Boring Tuesday

My driveway is one big slushy mess. It was easier to navigate when it was a sheet of ice….but I am happy to see the winter precipitation go, the sooner the better.

Scooter was tired of tip-toeing around on the ice. He has not gotten much exercise since the ice storm hit here in Oklahoma nearly 2 weeks ago. He’s feeling more sure footed, showing off with an occassional prancing trot across the front of his pasture.


As a consumer, have you ever been ripped off? Yeah, me too. I hate when that happens. Here’s a site that I often check out :Rip-off – . You’d be suprised at the content. Very informative and very interesting.


I bought my tickets, did you? The Powerball Jackpot Hits $240 Million. Wish Me luck! 



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13 responses to “Boring Tuesday

  1. Aniin BG,

    Love the action pic of the black horse; maybe you can get Scooter to pose for us. 🙂

    Cloudy and chilly after the cold front moved through. We had at least an inch of rain yesterday and for the next week will only be around 60 for highs. The low tomorrow is supposed to be in the 30’s. Yuck.

    Good luck with the lottery.

  2. brian-its easier to take action pics of other people’s horses because I rarely take my camera out to the barn and Scooter is a bit lazy. But Ill try just for you. I hope I WIN the powerball…….

  3. Rebecca

    OK if you hit it, will you send me 5 mill? I can make it work for me if I invest. I could quit working….ASAP. Just being able to sleep in would be nice…..I hit snooze for 30 minute this morning.
    I need to get to bed earlier!!!!

    The snow would be nice to experience…not sure I wanna live in it! I would like to stand in the snow and kiss a few times….and snuggle up on a porch and watch it for a little while…..throw snowballs. The school cancellation could be a nice plus too! We never have closings here……

  4. how can you win? I’m going to win! ;DD (double chin)

  5. G O R G E O U S photos!! – especially the first one, WOW, I really love it.

    you have a great blog! I gave you a shout out on my blog yesterday – take care and have a great rest of the weekened:)

  6. Good luck! Boring can be nice!

  7. rebecca-ha!I cant promise ya 5 mil but I can certainly help ya out-like pay off all your debts, maybe a new car……snow = pain in the neck and I dont mean from kissing either!

    pamela-I am still laughing over your ‘double chin’ you always make me laugh! your friends are lucky 🙂 theres more than enough for 2 people. I dontmind sharing

    rebekah-thnx for the compliments and the shoutout 🙂 I appreciate it

    celeste-I guess your right, I probly should get my bored ass outside and cleaning my filthy barn-ack!

  8. No powerball in TX 😦

  9. Rebecca

    You win 240 mill and you can’t spare 5????? one of my kitties would say MEOW!!!!

    Umm and the status of your meow is???

  10. Woo Hooo – big party if you win! Fly me in! Yea, baby! You can send Hubby & #1 off on a hunting excursion and we can PAR -TAY!!! You could BUY a babysitter for TT. Heheheh! Good luck to you! D 🙂

  11. jenny-that sucks!

    rebecca- well, I would take the cash pay out which, after taxes will probly only be about 100 mil….then I have my family I have to take care of…then my friends. Im still debating the whole kitty thing over……I have put out the word (sorta) I am looking for a kitten

    FF-oh yeah, a party for sure in some tropical paradise! Son #1 gets shipped to military school 😉

  12. I hate slush and sleet! We’ve only had flurries and a little sleet this entire season….worries me….I’m waiting for our turn with a big snow storm.

    I love to think about all the cool things I could do if I won the lottery! fun fun!

  13. Hey BG..I’m having coffee..gotta run off to work, but wanted to say HI! I love the pics, always nice. Good luck with the powerball..nice to dream..take care my friend..m

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