5 Things You Didnt Know…..And A Fart Product

My friend over at Bridlepath tagged me awhile ago. Sorry I am late defrostindoors!

Here are 5 things you did not know about me:

1. I am suspicious of people who do not eat meat. With the exception of my friend Brian (sorta heheh). 

2. I never, ever wanted to have children. How did I end up with 2? well, I know how I got them but why? I guess it was meant to be. I would not trade my boys for anything.

3. My driving record is squeaky clean and has been since 1989.

4. I am not scared of the dark.

5. If I am eating a sandwich on white bread, I cut or tear of the crusts-ewwww. If I am at someone’s house or in company other than my immediate family or best friends L. and D. I will eat the crusts but not enjoy it.


Now, most of you know I am the only female living in a male household….even our dog and my horse (altho he is gelded he still is a male) are of the male gender. I am highly outnumbered.

Like all males, my 2 boys and hubby are impressed with their bodily functions, any and all noises that can be made from their human bodies-farts being #1 on the list.

Is this just a male thing? because I do not have any female friends that try to impress me with how loud, long, off-note, squeaky, or stinky that they can fart. Never, not once has a female friend tried to show me this bodily function skill.

Anyhow, I heard about this product on the radio. The Flat-D Fart Filter Underwear Insert .

 The Flat-D (stands for flatulence deodorizer) is a high tech filter that was original designed to defend against chemical warfare. Chemical defense suits were originally made of the material. Well, our fine inventor friend noticed that whenever he passed gas in his chemical suit, you couldn’t smell it. The Flat-D was born.

And, the best part is….they are reusable! I am thinking about buying my whole family some of these for our next road trip.




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18 responses to “5 Things You Didnt Know…..And A Fart Product

  1. Rebecca

    Well….at least you don’t offer smellavision on your blog. This could be a good thing with today’s post. it’s like 30 year old men think they have become 10 again when it comes to farting. Most of the guys I date act that way. (Is this why I am not in a relationship?)

    I am tagging you with the questions on my post today…

    Loved the tree photo–reminds me of an Ansel Adams photo…I LOVE LOVE his work.

    I am surprised about the kid comment. You just seem to be mom natural~

    When you get a chance go see ORAL.

  2. Hey, my husband has a birthday coming up, this would make him an excellent gift!

  3. It’s a man thing. Disgusting as it is. My near-70 year old Father loves, I mean LOVES to go to the grocery store, or better yet – a Sam’s Club – and fart in mid-isle, then scoot to the end and peak back to see who walks into it. Gross. I won’t go with him on these trips. He loves it when you walk behind him too. Gag! He would need to wear TWO of these, I bet. Are they indestructable? He would be the perfect test subject.

    D 🙂

  4. Aniin BG. Thank you for the link. 🙂

    I can only eat white bread if it is toasted, buns are ok though… toasted. 😉

    I have no idea what you are talking about with the farting. No idea.

    It’s cold here. Yuck!!!

  5. rebecca-farting in the car results in instant results from me…..no man who farts in my car is safe from my wrath(except wee one).

    jenny-and they are easily affordable too!

    FF-omg! lol your father is like hubby, when shopping Ill be heading down an aisle, he’ll grab my arm and say, “umm you dont want to go down there for awhile.”
    why!?!?!?! someone always has to fart in a crowd-ack!

    Brian-your a MAN, enough said

  6. Unfortunately, my men do not suffer the consequences , so would be unlikey to cooperate in the insertion of said filters.
    I’m also in an all male household. Two human, a dog, two cats.
    Sadly outnumbered.

  7. BG & Diane, my husband does that too! Or he’ll let it rip and then LOUDLY blame me for it. But half the time though, I think he’s oblivious to the fact he’s doing it in public. I feel sorry for anybody (except his secretary) who walks into his office unaware, they may not make it out alive.

  8. The photo of the tree is fabulous.
    Enjoyed the 5ThingsMeMe…loved the info about the Fart Filter. I’m not sure my dogs will go for the idea, but I’ve ordered theHansMan a case of them.
    Thanks for the info.

  9. Hi Barngoddess.

    Speaking of living with all men. LOL

    I do read all of your posts although I don’t comment. 🙂



  10. hope-oh no, start now, its never too late

    jenny-haha, why do guys think this is funny? I dont get it…..maybe one day the secretary will be overcome by toxic gas and choke to death.

    swampwitch-poor Hans, but he is a MAN afterall

    DK-cool, glad you commented this time

  11. Oh my! A fart filter! That’s hysterical.

  12. Haaa,I need them too!
    Boys are yucky;p

  13. Yup, I’m the only girl in the house too (one bf + two male cats) and it gets…interesting.

    Hey, submit a horse post to the horse blog carnival! All the cool kids are doin’ it. 😉

  14. slackermommy-I thought so too

    lael-yucky, especially when Im outnumbered. One of the grossest is when they block one nostril w/ their hand then blow snot out the open nostril-ack!~

    defrostindoorz-okay, maybe I shall!

  15. BG, hope your honey gets over his male pms soon.

    I just realized I’m the only female here at 13 Elm Street. There’s TTA, our son, and three male cats that are ours plus two male cats from next door that think they are ours. Even the damn possum that is terrorizing the cats is probably male.

    Do you ever wonder WHY?!!

  16. Now that fart thing is just plain funny. I don’t know why guys are so infatuated with that….the world may never know……

  17. I don’t try to impress anyone. They just can’t help but be.


    I would like one of those. Thats a great product.
    Ha Ha Ha.

  18. I could have used a fart filter myself the last couple of days.

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