Wonders Never Cease


I am cranky today. Too much family togetherness is NOT a good thing. The only person who isint annoying me within an inch of my sanity is Wee One-imagine that! 

School had better be in session tomorrow. Because, I am dropping son #1 off at the front doors of the Middle School at 8am. I wont be back to pick him up until 3:10 pm…….

When this winter weather finally leaves Oklahoma alone, I am planning on taking my camera over to the Wild Horse Preserve and getting more photos. It has been while since Wee One and I have taken one of our photographic road trip adventures.


My play-doh sculptor, destined for Greatness….   



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11 responses to “Wonders Never Cease

  1. I was so glad to see the two granddaughters I babysit getting on the school bus Friday! I don’t think they’ll cancel school on account of this four inches of snow we’ve received. I certainly HOPE not, I’m just starting to become human again.

  2. now maybe you are wishing you’d done that 2nd interview? ha ha ha ha ha

  3. rebecca

    I understand the crankiness~ although it doesn’t take family members for me. JUst a mood swing moment, at this age I have MANY of those!!!

    I Appreciate you backing my guys up today. They need the mental ENERGY anyone can give…Go Saints. I am going to get one of my SAINTS shirts and my SAINTS cowboy hat and going out to adventure before the game….Wahoooo…Gotta show my support to those out of the loop.

    Play doh, GOD if only that gave us hope these days.

  4. Hope you get outdoors and away from the family for a bit today!

    Snowing like a blizzard all day up here. We went to church, and during the 1 1/2 hrs we were there about 2 inches of snow covered the car. So I’m staying home the rest of the day.

    Does Wee One play on the computer yet? That could keep him busy for quite a while.

  5. donna-I hear ya! i viewed the video of your gelding Blue, he is gorgeous 🙂

    pamela-ha, your right

    rebecca-I want the Saints to win, Im cheering for them, they need it, and they deserve it

    momto3cubs-Wee One isint into the puter too much, when hes on it he needs supervised all the time, if ya know what I mean!

  6. sunny and nearly 70 degrees today! wish I could send some your way.

  7. rebecca

    They didn’t deserve the win the way they played today.

    wipe eyes….
    wipe eyes…..

  8. You know, I am kinda in shock that WeeOne isn’t the one on your nerves! For your sake, I do hope school is in tomorrow!

  9. Cranky? I appointed myself Queen of cranky today. Dug out, snowed in again. I am grateful my kids are grown !
    Wee one is adorable. I have nothing kind to say about play-doh. I think one developes an allergy to it when they have grandchildren. I told midkid at Christmas to please never expose me to kidlets and play-doh again. It’s so much easier to clean it up when your knees still bend, and I must have had more patience back then !
    The winter that wasn’t is now making a very nasty appearance…more sleds fell in the lake today, even tho warnings posted everywhere.
    I do hope your weather clears soon…I feel bad for all y’all out there. Stay warm…stay safe !

  10. I hope school started back today!

  11. The reason wee one was not annoying you is because you are used to his annoying you. LOL NOthing new!

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