More Free Association

 Furnace update: fixed.

I am thankful that my redneck hubby can fix just about anything, big or small…….

but sometimes his redneck ways can be just too much for me to handle.

I can still smell woodsmoke from his fire….

This weeks Unconscious Mutterings :

  1. Limit : Law
  2. Voice : Mail                               
  3. Change : Free
  4. Expression : art
  5. Tailor : Clothing
  6. Lemonade : Stoli Vodka
  7. Thought : Opinion 
  8. Phoebe : who? 
  9. Impression : First
  10. Sister : Nun




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11 responses to “More Free Association

  1. Aniin BG,


    Cold here too, but not as cold as you I am sure.

    Hope you have a good day my friend.

  2. Glad the furnace is fixed. Ours went out 10 days ago on the coldest night of the year. theHansMan left with several parts in his hand that morning, but lo and behold, came in that evening and fixed it. Will wonders never cease?
    Be sure to check out Fun Monday for next week.

  3. Glad your heat is fixed… is too cold to be without heat!!! Stay warm….hugs!

  4. Rebecca

    Enjoyed the pic and the mutterings. I am glad you have heat…What is the temp there??? It’ was 25 here this morning, unfortunately the school district has the haet cranked to like 100 and I am dying in my classroom…UGHHHHH

  5. BG..they just put him..B….down. I am taking this like it was my horse.

  6. brian-snow flurries wed, thurs, here. Not fair

    swampwitch-okay, Ill check it out

    rebecca-why do they do that? crank the heat so everyone is smothering? grrrr

    magz-isint it sad? I had a feeling from the get go it would come down to this tho 😦

  7. Whoa, glad, too, you got the furnace fixed. Life w/o heat is like life w/o chocolate. What’s the point of living w/o chocolate?!!

    Love the mutterings! Friends fans would know if for tailor you put “yes, yes it is – in PRISON” and for Phoebe you put “nuts”.

    It is so cold…I HATE cold! But I love the horsey pictures! They are so beautiful!

  8. glad the furnace is fixed

  9. My fav? Stoli Vodka, oh yeah…

  10. YAY for heat!
    Glad you have a handy hubby;)

  11. That horse looks huge.

    Why do hubbys, who can fix almost anything, put bowls in straight in the dishwasher so they don’t get washed

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