Riding Fences

Next week I have a fence riding job. It doesnt pay much but it’ll get me into the saddle for about 6 hours.

Except, I was just informed about 10 minutes ago I will be riding 2 green geldings, 3 year olds who havent been ridden since August.

I hope neither is brony acting, I wont hold my breath.

This new development may hinder my photo taking opportunities, darn it.

One thing that I am not used to….I get to mark the fences that need fixed with fluorescent orange tape.

I do not have to dismount then do the painstaking tedious task of repairing the fence myself. Which, let me tell you, can be a b*tch when your all alone…….and riding a ‘fresh‘ horse.

The people that leased the pasture will be coming in a day or so later before they put their herd in and fixing the fences themselves.

 Our bread and butter……

I am happy to report that hubby’s new well up near Kansas has nearly paid for itself already. Lets hope new well #2 follows suit.

I noticed gas has dropped to $1.86 the other day when I drove to town…….how are the gas prices in your area?



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14 responses to “Riding Fences

  1. Enjoy your fence riding job. Ah, the Kansas area and oil. When I lived in Kansas there were a number of oil wells around in the area I lived and visited. Then they just all seemed to disappear—nice to knwo there are some still around there.

    Your love for horses shines.

    I linked you so I can return often and not depend on Brian (Audience of One) reminding me.

    BTW, the other Brian visited after my last comment here and now I have another neat place to visit.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Aniin BG.

    Let’s see, gas is about $2.15 up to $2.40 for premium. It has been bouncing up and down for months.

    At work this morning, sunny and in the low 50’s. High today is supposed to be about 70, then back near freezing for the next three mornings in a row.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Diane discovered last night that she has lost her engagement ring. We have to search the house top to bottom, but she can’t remember the last time see saw the ring on her hand. 😦

  3. vickie-I am glad we dont have any pump jacks near our home…they are so LOUD. Have a super weekend!

    bri-I hope it warms up for you in FL. I read Diane’s post about her ring. How awful for her. I hope y’all find it.

  4. oral

    Prices here are about 2.00 still. They were 2.25 the first part of the week.

    You’ll be riding feverishly for your peace and quiet time. You can handle the horses…you already handle 3 guys!

  5. Hey BG,
    Last Tues…it was 1.89 in the morning, back at 2.19 by 4pm…no idea what happened.
    I need a new camera…had 3 beautiful deer close to house this morning ..and I mean close ! Went to snap pic, damn thing didn’t work.

  6. good luck with the fences.. stay warm!

  7. oral-yes, 2 three year olds shouldnt be to big of a problem…right! My definition of a well broke horse is a horse that is ridden EVERY day..

    rebekah-have a good saturday

    magz-ph no! I would be lost w/out my camera..

  8. gulp….. with my handy dandy conversion calculator I figure we are paying 3.18 per US gallon
    sounds much better when we say .84 per liter.
    Now when you say hubbys new well, are we talking his companys new well, or am I corresponding with a rich oil baron family????

  9. rebecca-?

    hope-Oh how I WISH we OWNED this well!! it is owned by his company. He should get a nice kick back in July tho 🙂

  10. well, weve got:
    3.18 Canada

    I gotta say………a HUGE improvement from this summer..no?

  11. Wells in Kansas can be great pay offs. TTA’s grandpa made a fortune off his oil wells and sold them at some point to Chevron or some name company. Unfortunately, all the wealth went to TTA’s dad and TTA’s 2 brothers when grandpa died because TTA had been written out of grandpa’s will. What a surprise. NOT!

  12. Lu

    In this Sunday’s post secret

  13. lol!
    either way
    sure to be fun
    riding on and on
    Love that top pic, plenty of room to run

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