a discount on neutering.

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