Celebration Time!

I am doing a little happy dance around my kitchen this morning. Son #1 is off to school after being home for over a week because of the ice storm. Hubby has a full day planned at work. I am able to clean my house uninterrupted, with the exception of Wee One. 

I will be much nicer when my house is clean and back in order……. 


The thaw is slow coming. It melted some yesterday but the ground is still covered in snow and ice. Today the high is ’38 but no sun in sight. I need some sunshine, I hope it blesses Oklahoma with its presence tomorrow……



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8 responses to “Celebration Time!

  1. Aniin BG,

    Getting excited about cleaning house must mean it was pretty bad last week at the ol homestead. I like the picture of the birds. 🙂

  2. You are right. A sunny day is a blessed day.
    No sun here. I’m looking for my blessings elsewhere. 😉

  3. Magical pic
    Light and free spirit
    lovethis posts title

  4. Hey! Happy Snoopy Dance??!! Ha! I can see it now! Have TT join in!

    Hope it thaws soon and the sun shines bright. Be careful! Don’t work too hard! D 🙂

  5. bri-yep things were down right scary here for awhile

    hope-the peeked out only to set, but atleast it made an appearence

    quasar9-thank you 🙂

    FF-never fear, Id never work too hard!

  6. what are the birds??? is it a western meadowlark in winter garb??

  7. Oh yay!
    We’re warm here,I’ll send it down to you:)

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