Nosey MeMe

A few days ago I received an email with a very nosey questionnaire. Here it is…..

1.  If you were stranded on a deserted Island alone, who is the one person you’d like to be stranded with? Does it have to be a person? I do not think I could tolerate being stuck with another HUMAN, they might get on my nerves which would be very bad for them. I choose my horse Scooter

2. your stranded on a deserted Island, what 3 hygiene products/cosmetics would you absolutely have to have? toilet paper, liquid soap, toothbrush. I am gonna be all alone (except for Scooter) so who cares what I look like. I’ll be clean tho.

3.yes, you guessed it, your stuck on that d*mn deserted Island again, what 4 foods/drinks must you have to survive? popcorn, flamin hot cheetos, mikes hard lemonade, coca-cola-classic

4. what is your favorite article of clothing? my old, worn, brown, leather boots

5. skinny jeans, are they for you?. Yes or No no, my fat ass does not look all that flattering in them

6. if drugs were legal, what would your drug of choice be? weed, pot, wacky tobacky, maryjane, reefer,smoke. did I leave any names out? Sometimes I hate being a responsible parent and law abiding citizen, its not fun.

7.Have you ever been handcuffed either because your a criminal or are into BDSM? yes. not because I broke the law ( I dont think I did anyhow).

8. do you have porn on your computer? yes as a matter of fact I do.

9. how often do you masturbate? What?!?!!??!! what the hell kinda question is that? ya perv!!

10. what do you really think of President Bush? he’s the President and deserves our respect, that’s all Im gonna say about that whole thing right now. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!

11. who is your favorite celebrity? I do not really have one but I think Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, and Keanu Reeves are all hot.

12. which celebrity do you hate? I have a whole list. Paris Hilton, K-Fed, Mike Tyson, Jessica Simpson…..

13. are you a dog or cat person? both!

14. How many real friends do you have? This does notmean online friends. I have 2 best friends and several in real life friends

15. If you are married or a significant other, and you had the opportunity to cheat with someone you are attracted to without EVER getting caught or having any kind of repercussions, would you do it? cheat? geesh, maybe…..not ever, ever, never getting busted for it?

16. what was your most embarrassing moment in high school? I threw a huge keg party when I was a high school senior. A couple of kids at the public school got busted and during the monday morning announcement over the PA system, the principle said he needed to see ME in his office during lunch regarding some festivities that occurred when we (Catholic school students) were out of school for All Saints Day. It was no secret I was behind the party but I was embarrassed for being told on in front of the whole entire high school. I never did fess up to anything, or get into trouble for it. It was all circumstantial and I was not about to incriminate myself. I plead the 5th.

17. did you go to prom? and did you actually have a date (of the opposite sex that wasnt your parent or blood relative)? yes, I went to 2 proms. Yes, I had a male date for both proms. The SAME guy but 2 different dresses, years 1986 and 1987.

18. state one strange fact about yourself you have never revealed. heres 3 facts. A) I floss my teeth obsessively when I am at home. B) I flush the toilets in my house whether they need it or not, something about stinky. stale water….even tho I have tidy bowl discs in the tanks. C) I have as many pictures displayed in my house of my horse as I do of my family members

19. what is 1 pet peeve you have? just one not a whole list either. because I dont feel like following rules, here’s 2 of my pet peeves. A) know-it-all people B) body odor/bad breath-no excuse to stink!

20.would you run through your city’s main-street bare-ass naked for $100,000? if not, name your price. Hell YES! I dont care how scary I might be naked, I’d have a hundred thousand dollars!! Heck, today I’d do it for 5 thousand dollars…..for my ‘new horse fund’ bank account.

21. what is your favorite body part of the opposite sex? apart from the obvious, I like nice teeth, strong tanned muscular arms attached to working mans hands, broad shoulders, and a cute little arse.

22. what turns you ON about the opposite sex? didn’t I just answer that in the above question? okay, here’s a few qualities I like in men A) confidence B) a well paying job C) sense of humor D) polite, definitely NOT loud or rude

23. what turns you OFF about the opposite sex? A) long fingernails B) a lot of hair anywhere (especially the nose and ears-gross!) C) too thin ( my mans gotta have some meat on his bones) Ill stop now, I could go on and on…. honest but nice, what did you think of this questionnaire? I thought it was very nosey and a bit irritating but I did it as a favor to YOU, E.T. (my friend E.T, not to be confused with E.T the extraterrestrial, sent it to me)

25. refer back to question #14. Now, send this questionnaire to your friends. If you have any. 

I am not tagging anyone in particular…..if you feel brave give it a whirl!



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11 responses to “Nosey MeMe

  1. Annin BG,

    I am home sick today, and I see the doctor this afternoon.

    #4 Clothing??? Vat is dis clothing???

    #8 Porn vit da puter?? Dat is very kinky. 😉

    #9 Is this how many times daily?

    #13 Dogs no, pussies yes.

    #20 Just let us know where we can send the money in return for the pictures. You want the horse right??

    #22 The fact that they are opposite??? Doh!!!

    So I am being a BRAT today, I’m sick ok.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. LOL, good job with that!

    If I were on an island, like you, I’d want a horse. I can’t count how many times I’ve watched The Black Stallion.

  3. Rebecca

    I enjoyed your info~ thanks for sharing. I just may answer them for you. I mean you are considering adding a cat to your family~ it’s the least I could do right?????
    How’s the weather today????

  4. Rebecca

    I’d want a few cats—if you can have scooter…it’s only fair right? = p

  5. brian-yes your a brat…I hope your Doc gives you some ummmmm meds..

    momto3cubs-great movie! great book too.

    rebecca-are you taking the dare? hmmmm?

  6. Rebecca

    OK where’s my love?? You haven’t been by in
    ” DAYS”…sniff ….sniff…..

  7. Hey BarnGoddess
    One & six do it for me

    Maybe we should get stranded for a while with a couple of horses, a wigwam and a peace pipe.

    I can live without Internet or mobile phones, I spent three months in the Andes between Colombia and Venezuela with the aruaco indians.
    I say ‘with’ but I was on my own, sometimes with a horse in the remotest parts, and I would sometimes approach the locals to share a meal or trade some cooking oil for sugar, or potatoes for pineapples and bananas – you know going from warm lower down to cold higher up, and back.

    Just for something to do, but best of all was developing night vision – with no electric lights around – the night were starry bright.

  8. I enjoyed this meme too. I’ll think about doing it, but you’re right, it IS nosey! haha

  9. rebecca-I have so…I was by early this AM no new post, Im coming over now

    quasar9-okay, you can come to my deserted island w/ me but only if you bring the supplies and wear a loin cloth..heheh joking

    jenny-do it, I know youve got the guts 🙂 yes, it is a nosey Meme.

  10. I would smoke pot and run naked with you!

  11. I admire your honesty BG !
    The more I visit here, the more I think I may have to get back on a horse,one more time.
    I see y’all are about to be the recipients of more “weather events”. That’s what they call them here now..not blizzards, etc..but significant weather events. PC weather..who’da thunk it. We went from a flurry or 2 forecast to over 10 inches here today 😦 .
    Due to the snow, it has covered the thin ice on the lakes and is giving people a false sense of safety. I listen to the scanner a lot lately !
    Hope y’all stay warm,dry and safe !

    Oh…and hey everyone…always want to say that when I read the comments…you have some mighty fine friends !

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